Cinema Saturday #81

Today’s Shabbat will be marked by a lovely (and otherwise) movies taken from the 80s and 2000s, as it happens. In our 81 kinorabot we offer you to see a very strange but incredibly hilarious Finnish Comedy, some touching films in which the human is revealed, and a pair of tough, and even a very serious Thriller with a high degree of naturalism in a single frame. As they say, enjoy.

1. Leningrad cowboys go to America (Leningrad Cowboys Go America), 1989

Poradi.s.ua_29.07.2016_d6f8dGhsn9sKGMiss the movies custom, with a fine, delicate humor, that are on the verge of farce and absurdity? Well, to like Jarmusch or Kusturica? Then, please present to your attention one of the best films of the gloomy genius of Finnish cinema, Aki Kaurismaki. At the time, Aki is so impressed by Jarmusch that he took the actors who played only Kaurismaki, the role in his film «Night on Earth», and moreover, played a mechanic just the same. And now a little more about the film. These same cowboys Leningrad have nothing to do.

«Leningrad cowboys» is a popular Finnish band that sings cover versions of songs by rock bands as well as arrangements of Russian folk songs. A kind of collective, the genius does not claim, but not without highlights. In fact, the group before the movie was called the Sleepy Sleepers, but since Kaurismaki film completely devoid of musical talent, a rock band from Siberia, which travels across America, along with the body frozen in the Tundra of the bass, and make crazy hairstyles to go for Americans. After the movie, and fell as snow on the head of fame, the team changed its name to «Leningrad cowboys».

As recognized by the Director before shooting began, he thought of only the first and final episodes, the whole process of shooting was nothing short of a complete improvisation. The film crew traveled along the planned route, and as soon as the Director noticed something interesting, they go up the stage and began to shoot. Of course, this approach to making the film brought a certain spontaneity in the math works, but in this case it is just at hand.Received a crazy mix of the grotesque, irony, and sadness, can be described, except that the words, «fuck, Yes, it’s a masterpiece of some sort». The strange characters, decision, rock-n-roll, a great name for a Siberian group and all in one amazing film. Why the Finns are drawn to the mysterious Russian soul? Or is it a habit to mock Eastern neighbor, stuck since Mannerheim, the Russian roots of Kaurismaki (he even knows one sentence: «the childhood of Maxim Gorky life was very difficult.» And all that kind of thing), the restructuring so surprised — God knows.

27 years have passed, the Finns actively travel to get drunk to Peter, but did not understand Russian soul. However, watching it does not interfere, it is about something else entirely. It is necessary to get acquainted with original Finnish cinema, and then watch movies brother Aki Kaurismaki Mika. But that’s another story.

2. Inadequate people, 2010

manygoodtips.com_29.07.2016_1MK2QuItkbODJSo we know how to make a good movie, don’t tell, rarely, but neatly. And, as a rule, the weirder the movie, the better. For example, «Inadequate people», a cute story about how a dysfunctional high school student fell in love with thirty years of psycho neurotic who struggles with uncontrollable outbursts of aggression, and then, spit on the taboos, they suck in car. If it is brief. That story seems to be disgusting? No, nothing vulgar or banned for 102 minutes, the movie is not happening. It all starts with friendship and ends quite naturally, if not to take into account the age of the heroes of the occasion.

In the film there is something to laugh, there is something to smile at, and, of course, a reason to be sad, but this is not its main advantage. The main advantage is that these two seemingly different images — school girls and aging of Psychonauts know her life, her past and present.

Vitality — that’s the main thing, and nothing is far-fetched. Vulgar party know nothing students, trying to seem older, and desire to change his life when he passed her already half; children’s tantrums, scandals mother, and attempts to restrain themselves in adult life. Things would seem different, but so well laid together, that the Narada. Even too anxious boss and lazy, works on the same algorithm with all the psychologist seem quite appropriate, after all, the motives they have adequate, although all around in your life, people are too inadequate. Who ever made the criterion of adequacy, eh? Psychiatrists? They are strange, for the most part.

P. S. Here is another idea for which you have to watch this cute masterpiece. If you consider yourself a broken lunatic — don’t worry, you will always be a couple. With this thought, life is easier.

3. Flesh + blood (Flesh+Blood), 1985

manygoodtips.com_29.07.2016_3PCz8L6O8PFa2Paul Verhoeven has a knack for capturing not only the war earthlings with all sorts of bugs, spiders from outer space or a Thriller about robotic police officers, but also a good historical ballads. True, he shot them my way: with lots of blood, shit, Boobs, pussy, sex and hard naturalism. Dark fantasy, undertook to perform a favorite actor Verhoeven’s incomparable Rutger Hauer. The role of a mercenary Martin ready for the profit to cut the throats even of brothers was at 100 %.

But most of all in this movie, striking just the entourage. This pattern is not the middle ages, noble knights and beautiful ladies. It’s a dirty, rotten time where stillborn children are buried in the mud, around rape, kill, slaughter, and knights — the vile and greedy landowners who for profit does not shrink from anything. Soldier’s tenderness with derivative SHL*Hami and blasphemous communion a glass of wine before the battle — here’s how to portray middle ages, here it is — the normal life of the 16th century. And thanks to such a «normal life» is quite simple-minded plot seems to be something magical, like the arrival of the Castaneda you somehow saw off his head.

