Cinema Saturday #88

Turned dark, but we diluted with three stylish and tough film two fine paintings, one of them even family, but not in the sense in which you think. The rest — it’s very cool movies (not afraid of this vulgar definition), which is the best suited for the completion of the week.

1. Dance away! (Cuban Fury), 2013

manygoodtips.com_16.09.2016_RlDmrdsDilgIRLet’s start with something easier and more fun — from the Comedy «Dance of here!» which starred many boring (but not us) Nick frost, who went everywhere with Simon Pegg, but this time I decided to play solo. Turned out pretty good, considering that a few has made him quite kosher Irish actor Chris O’dowd (you might have seen him in «Calvary» and «Geek»). As the object of adoration of these two men were elected Rashida Jones is a nice person, which is, unfortunately, in your forties.

What’s the film about? Yes, all that! The eternal story, which tells about a ridiculous, well-nourished man, in love with my boss. To attract attention, he decides to dance, but dancing fat men, as you know, bad. But he has a teacher and… Started. Further we will not tell, because the ending you have now is well-known, but this knowledge does not spoil the impression from the movie, especially if you’re a fan of simple, kind and funny paintings that you eat it so you don’t choke.

2. The neon demon (The Neon Demon), 2016

manygoodtips.com_16.09.2016_T9HINcVPfWlnGKnown in narrow circles of film. Winner of the Palme d’or for best soundtrack (and it really is gorgeous), as well as numerous approving reviews from film critics of all stripes. It is unlikely that you’ll find at least one figure in the movie who would say that «the Neon demon» crap claim. Although there was every reason to think so, until the edition itself not watched this movie.

What can I say? Hell, 2016, along with the film «Man Swiss army knife». It should look to everyone who thinks cinema is not only a dynamic story with explosions, which was shot on a green background to frame the dragons came and Krakow. Cinema is still art. And the art, which can not be boring. «Neon demon» is not a film, but not massive. There is something else. What makes you stick the eyes to the monitor and observe, analyze, admire, and during the closing credits ask yourself the question: «What did I just watched?!». Us triple nicer from the fact that the film was shot at the junction of genres — here to you and a little horror, Thriller, there’s a place surrealism. To reveal the plot of this film is blasphemy. Therefore, it is better look.

3. August (August: Osage County), 2013

manygoodtips.com_16.09.2016_RPDvc220v7JX6In this film, a lot of women — men in the background seem to be kind of pale, a visiting provincials, who decided to visit, to eat and hurry to slip away. Thus, language does not turn to say that the film is female. About the family. In the most literal sense. There’s no rat race, gang shootings and below the belt jokes. Even sex is almost none. But in «August,» which is based on based on the play by Tracy Letts, have a family — your family.

How do we know that? Yes, just experience tells me that when viewing this painting you will find many connecting with your life story threads. The plot starts painfully familiar — dying head of a large family, somewhere in the depths of Oklahoma, in his father’s house gather the entire clan. Death is a great reason to get together, to recall the existence of each other, and also that pulsates in the body, the same blood. Of course, a feast where the daughter of the deceased grandfather will drink whiskey, eat salads and chicken (just like in Russia), and then begin to sort things out. Why? Because they are all miserable. We see how the errors of each daughter are summed with each other, see how reacts to that widow and what they think the fans, children, men, these mad and offended on the world of women. All of this develops, grows and intensifies to such an extent that we become witnesses to a real family explosion. Now tell me, weren’t you witnessed this in your own family? August — another reason to ensure that people are the same everywhere.

4. Retribution (Edge of Darkness), 2010

manygoodtips.com_16.09.2016_TGx8YE0Bd5HpuMel Gibson is ideally created for such roles — a stern, morose man who is obsessed with the idea of just revenge. Looking at the main character in this brutal Thriller, we for a moment can not doubt that the villains will get what they deserve. And they will get, because you can’t just kill the daughter of a detective, and then to breathe the air of freedom, especially if that name is detective Thomas Craven.

The character is reminiscent of those brutal police officers, who played Clint Eastwood. That’s just Thomas harder — one scene with the beating the crap out of boyfriend’s daughter is worth something! But don’t think that there will be a lot of action. «Retaliation» — it’s not bond, it’s more ductility, darkness and drama. Almost Noir, but rather closer to the genre of «hardboiled detective».

It’s nice that the story itself grows into something more significant than just an ordinary murder. On the other hand, what could be more important to father than revenge for his own daughter? However, death itself, even personal and painful — it’s just the tip of the iceberg. You’ll see.

5. Jacob’s ladder (Jacob’s Ladder), 1990

manygoodtips.com_16.09.2016_Leh7SDy55corsAnd, in the end, going to introduce you to a very unusual horror movie that goes far beyond blood, guts, violence and ghosts.

Jacob’s ladder is full of many philosophical references that can only be understood when meeting with such a book as «Bardo thedol» (Tibetan book of the dead), a story by Ambrose Bierce «the incident on the bridge over Owl Creek,» and the biblical story of Jacob’s ladder. But even if you don’t read, you’ll still be in awe of the symbolism, which saturated the film. At the same time, it’s boring. And fear is a natural satellite viewer for the entire duration.

The story is about James, a Singer who served in Vietnam, was injured there and, as it seemed, returned home safely. However, Jacob begins to lose control of the reality he saw every awful, disgusting scenes of violence. The main character begins losing his mind. But then he learns that all his fighting colleagues suffering from exactly the same disease.

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