Cinema Saturday #34

Dude, I hope that your summer was productive and fun, you have time to relax and, for once, to dip his ass into the sea water. From the coming autumn Blues you will save vitamins, sexy friends and of course our cinema on Saturdays. Tested in practice.

1. «Walk of shame» (Walk of Shame) 2014

SHAME_3391.CR2At the end of the week our long-suffering brain need a little rest. Moreover, the first week of autumn after the summer break and vacations, not bring the labor enthusiasm. Choosing this week’s Comedy for you, we decided to combine the pleasant with the useful, namely: simple, but very fun plot and hot beauty in the main role, even reach middle-age. Hell, not every twenty years can boast such a gorgeous figure like Elizabeth banks!

Although many critics rejected this film, as it does not meet their discerning taste, we liked it for the positive and absolutely charming main character. Meghan miles is a TV presenter on a local news channel who wants to get a promotion. But after a disastrous job interview and the message that breaking up with her boyfriend, Megan decides to remove the mask of «good girl» and go into complete isolation, at least for one night. Night is given a fun, and in the morning she is without a phone, money and car somewhere on the outskirts of Los Angeles. Oh, and then begins her long journey home and, most importantly, a job where she decided to give a second chance at the interview. The long journey did not bore the audience because we see a lot of funny situations, moments and jokes. In General, a good mood after watching you guaranteed.

2.»Hide-and-seek» (Hide and Seek), 2005

manygoodtips.com_4.09.2015_w3YJsLxHtaPLBNext in line is a good psychological Thriller starring De Niro and Dakota fanning in the lead roles. The film is intense and intriguing, there are all integral parts of the genre, including an unexpected outcome in the final. A little about the plot. The family of a new York psychologist David Kalama is a misfortune: his wife Alison found dead in the bathtub with the opening of the veins. Their daughter Emily after much confined to himself and now prefers complete solitude. The only exception is the imaginary friend of the girls – a Charlie, with whom she shares her problems and troubles. He’s just a fictional? This you will find out yourself if you watch this movie.

3. «Flame and citron» (Flammen & Citronen), 2008

manygoodtips.com_4.09.2015_hTFI3esRime9KThe film is virtually unknown to our audience, it unfairly deprived of, it’s a great war drama, based on real events. The action takes place in Copenhagen during 1944. In the center of the plot – two active members of the Danish anti-fascist resistance, known by the names Flame and citron. In principle, the Danish resistance was unique in itself, since most attacks were aimed not at German soldiers, and those of the Danes who collaborated with the Nazi regime. Despite the fact that the main character has one goal and a common hatred of the Nazis, they are very different from each other in character, and sometimes it becomes quite difficult to keep the peace even within his small team. The movie turned out very lively, realistic and unconventional. Take a break from Hollywood and spend time watching is European film.

4. «Major crimes» (High Crimes), 2002

manygoodtips.com_4.09.2015_7C5eV76YkFVSFThe film, shot on the eponymous book by Joseph Finder, it is difficult to attribute to one particular genre. This is probably a military court drama with elements of Thriller and detective story. But anyway, the film is worthwhile and very interesting. Successful lawyer Claire lives with her husband Tom happily, but after an unsuccessful attempt of a robbery of their home to them come the FBI agents and arrested her husband. Tom is accused of killing civilians in El Salvador in 1988. It turns out that once upon a time, he served in the U.S. marine corps and is wanted for twelve years. The man claims that he is not guilty, and the wife decides to try to prove it in court, but practice in the court Affairs she is not, and the case is considered already solved. There’s no action, but the development of this thrilling story is watched with interest throughout the action. Morgan Freeman and Ashley Judd also pleasing to the eye with his acting. In the end, the film leaves after viewing only positive emotions, while we still have place for further reflection.

5. «The ideal stranger» (Perfect Stranger), 2007

manygoodtips.com_4.09.2015_BdVPo2xuYJXiRCompleting the collection is a detective story with Halle berry and Bruce Willis in the lead roles. A young and ambitious journalist resigns after an unsuccessful exposure of a politician. The same day she meets his girlfriend, who boasts that will shortly publish a detailed report about the sexual adventures of the famous and obscenely wealthy advertising Executive Harrison hill, unless he marries her. Where is the logic, it is not clear, but the friend shortly found dead. Our heroine decides in what did not bring the villain of the hill to clean water, using spying, blackmail, and feminine wiles. The plot is twisted, unpredictable ending, Holly is beautiful, and Bruce is brutal. In General, there is no reason not to watch this movie.

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