Film Saturdays #9

manygoodtips.com_13.03.2015_kPE8BKdwV7YUsWell, finally flew workweek, and you have two whole days off! We hope that you will not aimlessly waste time. For example, I can offer you to watch some movies from our following list or view previous editions of «Cinema Saturdays», where even for a sophisticated audience like you will find something worthwhile.

1. Seven samurai (Shichinin no samurai), 1954

manygoodtips.com_13.03.2015_zddBAbcigQJzxOpens our Saturday selection now men movie that was a wonderful Director Akiro Kurosawa. We see on the screen of the XVI century Japan torn apart by civil war. Bandits and marauders are trying to crush something that is not destroyed by the soldiers, and poor peasants, in despair, curses the fate and each other. As a result, the villagers are hired to protect the seven samurai, which make them much more than they expected in the beginning. Vivid characters and strong characters pull you into the story head first, and if you yourself become an eyewitness of the events. This is a story about courage, bravery, principles, and that even in the weakest of us a good example can light the spark of hope and the fire of courage.

2. The Jacket (The Jacket), 2004

manygoodtips.com_13.03.2015_mJmvSFcPDNNkKThis is a very strange film, but still worth a look to form my opinion of him. Who wants to see the actor playing Brody or Knightley, who wants to understand the meaning of the name, and someone just believe our word for it and spend two hours of my life on this movie. In the picture we see a war veteran, Jack Starks, suffering from bouts of amnesia. At one point he was accused of murder and placed for examination in a psychiatric clinic. And from this moment begins the wonderful journey of the protagonist through time and space. The film will appreciate the fans of «the butterfly Effect» (although just like the idea, but the presentation, mood and atmosphere) and the book «the Interstellar pilgrim» of London.

3. Equilibrium (Equilibrium), 2002

manygoodtips.com_13.03.2015_y1RbvBx3okc0XProbably every lover of dystopia already watched this movie, but if among our readers there are those who hears this name for the first time, they are advised urgently to correct the omission. On the screen the story unfolds, where in the distant future the government came up with a way to eradicate war and violence through drugs, which deprives people of the opportunity to feel something. All the emotions are strictly forbidden, as well as books, music and works of art. Hero Christian bale is the charge of the established order, but his life changes radically, and he has to make a difficult choice. Nothing more to say. Take it and see.

4. Goodfellas (Goodfellas), 1990

manygoodtips.com_13.03.2015_8IuwdaSpWGLNtDe Niro is a brilliant actor, and Scorsese’s Oscar – winning Director. I would like to thank these nice guys for such blockbusters hail from the nineties. This film is about a troubled gangster’s life, who even after 25 years, looks at one go. If you love old-school bloody fights and killings, expensive trucks, dashing plot twists with strong language, this movie is definitely for you.

5. The pick of Destiny (Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny), 2006

manygoodtips.com_13.03.2015_eT1jvNEzxTS3LYou don’t have the mood to digest something substantial and bother after viewing? Dude, you got a great musical Comedy with Jack black and Kyle Gescom in the lead roles. And when we say music, we don’t mean queers with hair, shiny from the grease, like grasshoppers are jumping to the sound of cheerful pop music. Oh no! You are waiting for steep rock, excellent acting, lots of funny moments and the metal-battle with Satan himself, where the main character risks his ass. Literally. This movie is full of absurd, sometimes lost the meaning of the story, but we see a crazy talented fools who, under the mushrooms flying monkey or sing bawdy songs. But it’s Jack black! He can be forgiven. Do not be lazy to read the subtitles and make the sound louder. I hope this movie won’t disappoint you, and, like us, give a good mood and there to view him in bad days.

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