Cinema Saturday #86

It’s not good to be without the cinema in these early autumn days. The earth is getting cold, so time to watch something cool, dark and manly violent. However, we diluted our marathon of good Comedy in the spirit of retro in it was played by the late gene Wilder. We are not spared the attention and cult movie about a guy with glasses Clubmaster, who was hit in the head freedom and the realization that «enough is enough!». In General, only promise good movies.

1. I’ve had enough! (Falling Down), 1992

manygoodtips.com_2.09.2016_6NPPijuuR3mYfIf your age long gone twenty and you’ve already felt all the charm of the work routine, the main hero of this film you can see his reflection. Many saw him, because the movie «enough!» and became a cult. Sure this film is a riot, if not life-changing office hamsters, but at least forced to think about it. Starring Michael Douglas. In this movie he showed himself at the limit of their acting capabilities. Directed by Joel Schumacher cult Director cult film!

So, we have a regular clerk, William. Life to him too often turns the fifth point, why William with full confidence can be called a loser. For work he is sent on indefinite leave with the daughter he was forbidden to meet, and another is the weather — sunshine and heat in August in Krasnodar. And here he is driving his old car, gets stuck in traffic, the air conditioning breaks down and he realizes that even the road against him, even maintenance workers who can’t miss his home — all put him down. How can you not go crazy and get a couple of good trunks to deal with their problems once and for all?

2. The woman in red (The Woman in Red), 1984

manygoodtips.com_2.09.2016_lp0rVLozWdgYlLong thought, what movie with Gene Wilder to advise you. About «Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory» I heard everything, «I see Nothing, I hear nothing,» we have already recommended. The choice fell on the «Woman in red», in which Walter not only played a major role, but also appeared in the Director’s chair and screenwriter.

This movie is unlike any American Comedy of the 80s. in General It can hardly be called an American movie, because the story itself was moved from the French Comedy «And elephants are wrong» Yves Robert. The original, of course, better, but we decided not to injure you French humor, so look at the American adaptation where you talk about the average American who has a wonderful family, but one day meets a woman in red» — sexy brunette named Charlotte. Love at first sight that grows into an obsession, giving rise to many comical situations that Wilder shows almost perfectly. And Stevie wonder wrote the movie’s great song «I just called to say i love you», for which he received an Oscar.

3. Night flight (Red Eye), 2005

manygoodtips.com_2.09.2016_bBCAB4wns5jFlNight flight — the movie the «great and terrible» Wes Craven, who directed «Scream,» «Nightmare on elm street,» «the hills have eyes» and a ton weaker paintings. Been a year since this horror Director, gave the audience so many sleepless nights, went to another world. Sorry old man, but he lived not in vain — the genius of the cinema, the master of suspense and a slowly growing horror. All this is now replaced by the simple «game».

The Thriller «Night flight» demonstrates a mastery of Craven, who decided to move away from his usual genre and created something that touched not only the male audience, but female. No, no romance. Cillian Murphy and Rachel McAdams show only the stiffness and the struggle for life, which erupted in the framework of the rapidly moving aircraft. And how it all began! Girl walks into an airport, meets an attractive guy that counts on the light side relationship. But the guy is not so nice, and on her account he had quite other plans. A chic Thriller, where the interest is not so much a mystery, and the collision of two characters and the evolution of the victim. See with a friend — it will be useful.

4. The Motel (The Bag Man), 2013

manygoodtips.com_2.09.2016_QJvuEcxzR7c41This film attracted us by its cast. How can a movie, which starred John Cusack, Rebecca Da Costa and Robert De Niro to be a hack novice Director (but De Niro now does not disdain anything). No, it can’t. And let the masterpiece «Motel» to name language does not turn, but David Gråvik made a good film passing, but still keeps the tension. The hotel itself is in the middle of nowhere, 300 miles from Pittsburgh. The main character, a Hitman, arrives in your room with a mysterious bag that cannot be opened (in the contract). In the morning the contents should come to his employers, but will he be able to survive until dawn, when every guest wants to put a bullet in the killer?

5. Phantasm (Phantasm), 1978

manygoodtips.com_2.09.2016_xj8NIs84Zkp8MIf you want to touch the classics «terrible» of cinema, the first part of a multi-tiered epic called «Phantasm» have the way. This is not a film — a legend, which gives the provincial atmosphere of open American cinema of the 70s. took this picture of a known rapist of common sense don Coscarelli. You may know him from such films as «Bubba Ho-TEP» and «At the end John dies.» I mean, I understand that the tower that Director has shifted completely. Now imagine his first serious film where he is the Director and producer, screenwriter and Director, and cameraman, and God knows who else.

To make a film, Coscarelli borrowed money from his father dark with the rental equipment and otherwise experimented with imaging process to complete it to the end. As a result, the young Director made the film, of which fees forty times exceeded the initial budget. So, we advise all to see «Phantasms,» because the last part coming out this year. The villain, incidentally, is everywhere the same. Unfortunately, he did not live to see the premiere of the fifth «Phantasm», but, fortunately, managed to do it.

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