Cinema Saturday #83

One of our heroes, Vladimir Pozner will be 83 next spring, and our immortal heading out 83 times in a row today. And as always, we have prepared a graceful, highly intelligent mix of genres, artists, decades and Directors. Enjoy 83 kinorabotoy, it’s quite good.

1. The wolf man (The Wolfman), 2010

manygoodtips.com_12.08.2016_TWPTFEdlULvo6When Benicio Del Toro, the man with the face of inveterate travacor, brought the film to Moscow, he had to face the thing that all of us getting a little old in high school — a search for meaning in a simple. For example, Yesenin wrote about taverns and whoring, and you’re forced to look the dark side of the poet’s life. So here, one of the journalists asked what the hidden subtext of this picture. Quite surprised, Benicio, not used to the Russian tradition to look for the hidden in the obvious, said, «It’s just a movie about a werewolf.»

It’s just a movie about a werewolf, nothing more nothing less. And it is not necessary to wait from it something extraordinary, even though the cast is able to attract attention is not something that a horror movie but a good Thriller, action, melodrama and some big-budget biopic. The great Anthony Hopkins, megatalented Elrond of all time, agent Smith of all people and just Hugo weaving, Emily blunt is always nice and Benicio played great at their level. But otherwise it is a banal film about werewolves with a banal plot and with a trivial implementation. Apparently the whole 150 million budget was spent on actors ‘ fees, because in terms of special effects, nothing outstanding, but the writers seemed to just wrote a free improvisation based on the fantasy novels about men-wolves. Producers to catch the viewer is cast in an unusual genre, and the audience, who expected to see almost «silence of the lambs» was disappointed.

The film is not a masterpiece, but again, this is simply a good and very simple story about a werewolf with perfect and maybe even too dark, atmosphere. All fans of the «wolf theme» and those who are just curious to see how hairy Raoul Duke is fighting with the Hannibal Lector look is strictly necessary.

2. Driving lessons (Driving Lessons), 2006

manygoodtips.com_12.08.2016_0OtBACnWpMhvJDecided Ron Weasley to go from old actress in the capital city of Edinburgh. Since this is England, the machine must be old and little, almost like Mr bean, but not so much.

So why Ron is that really Rupert Grint, and the film and does Ben, went with this vulgar woman? Because I got a part time job. A simple guy who lives with a domineering treats his mother, and spends the summer with his Bible, driving lessons and work at an old woman. And so she felt sorry for that unlucky, and too decent of a guy that she decided to show him real life, and at the same time to use as the driver. They go to the festival in Edinburgh and it destroys the foundations of Christian morality, and tells of the temptations and the sins of the worldly.

And what do we get as a result? Rupert Grinta, which all film goes with the same expression, which began to enrage in Harry Potter (well, the same, not fear, not shock. Oh, that face, when he belch slugs and looked at Hermione in ballet dress he grimaced so). But here the expression was appropriate because the guy was breaking the templates to which he was accustomed from childhood.

Excellent very good and nice movie. In General, all movies about friendship are too young and too old people a miracle as well, and this is no exception. Wonderful, very British film that will tell and show you that it is better to make friends with strange people, rude but sincere, than the hypocrites who do everything to be admired. Don’t pretend that all is well when you feel hard, everything went to hell!

PS the real star of the film is Rupert Grint, and Julie Walters is magnificent. After it also have a desire to travel with the vulgar prima, even in Essentuki.

3. Casino (Casino), 1995

manygoodtips.com_12.08.2016_HUXupel6xEIPtAfter watching movies such as «Home», «Road», «Siberian education», I want to take writers, Directors, actors, tie him to a chair, insert them with extenders for the eyes, not to get to close them, and show films such as «the Sopranos», «Goodfellas», «Casino». It is necessary that the children understand how to make films about gangsters, and that they do not have to be like stupid animals repulsive, even if the reality is.

«Casino» is a reference movie. Do not undertake to say that he is better than Goodfellas, it all depends on tastes, one likes boys, and others believe that «Casino» is the best work Scorsese.

It’s all great! And the cast, old-fashioned De Niro, Joe Pesci. This trio (Scorsese, De Niro, Hiking) as he took a furious pace in «raging bull», and continued to develop it up to «Casino». The actors are great in their roles. Look at De Niro, who has not slipped to «rocky and Bullwinkle», brilliant Hiking, better cunning, nervous, unstable and sometimes violent rogues can’t play one, with Sharon stone, which is surprisingly beautiful, in acting terms, and the soul rejoices. Aesthetic orgasm from a good movie is sometimes better than sex. Here it is not to catch only an ignoramus could.

Fitzgeralds surroundings, good music, great picture and, of course, a brilliant story — one word, the film is stamped «made by Scorseze».

4. The Hitcher (The Hitcher), 1986

manygoodtips.com_12.08.2016_m7SmCucdr60USNormal companion vote on the road and stop the young man. He agrees to let him down, and no idea what he himself condemned. Indeed, to pick up on the way Rutger Hauer — is a dangerous business, even if Rutger Hauer is not removed at the moment in the movie.

Still, the vacant place of Hauer — a demonic psychopath with a steely gaze and expressive, albeit emotionless face, with all this was a wonderful actor, still had not won. He always convincing, and this time he got lucky, got a very interesting way, which is very difficult to understand — too many secrets.

The plot is certainly not as original, the usual story about the confrontation between a serial killer and the good guy, after Jason’s such a surprise. Plus, sometimes the plot sags. But the atmosphere created by Director Harmon — the atmosphere of the stormy sea, storms, fear, and panic overrides all flaws. In the end, we have an atmospheric psychological Thriller has already become a classic of the genre, and perhaps the best role of Rutger Hauer.

5. Dirty rotten scoundrels (Dirty Rotten Scoundrels), 1988

manygoodtips.com_12.08.2016_eX7mpc6WBoAOHA fascinating story of two Gigolos who argued, who from them faster will be able to «enchant» a rich lady. Both methods are completely different, as the scammer Freddie used to throw dust in the eyes with pity, and Lawrence is much more aristocratic. To predict who will be the winner absolutely impossible, because the writers tried their best. As the actors. No one could have predicted that the Duo of actor and little-known series of films with Oscar-winning veteran, who is nominated every decade, will turn out to be so successful. Despite the fact that the main characters are constantly laughing and openly compete right in front of his «victim», the film gives the impression only to the good and witty Comedy of the 80s. then we were Able to do a clever movie where everything was based on the humor and not the vulgarity.

Fun retro Comedy about swindlers. And, unfortunately, has not achieved the Oscar Martin and won a couple of Kane great comedians here and prove it. Now similar kind of picaresque movie is rare, to film this Comedy about smart and clever people not in the trend. Now you need to the main character was an idiot, and all around were morons. Not without exceptions, of course. So to all who are nostalgic for the glorious good comedies to watch or review is necessary.

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