Cinema Saturday #53

Was another week, another 168 hours behind, the next step into the future and another one of our favorite sections of «the Cinema on Saturdays». The time goes fast, it almost can’t keep up. With this pace of life there is nothing more pleasant than to hang out on the couch at the weekend with his girlfriend, friends and see five worthy films. Following tradition, we offer a variety of genres, because sometimes you want to go to all lengths with good company, and sometimes just to watch a movie that might change your perception about something or someone, maybe even himself.

1. Scouts vs zombies (Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse), 2015

What to do if a zombie Apocalypse still had tentacles in your direction? If you can take the situation into their own hands, if is a normal teenager, of all places? (No, if you’re not a scout.) The question, of course, rather rhetorical, and the movie does not answer him, because he was not created for this. «Scouts» – purely entertaining movie, full of blood, heat, trash and vulgar humor. The film does not pretend to something more, and that’s what’s good for him. You get exactly what you would like to get in Saturday night, when the cups full of beer, hand dials the number of some pizza parlor, and the door banging all your gang.

Is this some kind of honesty, after all, a zombie Comedy is not waiting for something «deep», everything should be on the surface: a bunch of nerds, sexy blonde, catchy music and a bunch of severed limbs. If you want to relax and love the zombie theme, and the «ash vs. evil dead» have already been examined, then download «Scouts» and just relax.

2. Hope springs (Hope Springs), 2012

Each pair is a crisis of relations.» It is inevitable, as inevitable decline of human civilization in the distant future. You can be married for thirty years and can only meet the second week. Problems sooner or later will overtake you, start a worm to suck your gray matter of the brain. If you already feel something similar, then your problem can solve three persons and one movie. The film, of course, «Spring hope», but people who are married Tommy Lee Jones, married Meryl Streep and marriage counselor Steve Carrel.

One such picture will probably look dull, but here with a friend. The film is so healthy, not vulgar humor and thousands of familiar situations that happen between people that we live with each other. Perhaps it is correct to say that this is a romantic Comedy that is unique in the age of its main characters. In fact we see elderly people that are already obsolete with all their ancient ideas about how to live together couple. It is easy to imagine the place the characters of their mothers and fathers. In General, look, if you want something good, life-affirming and sincere.

3. The history boys (The History Boys), 2006

A film about high school students, but not about how they are looking for someone to copulate. From these graduates is a problem where «serious»: they need to enroll in the best school of my country. And they live in the UK, that suggests to us about the severity of the revenues, because demand there is higher than our will. It seems to be clear, send brainy teacher who will prepare students to enter, and the local teacher moves into the background, because he is as «wrong» teaches kids. But the point of the story, of course, not in the importance of education and teaching methods. Would it be interesting to watch?

It is rather in the choice of life, in understanding what is important and what is not. Boys go through a stage of important and significant that they will never return, in their eyes, events unfold that will forever change destiny. Perhaps, the best years of life are years of uncertainty, do you think? If you’re going to go somewhere, then be sure to see, and if you already went through it, the film will not be superfluous. Maybe a movie will help you answer the all important question: «But whether the choice I made?» And, of course, a typical British, slightly sad sense of humor at your Beck and call.

4. A walk among the tombstones (A Walk Among the Tombstones), 2014

Often the book detectives are biased, and all because of what they write is not the hands. But in the United States is full of cool modern writers working in this genre. For example, Lawrence Block, she’s even the award of Edgar Allan PoE is, and she, unlike Oscar, can really define a good book. In General, «a walk among the tombstones» is based on the eponymous book Block, and the main role in it was played by Liam Neeson. Who doesn’t love Liam Neeson, especially if he plays in thrillers? I think that all love him. It just made for this genre and always does his dark job perfectly well.

And history, like the history of any Thriller, of course, about the murders. On the death of the wicked, cruel and numerous. Using them is a detective element where stubborn and harsh the main character does everything to make you not bored. Overall the Director did a good job, resorting to traditional naravam techniques, and this movie, we recommend with a pure heart.

5. The Lazarus Effect (The Lazarus Effect), 2015

Oh, and a nice horror movie for the more fragrant the completion of the movie nights. «The Lazarus effect» – not a brilliant horror film, but bad it is not exactly call. Critics did not like it, mainly because OE moves were very few. But the picture seemed decent. You give a story as old as the world, the resurrection of the dead organisms. Almost like in «Garbeta West», but with a modern twist and with no small amount of romantic subtext. Why resurrect the dead? In the name of science, of course! But the scientists always something goes wrong as soon as something begins to happen. At least in horror movies there is such a law.

If you want to watch something that will remotely recall all the traditional scientific and medical horror stories that appeared in the 70s, the «Lazarus Effect,» you’ll love it. The film can be called a little raw, even debut, but Olivia Wilde saves the day. Good movie for fans of the genre.

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