Film Saturday #80

Very soon, our topic will fall into dotage, which is not surprising — after all, we are celebrating the eightieth edition. But being old isn’t so bad, especially when knowing the number of hours that you spent in company with our movies. And today you’ll get another five, the quality of not losing all the previous movies because we are always looking for inspiration half-witted movie that looks at the world through the art of cinema. The new movie will be made of beauty and tasty of the plot, seasoned with an acute mixture of the absurd, which we pull drove Mr. burrows.

1. The age of Adaline (The Age of Adaline), 2015 beautiful women prefer or smart? Often we face this bad choice because I want both. However, exceptions are always there, because our friends can be wise and sexy and with a good sense of humor — that’s such an ideal, which each is committed. The heroine of «the Age of Adaline» is such a woman, it is easy to fall in love, but she has a secret. The fact that this young girl is not young — she is, hell, immortal, and the level of your great-grandmother. And we do not disclose to you the important aspect of the plot, because it will tell you in the first minutes of the movie and already saying it will be like the blow of the stone axe to the skull, and then everything even more interesting.

Perhaps «Age of Adaline» is one of the few romantic movies with elements of fantasy that the man is not ashamed to watch alone. The picture was really exciting and interesting. Unique female character, which is not just nice to look at, but who wants to believe. In General, we are delighted and hope that this is not a consequence of the fact that we were finally out of the endless movies. We have said that this is a romantic movie, but there’s no cloying atmosphere, so watch it — sheer fun. And Yes, of course, to see a friend he’ll go great.

2. Hotel Noir (Hotel Noir), 2012

manygoodtips.com_22.07.2016_R89hyAm0lB17jAnother six months, maybe a year ago, it seemed to us that the film Noir is forever engraved in the minds of cushion connoisseurs of cinema and fashionable lads. But this did not happen, because the revival of film Noir, about which we dreamed, has come to naught — a dark wave crashed on the rocks. However, it’s not so bad, because now you can watch these films without fear that you will call a hipster. Classic mid-century we have to offer you will not get together on the 2012 film Hotel Noir.

The first thing we say the most important thing about this film is not Noir. How can this be? Well, you do live in a post-modern, my friend, and in this world everything is possible. In fact, the picture is a good stylized film Noir. It’s funny that young fans of the genre didn’t even notice the humor, which is presented in this film. That’s not the canonical interpretation but rather a mockery of the films about investigators, femme Fatales and villains that cleverly cover their tracks. Even if you don’t like this dubious genre, the film still watch it, if only for the scenes with Danny DeVito (it will be in the beginning) you will fall into hysteria. Imagine how hot and sexy girlfriend tempts elderly DeVito? What do you think? A piece of the film is really about.

3. Naked lunch (Naked Lunch), 1991

manygoodtips.com_22.07.2016_dZ2ZsWM99NlViA cult film that is love and you can only understand the second time. This is a direct adaptation of the novel by William S. Burroughs «Naked lunch», which is so loved by the Russian public that occasional raids on bookstores and libraries to remove this pernicious and dangerous book. And it really dangerous, though not for personal development, and to strengthen the dictates of the state. The problem, however, in the perception of the story, because some guys will read the text of Burroughs and understand just what the author was down and out drug addict, who killed his wife (I say that casually, but we know with you..) But we hope those who can read between the lines and find simple at first glance, the stories great and revolutionary meanings. In any case, the «Naked lunch» is a cult book and film adaptation, undertaken by David Cronenberg.

Generally, books of Burroughs and «naked Lunch» is nothing but jazz. In particular, the film uses a unique technology of mounting and narrative, creating a sense of improvisation and rebellious rampage and cornered in the box of the human spirit. Drugs that always accompany the main character, is only a means by which the character interacts with the surrounding reality, which without any dirt in Vienna looks terrible. Don’t like to talk vulgar phrase «it’s not for everyone», but in this case not do without it. «Naked lunch» is not designed for entertainment, comfort, your sight and view company — it’s designed for the person who wants to see what is beyond what is permitted. Such a perverse prescription for the removal of rose-colored glasses.

4. Dead silence (Dead Silence), 2006 film of the same James WAN (remember that name!), who directed both «Curse» and put his hand to many other good and commercially oriented horror films. In the industry of horror these guys weight in gold, because they are trying to revive the genre to the mass public. And while we are waiting on the torrents pour «And the lights go out», where James WAN acts as producer, you can watch his job ten years ago, to which he even wrote the script.

Dead silence takes the basis of the standard stuff about a young couple that lives far from the cities in the middle of nowhere. First, the new life in a small town sounds a strange idea, but soon they settle in a house that is filled with all sorts of evil. James WAN went on the beaten track, but later went into the Bush to find a new to read the painfully familiar story — and he does it. It turned out a trivial horror movie that pleases unique techniques in the story. Exciting movie.

5. Fictional love Leo-beu-pik-syeon), 2012

manygoodtips.com_22.07.2016_xJ2J3kiLDwysTToo often we bypassed the Asian films, and in vain, because many Korean and Japanese filmmakers shoot no worse than their American counterparts. At least once a month you can watch any Asian movie, to take a look at how movies are made in the traditions of the East. Today we are at the cutting will be South Korea, where he directed the film «Fictional love» with such actors like Gong Hyo-Jin and JI Jin Hee. Honestly, to us these names do not say anything, but we assume that they mean something in Korean cinema.

So, at first this movie was advertised as a «male version» of the film «Bridget Jones’s Diary». Indeed, in this Comedy, more vitality, which can shatter a man’s mind, but no weight when you view you will not see. The story is of a writer who has published one successful book, and then fell into a creative crisis. In life, he looks without optimism, constantly throwing his girlfriend, but one day he meets the one, the girl falls in love at first sight. All is good, but it is clearly not in touch with the latest fashion trends — she doesn’t like to shave their armpits. In fact, this detail is shocking guy, and she becomes the catalyst for his creative process. In other words, he begins to write a new book where the heroes are he and his new friend. How the story ends? This you will find out, hopefully, independently. The film is perfect for watching together with a friend.

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