Cinema Saturday #91

«It’s been a Millennium, but still there is no peace in the Kingdom of heaven.» Well, don’t think about it, look like a good movie, including on this topic. We just got you a new collection.

The selection we made you versatile and extremely interesting. Each film can be viewed’t get bored. Maybe something from this list you have seen, but do not sin, and refresh your memory. Again, these will warm your soul and brighten cold, Norilsk, Krasnodar, Khabarovsk wet or God knows what in Moscow the Sabbath.

1. «Chaos», 1989


Here it is, the magic power of the Internet. It is enough to find a good movie to watch, to strike, to begin actively swagger and voila — it looks the whole country. A movie with a sad fate, not at first appreciated, then forgotten, and now deservedly raised to the rank of masterpieces. As they say, all the time, and if your work is not in demand — it does not mean that it is bad.

Why everyone loves this masterpiece? Probably, for the current topic, it is quite natural the final, which was one of the main characters, and the realism of allegory these days, any «revolutionary» suggests rustle and Mutya water in society, easily punished by those who have power.

But the majority loves the movie for Aryanization main characters that give high-octane phrase with a high content of genius, many of which have become winged and went to the people:


«You are welcome to our hut».

«Who do you listen to?»

«The cock crowed instead of the Aurora.»

«Hey, Moydodyr, accept funding».

«This frame you drew: an educated, revolutionary».

But a million of them. The piston, Mogul, washee-washee and the Philatelist has taught us more than Kozma Bars. Maybe it’s not very good, and the viewer involuntarily leaks out of a prison romance but when the actors play, and the plot does not get bored even for a minute, not impossible to hit. Who did not look — see now. Who have seen is not a sin to look again.

2. Man — Swiss army knife (Swiss Army Man), 2016


First you watch and laugh from the excess of absurd and pardinho of humor. And in the end watching and crying. I sit and think, what the hell sort of Comedy evokes so many feelings.

It’s probably the most brilliant and pulling a live film shot over the last two or three years. Look at the crazy, thrown on a desert island dude literally from the dead saves profusely, farting corpse — Fellini with Palahniuk and Marquez to have thought of this. Body water water, helps in any situation eventually comes to life and can not understand how you can live by the stupid rules of this world. This is not a spoiler, and even if so, he can stop to enjoy the movie just a complete idiot.

Here the humor and absurdity, which can cause a particularly touching souls disgust, ingeniously infused with a real tragedy. And tellingly, even in the wild taiga of the woodcutter who used to beat his wife and children, in the form of excessive touching and the touching relationship of the boy and his friend, the corpse, the face will Shine smile, and his eyes tremble with tears.

Special thanks to Dan Radcliffe. He carefully proves that he is no Harry Potter, but a real actor who is not afraid to experiment and to undertake even the most controversial role. It gives hope that in the future of cinema okay. And thanks to the artists dubbing over the perfectly matched voice.

3. The Kingdom of heaven (Kingdom of Heaven), 2005


Long before artists and businessmen began to purchase property in Israel, Jerusalem, in 1187, is already very old and infirm, was devastated by the troops of one of the most talented, noble and educated people of his time, al-Malik an-Nasir Salah ad-Dunia WA-d-DIN Abul-Muzaffar WWF Ibn Ayyub, known as Saladin. The fact that in the Holy city, the crusaders sat, have long ruled the area, and after the death of the noble and righteous of Baldwin quite strayed from the hands.

Here are some of the events described in this cult for many film. Ridley Scott after Gladiator missed historic paintings, Orlando bloom, unaccustomed to the sound of blades and whistling arrows after Lord of the rings, Liam Neeson, Jeremy irons, Edward Norton, always beautiful Eva green, dozen historical consultants, operators, artists, producers tried their best to remove not just passing the popular movie about knights, and very high quality picture. So, not without invention: the present Balian II of Ibelin was a bit of a different destiny, and a blacksmith, he was not (well, as a blacksmith with the habits of cattle in a short time turned into the most serene Lord?), and his father was a completely different person.

And Saladin was not so nice, and the weapon with the armor is not reliable, but to hell with it, this is a movie, and very good. The important thing is that you can feel the atmosphere of an era, and look at battle scenes, no boring. Besides the eternal theme of confrontation of East and West will never cease to be relevant, and these days she’s sharp as ever.

4. John Wick (John Wick), 2014

While the whole country with a sinking heart watching the action movie called «the Confrontation between Fedor Emelianenko and the Chechen people», we offer you to look at the action from the… from the… from the series «a Great action movie with Keanu Reeves». Because Keanu makes almost any movie better.

It is a delight for those who miss old-school boevichkov in the style of «die Hard» when the main character already falls apart on the move, but continues to go to the end. History will tell us about the guy who walked away from the dark arts, decided to devote himself to his beloved, but alas, with the car and the dog loses it. Here angry John and begins the hunt in best traditions of the genre: sea of fights, shootings and blood.

To watch the acting here is a pleasure, especially when foreigners played the evil Russian. So, the Russian mafia here too idiotic, especially when in a drunken stupor singing a lullaby and not «What are you, simpleton, handed back», but this impression does not spoil. Don’t need story masterpieces, bursts, complex characters. Wait for bright action, excellent music and brutal meat. «John Wick» is able to force you to go with a cruel squint and build a hero-vigilante.

5. Mom (Mama), 2013


Everyone knows that the horrors are not the same, and it is difficult to surprise and scare the viewer, not forgetting the plot. But «Mama» came out scary good film. Have Guillermo del Toro do a good nose for films, and that he rarely produces. So if in doubt about the view — look at the list of producers, not lost fat, bearded Mexican. If there is something to see.

«Mother» is a film about girls-sisters, abandoned in the woods distraught father. Many years later the girl found her uncle, but all attempts to return them to normal life in vain. But here starred Jamie Lannister (nee actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) still in the «Game of thrones» knows that the girl from tecalote, you can display, and tecalote of girls — never. Here begins the most interesting.

The film is a bit far from a masterpiece — not dolefully. But connoisseurs of the aesthetic, beautiful, artistic even in this genre, like horror, would be nice to see.

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