Cinema Saturday #38

On the calendar the first weekend of October, and if you already rumble snot and coughing like a sperm whale, it’s time to pour yourself a bucket of tea with lemon and watch movies that we picked you up. Although if you’re healthy as an ox, do the same thing.

1. «I’m not there» (I’m Not There), 2007

Today at number one is the biographical drama, filmed by independent filmmaker Todd Haynes. «I’m not there» – a film about the life and work of Bob Dylan, and we hope that you don’t have to explain who he is. Despite the fact that Haynes – art Director, in this picture there has been such cool actors as Heath Ledger, Ben whishaw, Christian bale, Richard Gere and cate Blanchett. The latter has done his role just awesome. As said by the Director himself in one of his interviews, Kate has surpassed his wildest expectations. It demonstrated Dylan-freethinker, fiery, bright, uncontrollable and stoned, which was in the Zenith of his fame.

Different actors, different stories, different names, which reflect the fate of a great man. The film is equally good both as a biography and as a separate picture. Be prepared that in the beginning you will be a little unclear what is happening on the screen. Strange dialogues and events, original presentation of the shooting, but don’t worry, you’ll fit in. And since the film was marked by a lot of prestigious awards and nominations, maybe it’ll be your demanding taste.

2. «Platoon» (Platoon), 1986

This film 4 awards «Oscar», and Directors including Oliver stone is a veteran of the Vietnam war, was directly involved in the hostilities. The scenario of a picture was written in 1976, but for a long time, the stone could not realize their project lacked funding and moral strength to go back to this hell, even in memories. In the end, the drafts became film only ten years, and now, according to critics, we have the most realistic portrayal of the Vietnam war in film.

In the center of the plot – the private Chris Taylor (Charlie sheen), who went as a volunteer to the war. But aside from the obvious suppression of «enemy» soldiers are faced with unexpected and violent confrontation among and between the two sergeants of his platoon. In the end, our hero realizes that there is no and can be no division into «good» and «evil». There is no place for Patriotic fantasies, which reigned before in his enthusiastic head. But there are hundreds of thousands of dead, and every new one you just killed gives you a little chance for survival. The film is tough and strong, it’s about people who, until recently, trying to be human, but it rarely turns out. In General, it is worth to watch and sometimes to revise.

3. The French connection (The French Connection), 1971

Next in line – a classic of the crime genre, from William Friedkin «the French connection». The film was shot on real events and, in addition to the Oscars, is the title of one of the greatest films in history. Moreover, since 2005, the French connection is kept in the National registry of films as a film which is «culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant». In General, it is necessary to look, at least in order to understand what all the fuss is about. We will tell about it briefly. Experienced and valiant COP Popeye tries to catch and put behind bars the whole gang of criminals involved in drug trafficking from France to the United States. Sounds not very original, I admit, but, rather, on the screen all the much more interesting, exciting and dramatic. There’s action, there’s drama, there’s a detective, so play, watch and do not complain about boredom, because in this film nothing is boring.

4. «Psychic» (The Awakening), 2011

Horror movies and things like that mystical crap to choose and advise is very difficult. Because if you’re a fan of the genre, you’ve probably already seen and even reviewed all are paintings – they are all hearsay. Well, shit advise, we will not. Specifically, on this movie I came across recently and quite by accident. Maybe you, too, have lost sight of him, so let’s catch up. Like hundreds of other kinosobratev, «Psychic» does not take the originality of the plot and oppressive atmosphere, shooting with the beautiful but sinister Gothic scenery and suddenly a loud «BOO!»-moments. But more to the point. The scientist-skeptic comes to suburban boarding school, where, according to rumors, are not only children, but also evil spirits. We will continue with the main character to investigate a strange chain of events and watch her skepticism turns into animal terror.

5. «Anchorman: the Legend of Ron Burgundy» (Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy), 2004

Oh, this movie is a real panacea against bad mood and autumn Blues. Half hour you will entertain a crowd of brilliant comic actors, assembled in one place at one time. Disconnect mode snob and before you will unfold an unforgettable theater of the absurd with a specific, but very funny sense of humor. However, most of the jokes revolves below the belt, so you will be funny and a little ashamed of the fact that you’re funny.

Ron Burgundy – the most popular anchorman of the 70’s in San Diego and part of a habitual chauvinist. But everything changes when Ron finds out that he will now work with the smart and beautiful journalist Victoria. Passion flashed quickly changes the spirit of competition and hatred. We will look for meaning where there is none. Perfect for big noisy companies, and for viewing alone. If you like Comedy, see the second part – «the TV host: And again Hello».

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