Cinema Saturday #79

Not so much live, how we produce our Saturday section. On the eve of the anniversary, we also decided to indulge in senile nostalgia, so four of the five movies filmed long before 2016. But this does not mean that they are bad or not? Good movie, like a good wine does not lose relevance and charm.

1. The end of a great era, 2015

manygoodtips.com_15.07.2016_47VdAZ5CotwEbSometimes you watch a movie, and can’t understand what he meant, and what the essence of the story. And despite this, catch from him an indescribable thrill. So he takes the soul that I want to immediately read all Dovlatov. Actually, therefore, it seems that this film is about anything, the same can be said about the books of Sergei Donatovich. But it is interesting to read that does not come off. You just see the splash screen, the first few minutes of the film, and relax, anticipating the light, pleasant, yet intelligent movie. Like all of the original source — full movie drink, let go a sarcastic kick to the absurdity of the Soviet system, drinking again, behave immorally, not in the Komsomol, discrediting the honor of the Soviet man, write, drink, copulate, drink, enjoy life. And something all natural that occurs after viewing a painful desire to drink, and it is desirable in the workplace, and that this place was in the wording of some publications. And as with the place of work from your humble servant match, then the case remained for small-to find a glass.

Thanks the Director Govorukhin for the remarkable accuracy of the dialogues, the transmission of the atmosphere and what not made a snide Dovlatov darkness is just too dark. Even his favorite Khodchenkova could not spoil the picture.

2. VA-Bank (Vabank), 1981 doesn’t love this film — he did not see this movie. «VA-Bank» have raised the bar of criminal comedies so high that no «Oseny» with friends and some are not.

30 years. A beautiful life a beautiful crime. Everything was done with elegance and taste. And even criminals might be a noble gentlemen. And their ability to speak with cruise quotes only adds an extra dollar in the Treasury of adoration.

Outwardly, the film looks very stylish, and more like the West. Well as our «Sherlock Holmes» or «10 little Indians». However, without the Polish color has not been, and probably why the film is not unlike any other similar picture of this same genre. Plus entourage Poland 30-ies, which on the one hand already beginning to draw in Germany, and on the other the Soviet Union. Everything seems well and good, but the fried smell in the air, and it only emphasizes the uniqueness of the scenery.

And she is sort of the exception to the rule. Most often, parents withdraw their sons in the films, here, on the contrary, yuliush Machulski shot of his father, Jan. Dad, what is called, you pulled the film, has not pulled out, genius!

3. Arizona dream (Arizona Dream), 1991

manygoodtips.com_15.07.2016_56W1v7svhnJnlDid you know that johnny Depp, before star in a blockbuster movie about pirates and horror film Burton was greedy for quality auteur cinema? It was the case, though if Kusturica to the point not became a favorite of the big film festivals, Bohemian world and the main hope of European cinema, it is unlikely that he would have gone to him to withdraw. Kusturica went to conquer Hollywood. Hollywood hoping to use the original Serb to attract the attention of not only a popcorn audience, but intellectuals of all stripes. Turned out, in my humble opinion is fine, and in the opinion of the jury of the Berlin film festival, which gave the film the main prize. But the picture has failed, then, French producers, Hollywood bosses, and Kusturica himself, realizing that a few years hard work has not paid off, sent each other what for, and promised never to work with each other, that successfully continues until today. Unfortunately, it is all about rental, but normal people will see a brilliant and very original picture, where mixed lot: a distinctive style of Kusturica, and the approach of the actors to the roles; the brilliant music of Goran Bregovic and the mumbling years risen from a drug induced stupor Iggy Pop. By the way the music from the movie separate lives healed, so it is distinctive and not similar to anything, no one thought that a guru Balkan folk music and the eternal punk will be able to produce such brilliant and like no other.

Meanwhile, this film is about dreams of young people, and what those dreams are. One wants to become a great actor and a verbatim repetition of scenes and dialogue from cult movies. The other is to build a plane and fly in Papua New Guinea. The third wants to become a turtle and live forever (but, in the end commits suicide). And the seller of Cadillacs wants to build a ladder to the moon. All of this would seem funny, but Kusturica is able to do absurd, sad, and Vice versa. Portion brand of madness is guaranteed, especially because the crazy more in line with the madman Vincent Gallo.

4. Zatoichi (Zatôichi), 2003

manygoodtips.com_15.07.2016_Reo1fRtBYueW3Correct long-standing oversight of our Saturday selections — not in the list of honor of the samurai, which was just moronic show for washed-obscurantist, and filmed great movies. If you remember the Thai, Singaporean, Japanese, Korean and of course Chinese fighters, it’s safe to say that the Asians know how to fit the mess. But above them a black kite soars personality Takeshi Kitano. A lot of what the guy took, after which (together with Celentano) has named a chain of restaurants in Krasnodar, but «Zatoichi» stands out. The story of the sufferer of the warrior, and the lone ronin who need each other, it turned out too masculine and rough. However, I would not otherwise happen.

I look at the two tough guys, with a complex sense of humor, a kind nature and concrete philosophy, and think, and does your friend also paid for the fact that he killed you?

5. Robocop (RoboCop), 1987 Paul Verhoeven’s quite wild primitive naturalism. Do not feed bread — let show projected member, a hand, a dead baby stuffed in a barrel and buried his father in a puddle, a Negro, poking around in the monthly strippers. The quintessence of cruelty, of course, without any doubt became the good-old «Robocop.» All have already forgotten about the recent remake, but no one can forget the scene of the shooting of Murphy from the original film in 1987, where the city of Detroit is still full of life and not like a desolate wilderness. The scene with the projected members cut from the body and movie versions there, too. The verhoven had to cut the lion’s share of blood and violence that the film was released, but even so, he shocked the public. And the dirt was not in the battle scenes, namely the mapping of the social environment of the glorious Detroit. Selling cocaine, the officials, the addicts, the rapists, the bullies in one word. Good people, and it seems not. There is only mega-corporations and the marginalized, and the only honest COP in the middle, which cracked down harder than in LIH. Now he’s a massive idol that fights crime, and despite the all-metal shell and a powerful processor, have not lost the human. In fairness he is willing to post Corporation that produced it.

Soundtrack wrote brilliant Basil Poledouris. The epic sound of brass wedge bite into the cerebral cortex, and long tear to the top of the personal list of the best soundtracks. Of course, this film is seen by everyone, but it wouldn’t hurt to see a fresh mind, to see why Michael Bay with his F/X graphics can’t hit. We already hit Robocop, one who in the childhood cut out of cardboard armor like Robocop can not love.

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