Cinema Saturday #69

Mental movies, scary or even very scary, with a touch of philosophical reflection, entertaining movies – here’s what you need in order to spend a weekend without even leaving the couch. And why not? You deserve it, rest, relax, soak up the art of cinema. Besides, you know that our workmanship always hit the nail. In General, meet your next five, with it you will not be bored.

1. «Madhouse on wheels» (RV), 2006

manygoodtips.com_25.04.2016_W7SYRFOgAGy89Let’s start with a light but very fun Comedy. In the good old tradition, of course. And that’s good, because Robin Williams was in the «Madhouse on wheels» plays a major role. You can indulge in nostalgia, to touch his talent. And not see that this movie received «Golden raspberry». Simple jokes, which cause a moment of kindness (Robin otherwise could not). But the film is more about the severity of fatherhood, because the plot is about just that: the workaholic Bobby and his family, their family crisis. Traffic accident, according to the head of the family, should help restore his reputation as head of the family. But this is not a Comedy, and to control the trailer that Bob has leased, is not as easy as it seems.

Actually, if you look at this movie more carefully, you will see not just a family Comedy, but a slice of family problems with which we are familiar are bound to be familiar. So look is helpful.

2. «Words» (The Words), 2012

manygoodtips.com_25.04.2016_vXtjWDxaclHfeA great movie with Bradley Cooper in the title role. Genre is not easy to define: there are elements of drama and phony biographies, and detective. When you start to watch it, you don’t know what’s waiting for you at the end. «Words» – multi-layered film. It consists of several interwoven stories, each of which can be a myth and reality at the same time. Because of such complicated structure watch it carefully, because if you turn your back for 10 minutes, then begin to ask the question: «Whence came these people?!» While the severity of the plot no and sound mind fully.

And the story about the writer. Or, to be precise, about a man who wants to be a novelist, but publishers don’t send him checks, and courteous letter of refusal. To a pain a familiar picture for any author person, right? And here is his beautiful wife (Zoe Saldana) gives him the briefcase where it turns out the manuscript. Godlike manuscript, lost and forgotten. And this is only the beginning, and then we see the most important thing – the consequences of decisions. In fact, the film is not only about writers, because the idea is not incorporated in the manuscript, but in real life, which only you are responsible. We believe that life consists not only of the right decisions, it consists of seas of darkness, splashing inside of us that we will have to accept. In General, you must see this movie, it’s really good, though not for fun.

3. «Ostrov» (The Island), 2005

manygoodtips.com_25.04.2016_dZ1Rx2r6rDHa7The film, which was directed by Michael Bay. Remember this guy? «Pearl Harbor,» «Armageddon,» «Bad guys» – his handiwork. And «the Island», where he played Ewan McGregor, and our beloved Scarlett Johansson, is also his work. Such a scientific fiction, which is not devoid of spectacular battle scenes. And, of course, a film about us, about people who have acquired new problems in the future. Although these problems have been prescribed the outstanding writers of the twentieth century. Now explain a little bit better.

So imagine the near future: 2019 (soon, Yes), the virtual world has become a second reality, you could pay $ 5 million below the second guy is ripped to shreds until he sees a wonderful dream about the island – sort of a Paradise, which in real life never will. The plot reveals the conflict between morality and science, between humanity and ideology. It is difficult to say that the film is a double bottom. Do not forget that Michael Bay shoots high-quality blockbusters, not art films. So, watching his work, you won’t be bored. You enjoy plenty of car chases, violence, escapes, and moral dilemmas, the shape of the future and, of course, the beauty of Scarlett Johansson. If you like Armageddon, you see and be happy. Let the story and are not as extensive.

4. «The house of the devil» (The House of the Devil), 2008

manygoodtips.com_25.04.2016_fVriSzjoqMkbJAnd here is the portion of ultramarine for the night. Very violent and really scary thing, trust us. This is not some tales about the Ghost, creaking floors and e outside the window. There is something more serious: blood, hell, and old Lucifer. We suspect that the creators of this creation was inspired by old Italian horror films that were not afraid to show undisguised evil. A great option for a night if you’re a fan of the genre.

This movie smells of 80 years – it was then the heyday of horror, anyway. But removed it recently and small, by the standards of film production, money. Once again convinced that a talented movie make is not money, but talented Directors. In this case, the Director is Tay West. But to touch this creature with caution, we don’t want to damage your psyche.

5. «Signal» (The Signal), 2007

manygoodtips.com_25.04.2016_sLJYxqZvHCag3If you’re a sociopath, but still want to see a film about true love, and with his girlfriend, who loves good thrillers, we recommend you the «Signal». To describe the film is difficult, so it is very unusual. Like watching horror movies about regular virus, but the emphasis shifted to personal history – the epidemic only decoration.

Violence a lot, too, but a lot of romance. Everything right: the love triangle and the unfortunates who were not at the time and in the wrong place. But all is not bleak, because the script implemented a lot of comic elements. The joke, of course, give up the insanity of black humor, but they’ll make you smile, if you know how to find terrible things in a crazy irony. In General, it’s such an aesthetic thing, containing in itself many genres, but can hold on the attention. Not pop, of course, but not boring, which is good.

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