Cinema Saturday # 73

Waiting for new episode of «Game of thrones»? Well, wait. And while we wait, look at the roundabout great movies, time-tested. They should not look old in the movie has no expiration date. Even «Eurotrip», which for 12 years.

1. «Fanatic» (High Fidelity), 2000

manygoodtips.com_3.06.2016_hhZATaIFgSMWfOne of the few films in which the title fits better than the original (High Fidelity – «High fidelity», a term denoting that a playback quality close to the original).

Young and never been kissed Jack black, which has not yet begun to annoy with his antics, John Cusack who is always John Kusaka, and a bunch of minor characters, whose names are not remembered, and the images are very even.

The main character Rob – a true fanatic of the business, but this business is not the conquest of space, and selling records. He is a true fanatic of the business, but his life is boring, and the events are drawn monotonously and monotonously as a vinyl disc on a turntable. Every day the same song. But then it throws the girl life is turned upside down, and obsessive music lover will have to scroll through my life backwards to find the error that led to the rupture.

The film does not pretend to a masterpiece, and just as much great music and great game kusaka. Terribly attractive rogue. Picture need to evaluate the heart, not the head. First, because the film is not about the lover, and germinoma; second, a movie where so much music affects the emotions and only to them.

2. «Obsessed» (Possession), 1981

manygoodtips.com_3.06.2016_QrsiRtWIEX7EdSo that’s the story: there comes the husband from business trip and begins to notice that his wife somehow changed. They too are strangers to each other. The man, of course, began to suspect her of infidelity, decided to find a lover for the sake of prevention of massacre. And the wife really fell in love with another, and this other was a demon. Every day a woman is increasingly sinking into the abyss of madness, and it looks, to put it mildly, creepy. Nice and creepy. Because it’s not a typical horror movie category, not a fantasy caricature of hell, is a highly artistic film with a strong sense of who claims to be neither more nor less place in the circle of high art films.

The main heroine of the film – Isabelle Adjani – it is simply impossible not to fall in love. It’s such a risky commitment, is a exposure of feelings, such emotions… her game is the worst that there is in the whole picture. It’s not horror with puddles of blood, is a highly artistic movie, which at heart is very afraid.

3. «Escape from new York» (Escape from New York), 1981

manygoodtips.com_3.06.2016_twojzI1jKyKSzJohn Carpenter-John Carpenter. Snake Pliskin is snake Pliskin. «Escape from new York» is a masterpiece for all time.

Carpenter wanted to show how American politicians are leading the country along the path of degradation as the big cities transformed from centers of civilization in the cesspool of crime, and even former heroes, covered with medals veterans, lose their ideals and become cynical, egoists and criminals.

So there was an image of new York in 1997, the year in which Manhattan has turned into a fenced corral the criminals and maniacs of all sorts. There goes the President, who, as usual, we need to save. First on the role of Savior (aka Pliskin) wanted to take Clint Eastwood, but he realized that «Dirty Harry» will begin to dictate their terms. Tommy Lee Jones Charles Bronson too shallow. Left only Kurt Russell, perfectly embodied the Director’s will.

Littered with fake debris blocks a bunch of scum, iniquity, blood, and amid all this unabashed one-eyed hero, with an innate cynicism and steel balls. What more needs to cool dystopian with a gorgeous script?

4. «Euroround» (EuroTrip), 2004

manygoodtips.com_3.06.2016_MYN5yw7RgFC9fThe winner in the nomination «Choice of teenagers, born after 85 years.» The film, which is not ashamed to watch with my mom and thrilled to revisit again and again. The story of the journey of American students in Europe with the aim to admit Germans love that Scotty Thomas took for the guy.

The kit includes: the stereotypical derision of Europe, jokes about nerds and very sweet and nice story in the European surroundings. Some of the gags were epochal, sample Italian pervert the speaker «Misuse». Through this film, Bratislava reminds us of the Voronezh oblast and appears wonderful land, where for 50 cents you can open your hotel.

«Eurotrip» – itself teen Comedy, which you can watch in any company and which motivates to go with friends on a journey stronger than «Project X» motivates you to throw a party of epic proportions. And you know, it’s jokes about the Pope», pot brownies, the song «Scotty doesn’t know» and the battle against MIME – it is something without which would not exist in our youth.

Ah Yes, the «Flowerheimer». Without him the world would be quite different.

5. «Officers of the law» (U.S. Marshals), 1998

manygoodtips.com_3.06.2016_qw3v4zCWQiy0xThe plot is fairly trivial for militants. Plane carrying inmates crashes and makes an emergency landing. Taking advantage of the situation, from the convoy runs particularly dangerous prisoner – former secret agent, accused of killing two other agents. Chasing him and the police and other persons whose interests to plug too many know the perpetrator forever.

But despite the hackneyed plot, was strong, bright, stylish Thriller 90-ies with luxurious elements of action and dynamics. And perhaps the best role of Tommy Lee Jones. He even goes to play hard men with high intelligence. In the same way as Wesley Snips to play a bad guy. A great contrast to the charisma of Tommy Lee Jones, without which the picture would be lean.

Unusual is the word that can describe everything in this movie. Non-standard approach to the formulation of an action, the semantic implication, the logic of events. Despite the fact that all this if not the highest, it is at a very high level: stunts, car chases, crowd, drama.

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