One may lament about the logic of action, and primitive limbs, but mother of God, your life is all so original that you just feel like one of the songs of Boris Grebenshchikov? You think your life is the song Edward Harsh. A beautiful film, because watching it is interesting, pleasant, and most importantly — not boring. Naturalism — it is captivating.

4. Samba (Samba) 2014

manygoodtips.com_29.07.2016_gV6r8fGR0nxSaThe last time the French removed either Comedy or harsh drama about the difficult coexistence between immigrants and locals. And I must admit, it’s disgusting. To look at how indigenous educated French liberal, which is virtually invisible behind the tall row of Arab-African immigrants who are trying to justify the behavior of «new citizens». They say that they are unhappy, ‘ve been through so much and now deserve a good life. Little Idris starving, while you were watching «Helen and the boys», zapihivanie «Nutella».

But even in those movies there is a good story. The most famous and brilliant — the «untouchables» which we have translated as «1+1». There is not much told about the life of another such «new citizen» with a criminal past that he wants to live on welfare, there is talk of close and cuddly friendship of two different worlds, and kind of hint that each in their own way defective. This story is a Paragon, a role model and the only way out for confused of France.

When you look at «Samba», with the first credits begin to compare it with «1+1». First and foremost, not because of the similarity of the plot, but because of the fact that the main role is played by Omar Sy, who became hardly probable not the main French actor in recent years. Lobster a very attractive guy, wonderful actor, who knows firsthand the life of an immigrant from the inside, after all, he was born in a large family of immigrants from Africa here and have him play or Comedy, or football, or immigrants.

And it plays the music of Ludovico Einaudi: beautiful, graceful and similar to the rest of his music, it’s so monotonous. And most importantly — the story here is also about the relationship between indigenous inhabitants and newcomers, but in a more romantic way. Still, in «1+1» Phillip kissed Drissa. But in this film, more attention is given to the wandering poor hardworking guy named Samba (which is why the film is called, no connection with the dance not here), who can not have 10 years to obtain a residence permit. He’s kind of modest, serious, albeit slightly silly, but not give him a residence permit. It then becomes clear why — he’s just talent to get into trouble, like any illegal immigrant.Director Olivier nakache as it allows us to look inside the immigrant of the circle, and show that they are people too, are very good, and we should understand and forgive them. And indeed, once imbued with sympathy for the main character and his friend, Wilson — a native of Algeria. But Charlotte Gainsbourg is not imbued with compassion. For the life of me, can’t perceive her as a good actress. As she was carried away after Tzarovska «Antichrist», so it’s annoying in every movie. Here she continued begun in «the Nymphomaniac» fetish — the love of strong, muscular black men. Although, maybe if she were not so like her father, and her acting is somehow changed from film to film, I would have loved it.

But not in this case, French cinema has reached the point that among the actors and Directors are almost gone native French, except, perhaps, Christian clavier. Even Jean Reno was a Spaniard.

Gainsbourg, by the way, the granddaughter of Jews who moved to France from Belarus. And therefore, we have presented the immigrant question is quite one-sided, but not uninteresting. You must see this movie, it will help to form your opinion on this topic once and for all.

5. Full metal jacket (Full Metal Jacket), 1987

manygoodtips.com_29.07.2016_bsrzEq4CwpIrpAnd here it is, our final category is a timeless classic with signature bobrikovskiy harsh stuff, instead of junk molasses and oil. Truly a brilliant film that struck all of its original stiffness, which everyone knew, but no one ventured to show it. Kubrick took a chance and rescued already forgotten, but fits like a pain in the ass, the war in Vietnam to be what she saw came back from the Marines.

In the 80s, one after another began to appear all these films are revelations, like «Platoon» and «Apocalypse now» in which poor children were shown just a victim of circumstances. Kubrick showed their thugs, who deliberately went to kill what they say themselves in interviews throughout the film. «I came to kill people of a foreign culture.» «Why did you come to the Marines», «Sir, I want to kill, sir!». And so the whole film, without embellishment, as it is. Soldiers on a daily basis trying to answer the question, «Is war is not hell?», otherwise it is simply impossible to kill every day, not knowing what it’s for?

And all that shows Kubrick — believe. Bloodthirsty-four Vietnamese prostitutes, who refuse to fuck with blacks because of the prominent genitals, and of course Ronald Or Ermey, who played brilliantly instructor drill marine corps of the United States. Although why he played, he was an instructor during the Vietnam war, and seen a lot of shit. Actually, in the most legendary stage actor he was not playing, he was just thinking about his military past.

By the way, most of what he said is improvisation. But it is so convincing that one wanted to join the Marines. After the phrases: «I’ll masturbate you until the yogurt out W*NN does not pour», «Otdrait the toilet so that mother Mary did not hesitate there shit» and «»X*y suck? I’m sure you’re ready to suck a Golf ball through a garden hose» unwittingly impressive armed forces.The marine corps does not want robots — it needs a killer, and she will stop at nothing to educate first-class killers, even if I have to break the psyche of the soldier, as it happened with an ordinary Bunch. Not for nothing that the Marines have brought up Charles Whitman and Lee Harvey Oswald. Believe that too, because everyone who came back: the officers who have refused honours, and went on anti-war demonstrations, hipoisie with disabilities, Oliver stone, the real maniacs, and future policies have changed.

Many would not have tried to copy this movie, so well will not work. With Porechenkov not exit ARMA in «9 Rota», as if he didn’t try. From «full Metal shell» a lot of what has been and borrowed, but to surpass — and that you, and hardly ever happens.

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