Cinema Saturday #30

Lazy Saturday morning, you’re probably just Wade stuck the sleep from his eyes. And by the way, today the whole country celebrates day of the athlete. So come on, celebrate this day in the hall, persistent training, and in the evening reward yourself for work a couple of good movies. What? Now tell…

1. «Donnie Brasco» (Donnie Brasco), 1997

manygoodtips.com_7.08.2015_NXyIQabXTCwIYThe film, which opens this Saturday top, will tell about the hard life and the plight of the mafia elite. Besides the cool cast, «Donnie Brasco» can boast that the picture is removed based on real events that occurred with an employee of the FBI Joseph D. Pistone, embedded in the mafia gang «the Bonanno family» in the 70-ies. Joe was undercover 6 years, and after the completion of their specials.operation received the medal of honor and wrote a book «Donnie Brasco: my underground life in the mafia», which became a bestseller. But popularity points the author also adds the fact that his head is still a reward of $500 000, because the mafia does not forgive. But we hope that the witness protection program in the U.S. working as it should, and this nice guy nothing will happen. And we sympathize with him because johnny Depp played his part brilliantly. I want to get a deep breath and homegrown connoisseur to shout: «Bravo! Believe it!» Although it’s interesting to look back on his cinematic past and see there’s a strong dramatic actor, without «Vorob» antics, from movie to movie relentlessly follow him.

The main conflict of this films lies in the confrontation of duty and sincere feelings, because during its work, the Joseph imbued with sincere sympathy and even more, becoming one of the head of a mafia clan, played by al Pacino. But there will not be spectacular, thrilling chases and shoot-outs. There are no positive and negative characters – the line is very blurred, and we ourselves will have to decide who’s the bigger villain in this story. Well, the painting itself takes its subtle psychological and elusive atmosphere time new York of the 70s. So if you’re looking for something calm, smooth, but with a good meaning, feel free to include «Donnie Brasco».

2. «Red lights» (Red Lights), 2012

manygoodtips.com_7.08.2015_LIScSUH3NK1o1Next in line is detective Thriller «Red lights» which shone Robert De Niro, Cillian Murphy and Sigourney weaver. You gotta admit that this cast is already intriguing and makes you pay attention to this movie. The plot revolves around scientist Margaret Matheson, which studies paranormal phenomena and exposing fraudsters. Her assistant, physicist Tom Buckley, asks permission to test whether a charlatan Simon silver, a world-renowned psychic who suddenly returned to the stage after years of absence. The matter is complicated by the fact that all who once dug under the silver, the mysteriously disappeared or died… didn’t say anything. Wait a minute though, let’s say. Opinions of critics on this film is quite ambiguous, but we put six on a scale. The Thriller was thrilling, quite gloomy and tense, and the finale does not disappoint, but leaves room for further thought about what he saw. So we recommend to view all fans of this genre.

3. «The Gift» (The Gift), 2000

manygoodtips.com_7.08.2015_hSmVRqJ8gLkvpOf the detective, you can switch to mysticism, but a detective too, in the spirit of «Gothic» or «twin peaks». Widow Annie Wilson is the resident deaf provincial town raises alone three children and earns a living by using his rare gift of clairvoyance. Every resident of the city is known for its reputation and occupation, so when there is the mysterious murder of a girl from a wealthy family, her talent has to be very helpful. But this gift is a curse, and his real nature is a mystery to Annie. Answers to questions are vague, ambiguous images, but the psyche and emotional condition of the heroine is starting to cause concern among close women. And the closer the psychic closer to a solution, the more danger she is in. A good cast (cate Blanchett, Giovanni Ribisi, Keanu Reeves, Katie Holmes, Hilary swank), an intriguing story, the play of light and shadow, not a simple man, doing this film is an excellent representative of its genre. Here to the fortuneteller do not go – the film is worth your time.

4. «Signor Robinson» (Il signor Robinson, mostruosa storia d ‘ amore e d avventure), 1976

manygoodtips.com_7.08.2015_VBcz2wsHk60G6Paolo Villaggio – a great comedian, one of the best in Europe. Few who have not watched, or at least not heard about it «Fantozzi», while «Signor Robinson» with his participation is often unfairly overlooked. A good old Comedy, a bit naive, but still very funny. As you probably guessed from the title, the protagonist goes to a desert island after a shipwreck. The first time he longs for the benefits of civilization, its power and even a little rude to his wife, but recovering himself, begins to settle on the island and soon encounters his Friday – hot mulatto who deprive him of rest. Movie simple and unpretentious, created solely to set the mood, and look it up to everyone as this is surely a classic of the cinema.

5. «Words» (The Words), 2012

manygoodtips.com_7.08.2015_AQQHOpvdU8UAESince we are talking about sexy girls with chocolate skin tone, and let’s take a look at Zoe Saldana in «the Words», where her partner on the set was Bradley Cooper. Bradley plays a writer-novelist, who finally gets long-awaited fame, but his bestseller was written by a different person, and the price of such undeserved glory is prohibitive. Music of the film is very peculiar: it’s three stories, «nested» one inside another. Here raised such eternal concepts as honesty, integrity and responsibility for their choices. This is a good drama that evokes emotions and the desire to discuss their experiences with someone else. So call a girlfriend to visit and surprise her with the fact that you’ll actually see the movie, not to do what she thought. Although, of course, we’re kidding. Movie wait.

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