Cinema Saturday #100

You probably think the anniversary collection will differ somewhat from the others, but it is not. For 99 weeks, we asked you for 5 great movies that could use the love, «Kinopoisk», but was respected by all in our office. We continue to spoil his vision, to find the best there is in the world of cinema, and we get. So don’t disappoint — watch movies with us, and then your weekend will never be worthless.

1. Guys with guns (War Dogs), 2016

It is strange that our distributors have not kept the original title — «Dogs of war» sounds better. The film starred Jonah hill, and on posters in the cinemas you could see the attractive inscription «from the Creator of «the Hangover», but you will not see anything funny in this film. This is not a Comedy. But not a drama. And it’s not a Thriller. What is it? Who the hell knows. We would say that this is a story about two real guys who decided to capitalize on the war. Everyone has their own motives. One guy got mouths to feed, the other will not prevent new dose of cocaine and a good toke of hashish.

America is the land of opportunity, right? Guys I think we should be tough to earn money in this world, even in this, where Hollywood shoots great stories of success, and the supermarkets are Queuing for another miscarriage from Apple. They decide that the big money always means war. In the literal sense, so friends and part-time business partners Spud the Pentagon in the hope to knock a good deal for $ 300 million. They get it — from that moment they become the suppliers of arms. But don’t count that in the movie you will find a sad enumeration of tragic events — it is not so. «Guys with guns» still retained within themselves the drive and the madness you saw in the hangover.

2. Confessions of a dangerous mind (Confessions of a Dangerous Mind), 2002

Again recommend a story based on real events», but here we have to make amendment on these events one can not check, and the CIA strongly denies them obsessively. It is possible that their statements speak in favor of the authenticity of the film. Actually, the story is so wild to think that it would be difficult.

The film is based on the autobiography of Chuck Barris. This is the guy you don’t know, but in the U.S. he was the author of the television show that changed the TV. Saying that he lowered the bar so that it can be considered the mastermind behind such shows as «House 2» and «let’s get married». But Chuck worked in the sixties, so his mind was walking the drugs — he can be forgiven.

The problem Chuck is that he created a nasty show. And that it works not only as a showman, but also an assassin from the CIA. He gets contracts — performs them enjoys killing, and then returns to your show. At the same time he don’t even need money from the government — he just got into obligations to him, and then so accustomed to this craft that there was no turning back. Unique movie which may surprise you, especially if you’re tired of clichés in stories about spies. In this story cliche there is, perhaps, because she really real?

3. Nine lives (Nine Lives), 2016

Also movie 2016 year, but there is no evil, no more death and sadness. This is a good Christmas story in the spirit of «home Alone» with one exception — the film has no words about Christmas, but there are plenty of chips that made it the best movie that you can watch with the family. No dirty jokes, no violence. Forgotten good sense of humor, which tells about well-known truth: need to be a good man, spending time with family and not to replace the family work. The story, I must say, is not stupid, although some publications and had called her worse at the end of the year, but we have to run each movie through your own sieve, but not through the opinions of unknown people.

We see a big businessman who is intoxicated with his greatness, dreams of tallest tower in new York, which will be named after him. But the businessman forgot about the family and therefore gets in trouble. He becomes a cat. And the cat makes it not the usual Gypsies out of the gate, and he is Christopher Walken, who calls himself an exorcist cats. In fact, the film is an attempt to play on the popularity of cats. This could be a complete failure, but the Director has done its job, calling for the lead role of Kevin spacey (he is a cat, though it’s complicated).

4. Hawking (Hawking), 2004

Biography again, but this time the Central figure in the film become world-famous scientist Stephen Hawking. Anything extra in the film, and Cumberbatch (the man that respects not the whole version) played in this movie chic. Special attention deserve the moments when this British actor, a favorite of the fifteen-year-old audience, plays the paralysis that began to seize Hawking. By the way, from this movie we learned that Stephen Hawking was not born was so… unusual. The Lou Gehrig’s disease attacked Hawking at the very moment when he begins to prophesy the fate of a prominent cosmologist. At the very moment when he meets his first wife — Jane Hawking. This time of youth, great expectations and a desire to learn.

And let this «Hawking» no one has «Oscar», but we still recommend. The story of a man of science, who, despite his illness, he continued to follow his dream. He wanted to prove his theory, and despite the circumstances, he did. From this film, everyone has to make for themselves what only the spirit determines man.

5. Let me in (Låt den rätte komma in), 2008

There are two versions of this film, and both are good, but we chose the original American movies and so everywhere, and Swedish almost no one knows anything. On the other hand, in the American version better special effects. But we will not give up their words in front of you Swedish horror film about love. A strange combination that helps to connect lovers of dark romance and lots of blood on the screen.

The film is based on the eponymous book by yuna Ajvide Lindqvist, which we plan someday to read. The story is about a vampire and a human (the eternal theme) that love each other. The problem is that they are 12 years old. Although the girl’s 200, but she behaves like a child. We see a boy Oscar who is a recluse in his village. He is often subjected to ridicule, often the guy to get a strong pinky. Of course, he dreams of revenge. And here he meets a girl named Eli, his new neighbor. Both teach each other what no one could learn separately, both become friends and fall in love. But the thirst for blood can’t just let go of the girl. Despite the fact that the characters are children, the film received an R rating, that is 18+, so be ready for anything, but not to a sweet story.

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