Cinema Saturday #93

Cinema — a universal mechanism of communication with the world, and the art form that is able to change the consciousness, to open new horizons and even raise the dictatorship of the new world order. But no one cares about, be busy with something else, so they automatically watch movies and to relax. And there are those who are looking for movie inspiration, the meaning, the poetry of reality. Our today’s collection will fit both.

1. «Khrustalev, the car!», 1998

manygoodtips.com_21.10.2016_8D8m07AS7Nl0kA nightmare in reality «Fellini of the North» by Alexei German Sr. The long-suffering Director whose films piles gathering dust on the shelves, banned by Soviet censorship, the power finally got a chance to taste the coveted laurels on the big film festival. In Cannes, was looking forward to a picture which was in development for 7 years. But the result was not as expected. The audience stood up and left the room, the critics smashed and was blamed for chermoshnoe and incoherent narrative.

And then suddenly came to his senses and began to compare Hermann with Joyce, to name a genius and the film is a definite masterpiece. But in essence it is much easier and is not a dill. There is a moment where prisoners are very graphic rape of the General, thrusting his stick into the anus, but it looks no worse than about the same scene in «Requiem for a dream». The film is about a man who is tired of living in a murderous slave system.

It takes place in the 50-ies, during the period of the famous «doctors ‘ Case». Raped General will then save the smelly, farting swollen and half-dead Stalin, and tired, crippled to seek happiness. And next to the Stoker Fyodor Aranyshev who runs and screams, not understanding why he served time, and different people, such as grey and dirty as the tones of the picture.

Oddly enough, Herman was off about his father, suggesting that it would be him, a famous writer, if triggered as specified in the film a provocation. Apparently, the imagination of Alexey Yurievich was very stormy.

This long, almost Noir art-house in black and white not everyone will like, but for those who like the modernist film language, quirky movie, memorable scenes and phrases, or simply to discover new things, we should drop the prejudices and see the film talent.

2. «At any price» (Hell or High Water), 2016

manygoodtips.com_21.10.2016_elpNZBfXifIeWJust a very, very good movie with a very good American actors, filmed on the dollar Englishman (already in its precedent). And then every minute the story of two brothers, the losers who decide to Rob the Bank, shamelessly preying on honest citizens, begins to amaze and delight.

It is a mixture of road-movie, westerns and «to Old men here not a place» and this mixture gave a sour soup, and a tasty rich stew. After watching for some reason want to emulate Jeff bridges in a cowboy hat to shoot at yellow Texas landscape and to be involved in something equally as exciting. And everything is so easy, without unnecessary ballast in the form of moral bullying of the audience, even melancholy music, which sounds while the heroes go, do not bother.

The film is not recommended — a must see for anyone, especially fans of the «American dream» that they looked at the harsh realities of American life and realized that the dream is not available to everyone.

3. «Walk the line» (Walk the Line) 2005

manygoodtips.com_21.10.2016_0SYbttU5nv9IRWho would have thought that the man at the time, for the treacherous murder of Russell Crowe hated all children and susceptible pregnant women will be able to play the hero of the nation and the idol of a generation johnny cash. Of course, Mr. harelip, Joaquin Phoenix is a brilliant actor, but the incarnation did not expect one. Although the brand panikowski in the image is left — it does not cover up, like a big nose Steve Carell or lack of talent… not to offend anyone, representative of Malta to the «Eurovision-2005» Fabrizio Faniello.

The Americans made only two successful biopics about the singers — «ray», the rest fell short. The personality of the chosen legendary. Johnny is not only a song composed of magical, but also actively played a lot of pranks, teasing the public and killing the body amphetamine and alcohol. The film is shown very well.

But everything in the world revolves around love — this time around the love johnny and June Carter, which pulled him out of the pit and suffered for years. The result is a brilliant biography of two people in love, one of whom was called a drug addict and the other a prostitute, because she left her husband. That is Christian America, does not forgive mistakes.

4. «The Babadook» (The Babadook), 2014

manygoodtips.com_21.10.2016_KdmYdR0dtSwlbChildren are constantly putting me on some weird mythological stuff like the grey top, which bite of the barrels; the Boogie man that bites you in the ass; barabashka, which are bred for money and would drive home; and a drunken stepfather who is worse than all of them put together. If you can’t come up with a incentive as soon as possible to plunge into the dream, talk to Australian folklore, a the Babadook is the monster from the dreams of the son of a single mother who from such a situation of Affairs begins to go crazy.

Don’t look at the reviews and the criticism on the «Kinopoisk» — have not had this discrepancy, critics of the film quality. If you do not take the purchased article of the Russian news. Critics, for example, praised it highly, noting that it is one of the best horror films in recent times. By and large, this is a terrible and shocking psychological Thriller.

The Babadook was very attractive and eye-catching beast, although in the film its not as much as some might want. Oppressive creepy atmosphere transmitted with absolute precision. Of course, this is not the standard, but it did not hit the pleasure of viewing.

5. «Hunt the savages» (Hunt for the Wilderpeople), 2016

manygoodtips.com_21.10.2016_XRCxDxePcccxpLatest new Zealand Comedy we watched was «the black sheep» is a wildly absurd, cheap and totally creepy picture. But the film «Hunting savages» turned out to be quite good and funny.

Great Comedy in the style of the time with a hard humor and good actors. Even fat main child plays well. His partner plays the old-sociophobe, which ran together with the guy. Is this man’s name is Sam Neal, and once upon a time, he was running away from a Tyrannosaurus in «Jurassic Park» and auditioned for Elrond in «the Lord of the rings». Now went on increasing — runs with the kids.

Despite the volume applied to each frame of irony, the film teaches righteous moral scrapie. And if the power is not enough for you, or just want to watch great Comedy — welcome to «the Hunting of the savages.»

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