Cinema Saturday #95

November snuck up on me. If in cold weather you have a bad mood, then you just need to feed myself with experiences and emotions. One of the ways we recommend our selection — the same genius as Michelangelo. She’ll give you all the vitamins and cause distraction from thinking about what holiday you celebrated last night.

1. Shapito-Shou, 2011

manygoodtips.com_3.11.2016_VUfy3drzbhnFDSergey Loban was removed first, and at the moment his last piece of genius. It is not strange, but the «Chapiteau show» love even those who do not perceive Pyotr Mamonov as a singer and actor Stas Beleckogo as a person, and Sergey Pakhomov and Alexander Maslaev at all afraid for their unique acting in a philosophical and ruthless masterpieces Natalia Baskova.

«Chapiteau-show» is the best that has been filmed in the genre of Comedy for the last time. Is the irony of all the social roles that we are seriously playing the circus called «life». But not so obscenely indiscriminate irony, as in «Bitter», but much more subtle, interesting and unusual.

The film is incredibly long, so is divided into two parts: «Love and friendship» and «Respect and cooperation». But to watch two at once, and inextricably, otherwise you can bring down the pleasure of perception. The 3 hours certainly felt when watching, but in contrast to the modern commercial hulls, those three hours seem much easier.

The picture is striking in its sincerity and naturalness. Many of the characters actually play themselves, grimace, more events, back to business as usual, which in this context seem incredibly absurd. And all in order to make intelligent audience finally realized how pathetic look of his case, issued for projects of the importance of space.

This parade of konechnostey with ridiculous characters and grotesque situations won a place in the Pantheon of the most talented Comedy over the last 20 years.

2. Operation «Dead snow» (Død snø), 2009

manygoodtips.com_3.11.2016_4n7kk0FuRgY7UFrankly, the only thing that was good in Norwegian culture over the past 120 years is the artist Munch, composer, Grieg and the band A-ha. With the movie in the descendants of Vikings or something goes wrong. Well, they can not shoot masterpieces. Treshovy Comedy horror a couple of times — it please, but something on the level of their geographical neighbor Bergman is not.

However, do not be so strict with this tent is about the struggle of students with the frozen zombie Nazis. This, at least, very cool. No drama, deep hidden meanings even more so. It’s just the banter of youth comedies, too over pretentious films about the war and over a monotonous horror. Although, maybe banter and no no, it’s just the creators are idiots?

There are some excellent black humour — look at the Soviet symbols, which scares the zombies stronger than the sun vampires. Don’t be so harsh on the movie, mate. Look, as they say, popori and relax under the cries coming from the screen.

3. The Hunt (Jagten), 2012 neighbors of the Norwegians with the cinema is much better. Denmark consistently supplies Hollywood’s great male stars: Viggo Mortensen, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and now Mads Mikkelsen (aka Hannibal, he’s a new enemy Dr. Strange — Mads everywhere). That Mikkelsen is an actor of great talent, no doubts there, and if you have any — just look to «Hunt». The whole dramatic talent Mikkelsen broken egg spilled out.

However, this complicated story is good not only game of the main Danish star of recent years, but also the writings of other members of the crew. The main thing — the script. The story itself makes you think about many everyday things, and how you can easily ruin someone’s life with malicious lie.

I sincerely empathize main character, and slandered in love with his stupid, slutty and immature bitch, which is a hormone and congenital idiocy pushed to such a dirty lie. Even begin to think about everything so clearly in your relationships with people, and why others refer to you that way.

4. 3000 miles to Graceland (3000 Miles to Graceland), 2001

manygoodtips.com_3.11.2016_n7fPC9YTwYPNuIt seems that this film has always been, and he’s only 15 years old. Good old wild Thriller that mixes Elvis, hints of perversion, shootings and sadistic.

Most importantly, do not look at this picture, logic and common sense, because their is just not there. Some situations were so illogical as to justify them will not be able even lawyer Peter Pavlensky.

But fans of the beautiful action paintings with puffy main characters and spectacular gunfights and car chases like it. Critics somehow angry at the main characters, which is beautifully played by Kurt Russell and Kevin costner, but the reason was not clear. Apparently, something with the head.

«3000 miles» — an example of a typical daring fighter, when watching it in the head accidentally and be very careful the memory of the fighters of the 80s that no blunders are not treated, but was archirotate. And cool is everything from bawdy jokes costner to musical themes. But, of course, the scene of a shootout in the casino is worth a hundred «access Codes: «Cape town»». Look for her to understand how to look cool shooting.

5. Pat Garrett and Billy the kid (Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid), 1973

manygoodtips.com_3.11.2016_6B30sOxEiGAwEA typical Western in all its manifestations. In order for the viewer not suffered from the guessing of the genre, his attention was proposed swarthy moustached men, desert landscapes, drum guns, hats, nervous horses and archetypal name from which emanates adventure. But unless someone said that a stereotype is something bad? Of course not, because the picture is just brilliant.

Before us is a grim parable of the traitor and criminal, former friends, find themselves on opposite sides of the law, which mocked the film. After all, it is because of these insane laws and the clash of two bandits. And above all, his music is a recent Nobel laureate Bob Dylan, which even allowed to play a cameo role in the film.

«Pat Garrett and Billy the kid» is incredibly beautiful, interesting and undeservedly forgotten. It does not merge with other representatives of the genre, because it is very original and charming. It is necessary to look, not to discuss.

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