Cinema Saturday #85

The last weekend of summer, the last summer of 2016 kinorabot, how sad. We again got old, lost a lot again, and again, winter is coming. It’s time to listen to Robert plant, the song the SIG «Last day of summer», and of course, watch movies.

We are strong men, and in order to somehow ward off the melancholy the last days of summer, we decided to choose films not sad, the story was captivating had a lot of good, well, humor.

1. The Ghost (The Ghost Writer), 2009

manygoodtips.com_26.08.2016_Lc0iFPiA0WHQiIf starred in the film «the Best James bond» pierce Brosnan — it is already want to see. And if it is listed in the credits as a drug addict and Obi-WAN of all time Ewan… Ian… Ian… Ian… as soon as it is not called McGregor, it becomes even more interesting. And if it takes a genius and a tyrant in one person, and at the same time, the man whose wife was murdered by Charles Manson (although not that famous Director Roman Polanski, the film goes from very interesting to the extent required to view. We can only hope that he will not disappoint.

Not disappointed in anything. When a man approaches the mystery, for which you can part with life, that’s a paranoid conspiracy idea and clammy fear become inevitable companions. The weathering is brilliant. Hero, ghostwriter, hired to edit the memoirs of the Prime Minister, very slowly, and exciting falls in a viscous, deadly swamp of big politics. Ominous disappearance of soil from under the feet passed skillfully, convincingly, from start to finish. Gray paint and cold officialdom of the ruling elite create a strange, disturbing and at the same time, exciting tone of the whole picture.

The casting is also correct. Nondescript hero McGregor (well played them) doesn’t pull the blanket up, allowing the viewer to remember all the little things and feel the atmosphere. Well, Prim and haughty Brosnan just looks like a politician, and cunning bond’s ancestors were only place.

The Ghost of a good political Thriller, able to keep the tension and interest to its mysteries, but still not the best picture of the Maestro, which in General is expected. The good news is that the picture that caused a stir even more the personality of the Director, does not disappoint.

2. Gamer (Gamer), 2009

manygoodtips.com_26.08.2016_DntioIRoHr9HMAnother film about a utopian future, and again tells the story of the game coupled with the reality show, which was called «the Killers.» Play the real people, or rather, for the criminals sentenced to death. If you pass all the levels, the player for which the play gets free.

The main character, as usual, was convicted for something he didn’t do, the viewer, as is customary, he empathizes, and, picking his hangnails watching as he races for freedom. And this path is represented in the form of antsy, impulsive, but rather an original action. Here you can see the normal special effects, and not hastily riveted pupil of the 5th grade science lessons, the shit we saw in the terrible history of the four Hamming mediocre Bab, hunting for ghosts. Everything explodes, killing the mother and naked Boobs — Sasha Fokin would have approved.

The cast is also wonderful, all in their places, ranging from strict Buttler, and ending oldsystem clown Terry Crews, who because of his machismo and charisma is perfect for the role of a maniac.

The fact of the matter is, there are analogies to the old «Running man.» There are similarities, but «Gamer» to a completely original film.

3. From hell (From Hell), 2001

manygoodtips.com_26.08.2016_ME1fy0ZzKZlznA reminder that johnny Depp starred in a good movie, and was known as an artist, and not man to no end to kill his new wife.

Then, in 2001, he starred in a chic and dark detective story, which simulates London 1888, the year. Around the corpses of prostitutes, the atmosphere of fear and does nothing for the investigation.

And here you see the action that unfolds in the film that every second becomes more and more intense, which can predict the ending is simply impossible, and I understand that similar feelings you felt in those early years when mom found stashed a pack of cigarettes.

The main advantages of the film — its story and atmosphere. How the story holds been said, so stop on in the atmosphere. London, 1888, was a very perilous place, and all his smelly, impenetrable fog, a grey bridge and the regular killings are clearly reproduced on the screen. Makeup artists at the height of the costumers at the height of the decorators too. The soundtrack perfectly underscores the dark tone of black, gray and bloody scale. Remained only that the actors did not disappoint. But they, as expected, with the work handled. Here even the most ordinary character is played very efficiently and solved practically at 100 %. Well, the characters Ian Holm and Depp is without a doubt one of the best of his career as the one and the other.

4. The Chumscrubber (The Chumscrubber), 2005

manygoodtips.com_26.08.2016_ER4CvzKy7xq3cComedy, drama and satire in one, whose only one drawback — not everyone turns to understand what is happening.

The following happens, in the prosperous-looking town of hillside, with manicured houses and regular life is not as good as it seems. There is an icy indifference, and the General bustle of people see nothing but envy, meanness and prejudice. And nobody in forces to change the situation. And here is teen Dean knows about it a little more than others.

The creators notably criticized American society. Although the mockery of people who spend their day at the computer and on the couch cause strange feeling inside. Oh yeah, that’s a shame.

Hero Jamie bell, who managed to embody the portrait of a lost generation on the background of the sham of the American dream, for which he honor and praise. To say something is a crime and spoilertv.

In General, we strongly recommend that you watch this beautiful, sarcastic but, unfortunately, little known film. It is much more clever and subtle sight, it may seem at first glance, but individual scenes are brilliant beyond measure.

5. The witches of Zugarramurdi (Las brujas de Zugarramurdi), 2013

manygoodtips.com_26.08.2016_c6JzBXSiqwAqQZugarramurdi — the word is not Indian, as one might think, but the Spanish and film. Spanish Comedy is very difficult to say simply because of other words besides «shit» and «slag» comes to mind. But every outdoor toilet sooner or later get something valuable. And with this picture. Very strange picture, I must say. There’s horror, Comedy, mystery, drama, Thriller. Here’s something from Spanish geniuses of Almadovar and Rodriguez branded insane handwriting of Alex de La Iglesia.

In fact it is a very peculiar stories about the relations of men and women without end go to the side. And the word «witch» in the title not only in honor of the scary witches, but also quite bitchy women.

The picture pleases careful attitude to the atmosphere, beautiful, dark and a little bit of tredaway. Combined with the absurd, very dark humor, and a separate treshovye moments it turns a strange but lovely to watch. The film was released, consider how the witches ‘ Sabbat, and individual variations in gender relations can drive to a standstill.

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