Cinema Saturday #66

A new weekly Saturday column will make you a little better and kinder. Why? Who knows, some wise people argue that art can affect a person better than mom’s cries and dad’s waste. We that wise individuals did believe and tried to choose only good movie. I hope that all of the following movies will affect your good side. Well, maybe not «Martyr». Just look vpechatlil and calm down.

1. Voice of the streets (Straight Outta Compton), 2015

manygoodtips.com_15.04.2016_zYmyperw2gtzEYo, yo, yo, homies! A real film about gangsta-rappers from cernotova bottom mossy areas nigger ghetto. About how five boys read a clear gangsta, no tinsel, kanyewestvevo pathos, the skins of wild animals on the shoulders and readily available girls at hand, the true gangsta that conquered the world and shifted rockers and a vanilla boy bands from their pedestals MTV. Even the person who dislikes rap, it will be interesting to see.

In fact, this biopic is about fashion group N. W. A. from a dusty Los Angelesco district Compton (so, carbon, you mentioned nothing stuffy days spent in GTA «San Andreas» Boulevard Roshi, dancing on the lowriders and the wooden house under the bridge between the shack Entourage and Rider in the neighborhood called Ganton). Special attention is paid to perhaps the most successful of its members: Easy-E, Ice Cube, Dr. Dree. Most of all I want to praise the actors, especially o’shea Jackson Jr. It is, externally, spiritually, like his dad, ice cube.. The actors even re-recorded the iconic album «Straight Outta Compton» to better get into role. That’s what a serious approach.

The film is about the hard way, about the legendary civil unrest in November of ‘ 92, the constant conflicts with the police and breaking through to the musical Olympus the hip-hop of the West coast, which many people like and do not understand.

2. Far from the Madding crowd (Far from the Madding Crowd), 2015 film, which you can watch with your girlfriend, sitting on a comfy couch, sipping a coke with a paper towel and collecting her tears. It seems to be a typical melodrama about love and strong female character, a bit predictable and sweet. But the way the film: sets, costumes, atmosphere, cinematography, skillfully retaining the nuances that convey the mood and idea of the movie better than the actors – all this attracts even males. There is in this story something from «Pride and prejudice», «Jane Austen», «Wuthering heights», which is not surprising, because the film is based on the novel written in the same period that these stories of hard female destiny. But this seems a bit more realistic and serious. Anyone who tries to get to know the soul of a strong independent women, must watch, at worst – to read the book.

3. Sideburns, 1990

manygoodtips.com_15.04.2016_2bQnAT4mIWsp0Who said that Russian cinema is necessarily bad? During the perestroika years, it has blossomed anew, as lilacs in the spring, however, instead of beautiful flowers increasingly overgrown miasma and boils. What to do: in the cinema a powerful jet joined Amateurs and sensing the freedom of filmmakers and pseudosimilarity started to overdo it with the dill, delusions, and Bang. But in this picture the proportions perfectly preserved. Typically the St. Petersburg film about the most rabid intellectuals to freely manipulate the herd. «Society of scholars» – a kind of forerunner of modern organizations, with their aggressive and completely meaningless ideology, where all are engaged in anything but the established tasks. Here argue over the eternal problem: who is Russian, and whether people with the surname Feinstein him to be considered? Here grow a beard, recite Pushkin, discussing how he was walking with a cane, not really knowing why and what for – all as now.

Very witty farce that combines high structure and quotes «Our All» with phrases like Dukalis: «He’s with momma cut and obkleila» – that alone shows the idiocy of the organization. So, here Dukalis with Casanova from «Streets of the broken lanterns». All St. Petersburg actors they could find, collected in this film. But the Alexander column rises above them the genius of Victor Sukhorukov. Real poetry and a whirlwind of emotions! It’s flawless. If you have not seen Sukhorukov in this movie, then don’t say you love him.

And what can we say in conclusion? «Read Pushkin and love Russia!» And see a movie.

4. Martyr (Martyrs), 2008

manygoodtips.com_15.04.2016_5urqMcHhVQJ4QVery good and positive picture about the ladies who are not stupid luck. Hard to call it a horror film, rather, it’s a FUCKING TRESHAK! From the movie I want to puke, and then, smear of vomit, watch until the end. How cool to watch shaped cruel and incomprehensible sadism. It’s so fun! And then at the Toronto film festival during a screening fainted?

The movie has a thought, an idea. It is not new, but the forms of its realization shocked, because the Director was just trying to answer the question of what a life is worth.

I especially want to mention the game Actresses. So natural tantrums, screams and suffering is not even in the Russian romantic movies and Indian movies.

5. Ladykillers (The Ladykillers), 2004

manygoodtips.com_15.04.2016_QWsTYeNDpgpSN«The Ladykillers» – «Game of gentlemen», well, so be it, gentlemen, translators. The film, in General, does not suffer. The creation of the brothers Coen to the incorrect translation will not be killed.

In General, it is unfair that this film went unnoticed. It is clear that the Coen films with the same speed with which Sofia Tolstaya born children of Leo Tolstoy, but this one deserves special attention. It is almost as good as «burn After reading» and «to Old men here not a place» – too ambiguous characters, ridiculous situations, and slapstick reigns. But the main highlight of the picture unequivocally is Tom Hanks, who is here not just to learn. This is one of the few films where the actor does not freeze with the well-known «Terminal», «forest Gampu» face a La «scared, upset down». Here he is the devil, so organically fit into the new way that the body begins to demand more and more like Hanks.

And, of course, no elderly lady of Comedy would not have taken place. Irma P. Hall is also not a debutante, and in the scenes with Tom Hanks did not inferior to him. It is not surprising that the «Games of gentlemen» she received a prize at the Cannes film festival, despite the fact that critics tore the picture in pieces. Go to hell haters!

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