Cinema Saturday #101

We exceeded a hundred, we now have a new life. Rather, in our column. In what ways? Well, we will continue to pick only the best movies for your weekend leisure. This time it’s brilliant, as always.

1. The Damned United (The Damned United), 2009

There was such a mighty and legendary uncle Brian Clough. A man of exceptional talents. So, for example, he once set a record of England for high-speed absorption of beer. In addition, he is known for his bad temper, sharp tongue, constantly bringing it to the scandals and did not allow to pass on the career ladder, as well as harsh parenting practices. Once he perfected uppercut sent in a knockout of this young player, whose error led to the goal. So, Brian Clough was a football coach, and he really can be considered large. Before him nobody has been able to win with a third-rate clubs from the tiny towns of all kinds, including international, trophies, and fans still Nevada English officials, because I believe that Clough lead their team — they would have three times become world Champions. But Clough, for all his genius, was a complex type and a drunk. In fact, so on Foggy Albion it is considered the best.

The film though is dedicated to the most unpleasant segment of the professional life of a hero, but football there quite a bit. He is likely to surroundings that the viewer does not forget what the profession is about. Got an interesting story about what brings pride and no time for the spoken word. Well, acting is above all praise, and in conjunction with the script was the product that erodes from memory a very long time.

2. Zombie named Fido (Fido), 2006

Idyllic utopia lost to the zombie Apocalypse. Willard, a small town in the idyllic world somewhere in the 50s, where the sun shines every day, everybody knows their neighbors, and zombies deliver Newspapers. Years ago, the Earth passed through a cloud of cosmic dust that made the dead rise. They started gutting the human body and to insist on brains, but some clever people invented a collar that makes the living dead purse dogs. Now the zombies work as a milkman, gardeners and become an integral part of everyday life. However, the protagonist believes that waking up early, and once it’s confirmed to out of control zombies.

Perhaps this is the first movie that shows the infamous zombie Apocalypse in this way. He had huge potential, but we must admit that by the end of the crew it is not squeezed. But what happened is only positive feelings. It’s like Tim Burton without autism. Turned out to be incredibly stylish cross between a horror movie and black Comedy, ironic teasing and modern society, and all films on the theme of zombies, previously removed. Anyway, haven’t little girls walking their own zombie dad on a leash.

3. Boyfriend from the future (About Time), 2013

Really want to take and to send to distributors crack AIDS, because so poorly and irresponsibly to translate the names of movies is a crime. «Boyfriend from the future» sounds like a cheesy teen Comedy, it was only worse when the movie «Seven rays of hope» translated as «My boyfriend — crazy».

Well, he thought: what the hell, boyfriend, if the story is told from the mouth of man? And not some story about «falling on the party bitch», and a very touching story of the life of the average shy guy who has one very useful skill — to go back in time. He not only tries to use this skill to take over the world, or become a superhero, not at all. He corrects the mistakes of the past and helping friends. With their help, the viewer sees a certain situation and understand that whatever gift you have, it will not help you if you’re a bad person.

Honestly, about this film I want to write a separate article on 100 thousand characters, and to convey the whole range of emotions that arise when viewing. He eerily instructive — for one only the idea that every day should be lived as the last, and did not want to go back in time, he deserves an Oscar and a place in the school curriculum.

If the film was shot in the 90s, it starred Hugh Grant, because of the film and breathes life simplicity and irony «Notting hill» and «Four weddings and one funeral» (another would be writer they have one). Overall, a must watch, preferably with a girl.

4. ARN: the Knight Templar (Arn: Tempelriddaren), 2007

Quite a while in our databases has not been a large-scale medieval paintings. Especially surprising is the fact that the picture is a joint Nordic production turned out to be surprisingly good. The story about the fictional Swedish knight, who went to the Holy Land with the sword, and the word of God to recapture the Shrine from the Muslims, so not the same as «the Kingdom of heaven» — there is such a large amount of blood and battle scenes. They are present, they are incredibly beautifully shot, but not in such numbers. But here is just divine camera work, good actors (of course, nestykovochka, at that time beautiful were few), and angelic music.

The film, though historical, and the action takes place in real surroundings, but his historicity, he does not ship. Although life in the harsh Scandinavia and the surroundings of the medieval Middle East reproduced perfectly.

Templar — knight, but the knight-hamonic; perhaps this can explain the lack of a bloody mess in the Hollywood style. But it’s useless here — the clash of swords in this reading of history was more than enough. What do you say, Europe. Moreover, the actors played so well that hack felt sorry for them.

5. Reanimator (Re-Animator), 1985

Back in the 80s, at a time when the concept of «black Comedy» it was in the course and does not require see fart humor. The name corresponds to the essence of the film — two friends revived all sorts of carrion, starting with cat and ending with people. As always, it gets out of control.

As a result, we have: blood, evil dead, pieces of skin, brains and even «predatory» guts. The atmosphere is wonderful, fully complies with the laws of the genre. Just not always clear we need to be afraid or to laugh (however, as always in this genre). But they have the opportunity to see a very dynamic film, 100% disgusted and oddly enough, curiosity. Watching convulsions bloodthirsty cats, stepping over the pile of rotten meat, and, holding back a gag reflex at the sight of the violent manifestations of the risen dead, it is still going on the story…

All the actors are good, especially pleased with neurotic the resurrector (Jeffrey Combs) is a kind of young Frankenstein, and, of course, very good, evil old scientist-pervert (David Gale). That’s certainly someone’s whims and death is not a hindrance.

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