Cinema Saturday #77

How much time do you need to find out the truth from his girlfriend? And a lifetime is not enough. But the hero of one of our films has an ability that helps to know the truth in a matter of seconds, even without resorting to violence. But overall, this collection was very exciting. No passes of movie that would be added just for the quantity. Every movie something, and carries. There is a drama that will make you mixed feelings, but there is a Western, which is just a delight. In any case, we wish you good viewing and good weekend.

1. Horns (Horns), 2013

manygoodtips.com_1.07.2016_dzAeUjVahi4UrHorns is based on the novel by Joe hill, in whose veins flows the blood of the king of horror — Stephen king. So, at this point, Joe hill was the most successful of his children. He writes beautifully, and has gained respect among connoisseurs of the genre, when no one knew about its origins. If you have not read his works, then be sure to find «Box in heart shape» — it’s really a worthwhile book. But back to the film, which is very nice also, in spite of fermented romance, which he stuffed with.

To remove the «Horns» came from Director Alexander Azha, which makes movies the way he wants to see. He’s not making blockbusters, he shoots just a good, original films, trying to get all the stamps, which the generous film industry as a whole. Have the partner he took Radcliffe Juno temple in the film she is very nice, beautiful girl.

Despite the fact that the movie is a horror movie and a Thriller, really, these genres have little relevance to the plot. Horns is a story of love and revenge, good and evil — the eternal theme, which was played in a new way. And begins the Saga of the absurd in the morning, when the main character wakes up with two small growths on his head. Gradually, they increase and become the demonic horns that give its owner amazing power of the horned telling the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. I think that this is a gorgeous ability? Well, if you do not go into details. But you’d like to learn that your parents don’t believe you want to get rid of you and your best friend betrayed you.

But the film was interesting if not a romantic story, which is Central. The horns just a backdrop, a fantastic assumption which helps to feel again the attacks of romantic love you’ve ever experienced. History, perhaps, sickly and compassionate, but it has some balls. In the movie there was a place for humour, and violence, and inspiring violence against the villains. The film is perfect to share with a friend — she will appreciate it.

2. Sweeney Todd: the demon Barber of fleet street (Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street), 2007 Burton-the man who, even a bad story can turn into a pleasant and stylish film. Fortunately, the «Sweeney Todd» with a history all right, because it originated in the XIX century, when in the course was a series of short stories «string of pearls». The first film, which was filmed on the history of these stories, was shown in the early XX century. Now it’s considered lost, but there are a few more modern counterparts, which you can evaluate. And, of course, about the demon Barber simply had to take Tim Burton, which he did, inviting johnny Depp for the lead role.

Johnny, as usual he coped with his task at best. Accustomed to the image of the killer, the success of which is genuinely happy. Turned musical with wonderful songs that, frankly, was invented earlier, in 1979. The story of «the hairdresser» tima Burton is not based only on rage and violence. After all, it’s a musical, but musicals always love to sing high feelings, even if you cut the head and the body dumped in order to cook delicious cakes. The story itself is dark as hell. Todd is a convict, who was convicted on false charges. He returns to London and discovers that his wife is dead — poisoned himself as soon as Turpin (the judge who faked it) raped her. After he learns that the judge has eyes for his daughter, which managed to adopt. What man in this case except to retaliate?

3. Monster (Monster), 2003

manygoodtips.com_1.07.2016_4KQfkLWaamfy6This film is based on the true story of Aileen Wuornos, which is known in the States as one of the first women serial killers (though it is not). But if you trace it, we would not want to contact her. Though she is only 7 victims (all men), but the cruelty he does not hold victims until the last moment did not know what they are going to kill.

The film «Monster» is not only about the murders, he about the feelings feed on each other, two girls, one of whom is forced to work as a prostitute. Of course, this way of life to no good arguments, you have to go forever on a knife edge. Yes, and very healthy, she will not name. Can a love Selby to save her soul? Or everything will be worse and the stigma of «Monster» going to be impossible?

Watch the movie, if you love the severity of the crime. By the way, in the movie the main role is played by Charlize Theron, who I don’t know, but the role of his beloved Christina Ricci.

4. True grit (True Grit), 2010

manygoodtips.com_1.07.2016_u2Zv8gTYUZbpZThe Coen brothers movie, which starred guys like Matt Damon, Josh Brolin and, our favorite, Jeff bridges. At this time, the coens wanted to make a Western, to rehabilitate him after years of Hollywood abuse.

In the center of the narrative story of Rooster Cogburn, an aging fed who swore to avenge the murder of the father of the little girl had to take a hike. Journey through the land of the wild West at that time was not simple, the danger can lie in wait around every corner. Wild nature was subject to man, and many of the gang did not want to deal with someone who bears the stigma of «defender of law». And even the Indians — they don’t know what to expect. And this rooster, with his partner and girl, is pursued by the killers. Each of us knows where the story will lead. But it’s Western — predictability of the genre in the blood, but it did not bother. On the other hand, «true grit» filmed on the novel by Charles Portis, which was released in 1968. Perhaps it is due to literary in the movie so much non-trivial and very interesting moments.

5. Knight and day (Knight and Day), 2010

manygoodtips.com_1.07.2016_dysPgvtV6ka2STom cruise and Cameron Diaz — a great combination when you want to watch something light, but at the same time catchy. These two we saw on the screens so often that they had to bother us, but even their typical roles in this film look cool. When you turn on the film with Diaz, you know perfectly well what she is going to play.

«Knight and day» — a Comedy Thriller which is necessary to comprehend. It just watch, loosing its convolutions together with a piece of pizza in one hand and a glass of soda in the other. Created the film for the amusement of the public, and more to demand of him is not worth it. A movie about once a spy, a Savior of mankind, who meets (or steals?) girl. Together they are fleeing from the assassins and thieves of this world, put to flight. In the hands of Miller (the main character) powerful battery, which is a unique source of energy, in which all the villains and hunt. Miller himself doesn’t look much like a spy, he even gives the impression of a psychopath, who invented the whole story in my head. Thinks his occasional companion, but what happens next — you learn by myself.

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