Cinema Saturday #40

Mid-autumn will delight you the anniversary issue of our God-like kinorurik. And as usual, we mixed in the nuclear cocktails of different genres and most unique filmmakers, just so you are always able to find in the list what you. Saturday – time movie marathon, and it is better not to argue. A week has passed, it’s time to just relax, to keep myself smart or beautiful picture. At worst you can just lift your mood.

1. Outrage (Autoreiji), 2010

Let’s start with hardcore from Takeshi Kitano, one of our favorite Directors of Japanese cinema. «Outrage,» Takeshi is primarily a return to basics, to what it always was. And it was, if someone does not know, the most controversial Creator of Yakuza films. And loves him for it. If you love tough guys in suits who like to cut each other’s fingers and make their enemies Smoking a sieve, that «Mess» for you.

Of course, Kitano plays in the movie the main role. His character continues to live by the old rules of the Yakuza, where there is a great importance of the pledge of allegiance. It occupies its own place in the criminal system, small but his own, and quite satisfied with it. But the world is changing, change with it, and Japanese organized crime. In front of a large and bloody struggle for power. The old generation of Yakuza have to go, but not so easy to get them to do it voluntarily. There are positive heroes in this film? Of course not, but everyone will still be able to find a hero who can sympathize.

2. Night on Earth (Night on Earth), 1991

Jim Jarmusch – our eternal companion and our very good guide in the world is an amazing movie. He’s one of the few relatively «underground» filmmakers, the films that just look nice. That «Night on earth» is an excellent illustration. The soundtrack to the film was written by none other than Tom waits, whose lion’s growl warms our souls in the cloudy weather.

The film consists of five different stories that occur in five major cities of the modern world. They have in common is that each story is somehow connected with a taxi. Otherwise, they can be completely different. Some of them will make you laugh, others sad. But they are all shot by the talented person, vanishing in the plots of no, and there is a feeling that these stories are born of the hand of the artist, not the usual us Hollywood screenwriter. Also glad that «Night on Earth» does not bore the audience, all the truth lies on the surface, and you just gave the opportunity to think again about the usual things.

3. The people vs. Larry Flynt (The People or Larry Flynt), 1996

You don’t know who Larry flint? And have you ever seen the magazine «Hustler»? It’s like Playboy, except it was more blood and guts. Now, Larry Flynt – an iconic and heroic personality. He personifies the whole drive of the 70s. at that time there were drugs, great rock music and, of course, the sexual revolution. Many of the latter was achieved without the involvement of Larry Flynt, the man who created the legendary magazine. But the conservative society was not prepared for the fact that the edition will show off female genitalia. It was fucking scandalous, unacceptable, immoral. Flint branded with the title «corrupter of youth», next to him was going to protest rallies of Christian activists, but he did not give up. And it is this film. Can a dirty magazine to win a whole society? The fight is not equal, but the outcome was already a foregone conclusion.

The film is pleasant is the fact that you will be able to trace some analogy with the modern Russian society and its reaction to the fact that they allow themselves all sorts of «freethinkers». I wonder what the result will be in our case?

4. In the final, John would die (John Dies at the End), 2012

Or have you read David Wong? This writer can eat your brains out and choke on. By the way, when he received an offer to film his book, he just deleted the email – thought it was a prank. But the film still appeared on court to spectators and, of course, taken them a tower.

The movie is a mixture of surrealism, horror, and black Comedy. How such a thing can be removed – for us the big question. The construction of the plot outside the box, but the whole film in one go. There is such man, his name is Dave, and he cut off one man’s head with an axe. This is the beginning of the film, which is a little more than fully consists of what a couple of twats uparyvaetes «soy sauce» and kill all vermin. A fun, dynamic film that aims to fight depression and not cause it. Great for a large company.

5. If your girl – zombie (Life After Beth), 2014

Don’t cheat yourself with the low ratings of this film on IMDb. History, in fact, chic and unusual. And the main actor, a very young man, causing only positive emotions. Okay, imagine you have a friend that you love and all things. And now she’s dying. Sorrow and trouble, right? But in some strange and incomprehensible way it is not really already dying. Like happiness and joy should relate to your teenage mind, but it is not so simple. The film, incidentally, about the problems with zombie friends. We are sure that you have a couple of friends. Just don’t treat the movie as simple and clear blockbuster. Give him a chance. Because many things need to think about or not to think at all.

A good choice to watch with a friend. Comedy, romance, vanilla, decay and corpses.

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