Film Saturday #58

Another kingpriest for those who think week, our Saturday section. This time we got brutal movies about tough men who are not afraid of anything: neither bullet nor shaving the underarms with a dull razor. Come get ‘ em!

1. Goryachie golovy (Hot Shots!), 1991

manygoodtips.com_19.02.2016_9iqcOQbIIhvRZGood old ultratome behalf of the U.S. air force and the war in Iraq. The bring in the whole picture is, of course, emotionally-tense face still young and not sick of HIV Charlie sheen. In fact, emotions are the main libertine of world cinema and make the whole movie.

This film is a parody, one of the standards of the genre. Here is a parody of «top gun», which, incidentally, was voted one of the «blue» films in the film, «dances with wolves», «the Godfather», «rocky». Only to watch it much more interesting, he even shot better. In the interval between «Airplane» and «scary movie» parody of the genre look just like this: incredibly absurd and ridiculous situation, quoting the most famous scenes from the movie 80-90s.

Not a movie, and walking an absurd joke, then it is necessary to look at each frame, because the background may happen uniforms hell, and listen to each dialogue for epic phrase, like a nuclear explosion.

However, in childhood after this movie I have a certain phobia: I thought that after the oxygen masks do pilots do in the sky the face. Well, that pretty girls are so hot and voracious that they can cook eggs (a reference to «9 1/2 weeks» where Mickey Rourke fed Kim all that was in the fridge; here, of course, fed even more).

2. Dangerous passengers of a train 123 (The Taking of Pelham 123), 2009

manygoodtips.com_19.02.2016_yDxDVor7ShB3CA good self-sufficient black American actor Denzel Washington, and ageless John Travolta star in the movie about the rescue of the hostages. A typical announcement for the action or Thriller of the 90s, but not 2009. But, thank God, it turned out that the film is not a banal tribute worn boevichkov, the age of them gone for a long time and probably one of the best representatives of their genre. Why? And you look and you will understand.

The story grabs and doesn’t let up from the first minute. Banal story about the hostages is only the background against which unfolds the really important events. And, of course, playing two titans of kinoteka can not leave indifferent.

3. Patrol (End of Watch), 2012

manygoodtips.com_19.02.2016_YM3vpYUR6M9HQThe story of two heroic Los Angelesca police, but not those that were in Duple «Bad cops», but normal, kind, fair and just, which blocks all sorts of rubbish, not snorting coke and give their children ice cream. These orderlies of the city, which eradicate the crime filled City of Angels, like the head lice of homeless. Terrible comparison? But in the spirit of the film. Here with humor the writers and Director are all right.

But nothing is eternal under the moon, and the cops at one point, get into trouble, trying to get out. Homies, Latinos and Negros with guns – in General, full stuffing. But despite the banality of the course is to picture something that distinguishes it from other such. The flawless game of the main characters (after all, Gyllenhaal plays not bad), the Feb realism, little details that make a big impact on the picture. Maybe all together? Completely. All have worked on glory: the Director who made a decent masterpiece on the criminal theme, and the actors, in full entered in role. Clearly, the picture will be.

4. Wormwood: Road of the dead (Wyrmwood), 2014

manygoodtips.com_19.02.2016_4xFzVDFrKtTeJThe film begins so serious that it’s embarrassing. And then… and then all returned to their places: dill, cynicism and a beer from the refrigerator, which is associated with zombies.

The film – a vivid example of how passion, talent and an ingenious approach to win things low budget. The authors have added a handful of humor and a pinch of idiocy, not allowing the film to slide into moronic parody, because it is clear, as the creators like this film as a treat to detail. In addition to music. She’s in the film is just disgusting.

In one word, hilarious trash-horror in the style of «evil dead», but with a unique approach, which is really fun to watch in any company. The only question is: what the hell the translators came up with that idiotic name? Why not name the movie according to the original «Forest of snakes»?

5. Skins (Romper Stomper), 1992

manygoodtips.com_19.02.2016_l6d1QhypfwtJVFew people know, but before becoming a Maximus, Russell Crowe portrayed a skinhead. And so well that it became a cult film and is still considered the add-on. On some of the walls still can be seen the inscription «Romper Stomper» – so influential that movie. And all thanks to Director Geoffrey Wright.

But cult status the film has acquired not because the Director is inquisitive looking for sources and trying to investigate the causes of the racist movement in the modern «white civilization», and only because one of the first to the main characters of skinheads. Wright takes brutal classic melodrama, outlines a love triangle, consisting of steep skin Hendo (the first starring role for Russell Crowe), his second Davey and young girls Gabe that from childhood fucked father, a famous composer, that’s why Gabe is ready to jump on the neck of every guy. And then – the full tragic story about love, friendship, betrayal, and death, under the prism of absurdity and dirty in every sense of the sad life of the main characters. The Director is merciless to his characters, which the film even more interesting.

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