Cinema Saturday #78

Weekend with you! I hope you don’t have any plans tonight, because we have prepared for you the top five movies that are silly not to look. There are several pictures that will help you to sort out your issues, if you do not see around me any sense. For example, the film Barfly. But if you want to relax and see how bloodthirsty clown chasing miserable, down to the third item in the list — hot movie. Overall, this list is quite strong, as it does not look.

1. Reading minds (Like Minds), 2005

manygoodtips.com_8.07.2016_EAAEHsDitqv2mLet’s start with the most intelligent and complex film of our five. But don’t turn up your nose — this is not a copyright the movie, and a very good Thriller in the English style. For this reason, I advise him to see in the early evening or even day. The head should be fresh and extremely sober to understand the rather layered plot.

All events take place in a closed educational institution. It’s full of mysteries, oddities and quiet of insanity. Students are also not quite a normal people — not of this world. Quite expectedly, there is a murder, which is taken to investigate power. The main suspect is a guy named Alex, who lived in the same room with the victim (Nigel). CSI will have all to understand, to extract the truth Alex, who is clearly hiding something and is not going to talk about it directly. Instead, he uses riddles.

Overall, the picture lacks dynamic elements. No there is shooting, car chases and even active scenes of violence, despite the fact that it is really a Thriller. However, this film redundant pump and is not needed. At the forefront Director has put a psychology that does not relax the viewer. This holds, as on the gorgeous scenarios and excellent camera work. High-quality movie.

2. A Tornado (Twister), 1996

manygoodtips.com_8.07.2016_tdg8uhz36HUaPThe genre of disaster movies quite tired lately. Today, this ribbon features a gorgeous picture, but almost always carry a disgusting story. Chew it only with popcorn, drinking two gallons of soda, otherwise you will be in the power of boredom. Here before ( we’re talking like crazy old people) was another matter! For example, the film of twenty years ago — «Tornado» where the special effects only cause outright laughter, deserves our respect.

In this film, which got two nominations for «Oscar», the actors really work. They are there not only because I came to face and body. This is not a primitive action, where all this would be important — we need a real game.

The story tells about a group of tornado hunters that their prey has found, why they fell head trouble. Everyone has their own goals and motives. We won’t watch the destruction of cities and the movement of tectonic plates. Instead, we will show the local history, there is a place where human relationships, love Affairs and, of course, ruthless elements. By the way, there’s a cow flying is a must see.

3. Clown (Clown), 2014

manygoodtips.com_8.07.2016_QvgLOMoR2jGaeIn the editorial opinion was divided. Someone is afraid of clowns, and someone considers them interesting and funny. Personally, I have them associated with the guys who tout the kids at the ice cream truck, and then get on the front page crime news. Apparently the story about John Wayne Gacy was imbedded in the head. In any case, horror movies with clowns —a common phenomenon. And many of them seem ugly and terrible. If among our readers there are clowns, it is not necessary to keep us evil — we don’t want any trouble!

If you like the aesthetics of clown horror, then you’ll love «the Clown», which was produced by himself, Eli Roth (Fever, Hostel, Inglourious Basterds — he worked for a couple with Quentin). The film tells the story of the glorious father who wants to please everyone and everything, especially their children. He finds a clown suit who suddenly appeared just right, and even if you must spend a holiday for children. He holds it, the kids love it, wife is very happy, but there is one problem, the suit refuses to act. It turned out that he is cursed and has its own will, which displaces all the good qualities of his father. We witness the transformation that turns the once good man into a monster who wants only to kill, and children. One is a movie to look nice, but it’s better with friends — pure occasion.

4. Barfly (Barfly), 1987

manygoodtips.com_8.07.2016_nl6RcWOG4fBHIIf you read Bukowski, you must see this movie with Mickey Rourke. And if you do not read, you still look, because it’ll teach you the mind to reason. The movie, of course, is a script by Charles Bukowski, which he specifically wrote for Hollywood, when it became incredibly well-known. After the script was reworked into the novel. By the way, the writer does not like the game Rourke. He said that Rourke did everything wrong just feels forced and improbable, not so in real life. And realism the writer loved.

But the old fuck can you not listen to, because the film turned out good. And indeed plausible, from this strange and hopeless depression when you can’t pay the rent, you live off women, and then find an alcoholic who can’t pay. It is necessary to look for a job, but how to do it, if the bars to be much nicer? And Yes even women — they’re crazy! Constantly saw the brain you and your alcoholic existence. But maybe they’re right? Or blame bad karma and a life that cannot be changed? Here you pull the winning ticket — become a millionaire. All happy for you, but to others, fortune was stingy. And they have to be at the very bottom of society, while being content with the most ordinary and cheap bottle of whiskey. Perhaps whiskey is the only truth on this planet? That’s what this movie is about. He leaves behind many questions you must think through the remnants of his brain independently. And, of course, not without love. Suitable for a single viewing, but you get enough alcohol to drink will want to be sure.

5. Mallrats (Mallrats), 1995

manygoodtips.com_8.07.2016_UIt28vPuQ0A0FKevin Smith — our all. His «Jay and Silent Bob» etched in our memory for the next three hundred years. He made a lot of movies, and some of them are disgusting trash, but Smith still included in the ranks of those Directors whose work we respect. Why? It must be unique identity of the films that he takes. They do not like anything. He is not acting according to the rules that does not use templates, does not copy, he creates a product which might not appeal to a wide audience, but sink into the soul of a generation.

So, «mallrats» is clearly not a masterpiece if you expect to get something with a serious budget, explosions and guns. But it’s a very honest film that evokes nostalgia among those who ever crossed the border between school and adult life. The film is reminiscent of the old American Comedy, mainly because there raises the problem of growing up, which is strange, is not without pain. But, of course, Kevin Smith shows the subject with his slightly stoned perspective. Itself the action does not go beyond the space of the supermarket. Exactly happen there all the important events, which are expressed even in the actions as such, but in elegant dialogues. Why are they chic? Yes, because they are more realistic than any phrase spoken in the movie industry over the past five years! «Mallrats» is life real and genuine, which it probably was you.

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