Cinema Saturday #55

What, already?! Oh, weeks, why are you so quickly pass? But cheer up, buddy. Think about what time you move into a bright future, and our kinorurik will give this motion higher speed. After all, what is film? The film is a story about us, about the challenges we face and a solution to these problems. Whether a maniac with a big blade who wants to cut off your head, or bullying from a higher position – all can be solved.

And the reason we watch many movies, the only one we are looking for answers to various questions related to our life. It happens that we managed to find them, a movie manages to be embedded in our memories, making memories more vivid, and life.

1. Dinner for schmucks (Dinner for Schmucks), 2010

There are the movies entertaining, has humor, brutal and bloody, and there are movies that allow you to recall the most important human quality is kindness. No, we are not kidding. Definitely killed each other, if not humanity, which is still preserved in the hearts. And the movie «Dinner for schmucks» appeals to this feeling. While thinking about the humanism necessary infrequently because the picture is really interesting and funny. Just remember the weirdos from my school years, which were in abundance. But remember and relevant to them.

Assholes, they are everywhere, and, perhaps, you yourself are a jerk, you just didn’t. The film raises the problem of dissent that is characteristic of gifted people. Throughout «strange people» stoned, we all know this. The hero works in a firm that continues this tradition, albeit in more sophisticated form, which is called dinner for fools. But we, of course, understand that these movies always end well, and that makes them attractive. Look at the movie again and can enjoy life. Very motivating, especially the moment with «pyramid» (you’ll understand when you watch).

2. Third star (Third Star), 2010

Many of us may not agree, but soars such thought in the minds of British cinema, along with Irish, the closest to the strings Patriotic soul. In this regard, a very cool movie called «Third star» is now the most popular Benedict Cumberbatch. The film is not just about male friendship, male friendship in the square. If you had questions about one of your friends who you constantly toss, then watch this movie and see what friends you have in fact there was not. But the main character they all seem the same.

Despite his total drama, the film is still not devoid of humor. Well, it’s like in life: everything should be treated with humor, or simply to live makes no sense whatsoever. When you look, try to imagine yourself in the place of the main character, and then imagine yourself in the place of his companions. Think about who is really difficult? We are unable to answer this question, but when it comes to tragic stories, this film is in the top ten, and the memories of him fresh despite the years.

3. Maniac COP (Maniac Cop), 1988

We think you missed a good grinder, which I loved to remove at the end of the last century. Now, too, but do not do so mentally (except Tarantino). In General, the «Maniac COP» is considered a classic of the slasher genre.

Except that in this film is always brutal Bruce Campbell, and the story! Well, really, we live in a very greenhouse conditions, which provide relative safety. There are no serial killers in sight, there are no ghosts and drowned, that come out of your TV, trying to drag you into a dark and bottomless pit. We are surrounded by thousands of thugs with batons and a service weapon, they protect us. Now think about it: thousands of healthy men in your town who have the power and weapons that freely walk the streets, you must obey the machine which you have to climb up on demand. Isn’t it scary? Isn’t this the climax of modern horror? If you don’t think so, you are welcome to preview «Maniac COP». If you love old school horror, you’ll love it. Besides, it’s a great movie for group viewing, pizzas and a few liters of soda.

4. Les Miserables (Les Misérables), 2012

Love musicals? We treat them neutrally. Happens, happen terrible, vanilla and pathetic, but sometimes you watch and wonder why had not paid attention to this genre. The latter include «Les Miserables» shot during the epic novel of Victor Hugo. If you have not read his books, it’s time to start. He looks into the essence of many things. Take the story «the Last day of the condemned to death» – just revise some views about the need for the death penalty.

But let’s talk about the movie. He will not hide, quite heavy. It will be hard to watch after the other two, so it’s best to prepare for it and choose a separate day. You are waiting for more than two hours of songs and words that raise many sensitive social topics. And the plot incorporates a lot from the novel. The events need to follow the actions of the characters too. If you just included the background, then suddenly we can lose the thread of the narrative. But your work will pay off, it’s made all the cheers, and Jean Valjean sincerely empathize, it’s easy to understand.

5. Big eyes (Big Eyes), 2014

The latest film by Tim Burton, starring Christoph waltz, Amy Adams and Kristen Ritter. The story is unique, and its greatness is that it is based on real events.

Show us the story of Margaret Keane, shy but amazingly talented woman. She is an artist in his paintings of portraits of children with huge bottomless eyes. You might have seen her work – they are quite popular among fans of pop art.

About what way of life he held before becoming famous, you know when you watch a movie. In the film, there is something crazy unusual (except for pictures of the heroine), is the story of the life of the artist, which, incidentally, still draws, at 89 years of age.

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