Cinema Saturday #2

manygoodtips.com_23.01.2015_GNM8uWGMKimkoDude, this Saturday we will again try to spare you from the painful choice of what to watch tonight with my girlfriend, friends or alone, if other grandiose plans, not planned (and we always grandiose plans). Most likely, many of these movies have you seen (if not all), but personal preferences plus a high IMDb rating allow us to recommend these films for repeat viewing. Make yourself comfortable and turn on the player.

1. Lucky number Slevin, 2005

manygoodtips.com_23.01.2015_PBIvGwwLmoS6dThis film is a must see for all fans of the genre crime Thriller with a pinch of subtle humor. The cast makes you exclaim: «It’s just a holiday!» After all, before you «perform» such great guys like Josh Hartnett, Morgan Freeman, Bruce Willis, Ben Kingsley and charming Lucy Liu. The plot is intricate and tasteful. The guy that lost his job, girlfriend and home, is not at the time and in the wrong place. Kind of corny, but you can’t break away from the screen, enjoying the dialogues, soundtracks, drama and intrigue. In General, look or see.

2. Big fish, 2003

manygoodtips.com_23.01.2015_D03CsnKDHZCeIThis is a classic film in the style of Tim Burton. In principle, this could stop the description as fans of the filmmaker already know what was going on. This is an amazing tale, simple but at the same time and complex that tells us in different images and metaphors about the realities of our lives. The basis – the story of a young man who decided to find out what his father was, in fact, because of his personality, a lot of legends, sayings and stories. But not even this line dominates the film. «Big fish» is a film-emotion, the film Association, the film is a fantasy. So why not to dilute such a cocktail a cloudy winter night?

3. A substitute teacher, 2011

manygoodtips.com_23.01.2015_IZExYvNv9rb2ZDefinitely – this film needs a special attitude. Yes, it’s a drama, but not such that his anguish is trying to squeeze us out of avaricious men and leaves after viewing a heavy feeling in my soul. The main character, who is brilliantly played by Adrien Brody, teacher of literature and English, receives a temporary appointment in a very «disadvantaged» school in the ghetto. And how did you know that the picture is built on the relationship between the characters. This is a very honest, life a film that shows us all the facets of humanity without ornaments. Teacher Brody is not a knight without fear and without reproach, but an ordinary man, with his doubts, feelings, dreams and difficulties. But children are not indiscriminate degenerates and drug addicts. In General, the film is about society and about man’s place in this society.

4. Warrior, 2011

manygoodtips.com_23.01.2015_c4CAEOLJmADnRFor the role in this film Tom hardy gained 12 pounds of muscle mass, but the technical process was running Greg Jackson, winner in the category of «MMA coach of the year». You probably have already guessed what this film is about Boxing. This is so only partly. In the forefront is a family conflict between a father and brothers that need to be overcome first. It is a struggle not only in the ring, but also with himself – his main rival. A wonderful film that will give you not only great viewing experience, but also an inferiority complex at the sight of bizagi and relief hardy.

5. On the brink, 1997

manygoodtips.com_23.01.2015_29Gzqftet7rnhThe theme of man against wild nature, the power of nature against the meanness and cowardice, honor vs cowardice, and it’s not a dictionary of antonyms, this is a brief description of the film, where he played Hannibal Lecter of all time – old Hopkins. Special thanks to the creators of the film for the stunning scenery of the dark Alaska. In such moments you don’t envy the characters in heart rejoice, your ass is now in heat, and you don’t need to check yourself for lice, risking their own skin.

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