Cinema Saturday #76

We continue to talk about cool, interesting and entertaining film, which may join each. As before, we can do without boring and pseudointellectualism exhaust, which is made to rape their brains lately. Only good movies with a focus on fun script, great imagery and semantic heterogeneity. Here to you both the horror and romantic melodrama and brutal detectives. What would you have had the mood in the day, you will definitely find something interesting for yourself.

1. When Harry met Sally (When Harry met Sally…), 1989

manygoodtips.com_24.06.2016_jpyTSQlLbFiXyThe film was produced by actor and part-time Director Rob Reiner («not Yet played in a box»). The picture is old, but not gives the old days, because the story is about eternal — about the friend zone, and by mutual and honest. We have talked on the subject of friendship with the girls, but will not be superfluous to ponder this question again and in a company with a good romantic movie and a dear friend. Seriously, one of the best movies for such a scenario.

2. How cowardly Robert Ford killed Jesse James (The assassination of Jesse James by the coward Robert Ford), 2007 the States, almost every legendary figure, in fact, a criminal. Loves the American people independent of the bandits, which is positioned as strong, independent personality. Al Capone may be a bloodthirsty murderer, but he will still be al Capone, whom you can admire, because the culprit, according to many, is the man who fights alone with a huge state machine, that is not much different from him in moral terms. So Jesse James, the notorious bandit of the wild West, became the people’s favorite.

The story told to us directed by Andrew Dominik, tells the story of a significant and mysterious episode in the life of Jesse James — his murder. She goes against the typical Western landscapes, but the canonical Western does not smell. Unless, of course, except the Western, where there are cowboy hats, revolvers and prickly cacti. James admits one guy — Robert Ford. This timid novice small fry in the gang James, but he wants to share his glory, his calling. How to attain to this glory, if no one takes you seriously? Right to kill Jesse James.

3. The Judas kiss (Judas kiss), 1998

manygoodtips.com_24.06.2016_u6a95F9DvTbN4Any film, which starred Carla Gugino («sin City», «Gangster», «Hotel Noir», «Californication»), I like it. Especially if this film is that Director Sebastian Gutierrez. Latest not takes pictures with huge budgets, and limited to just a good story that is original and beautiful in nature. «Kiss of Judas» is a good example. The story is similar to the plot of the books of the Noir genre: a sexy Coco and her lover go for a big deal. They were going to take a big shot, the owner of a computer company, and get good money for it. Of course, nothing goes according to plan. After all, people who were hired this couple accidentally kill a neighbor businessman. All anything, but this neighbor is the wife of a Senator. I think for them it’s all going to end well?

In «the Kiss of Judas» was filmed not only Gugino, but also Emma Thompson, Simon Baker and the late Alan Rickman. No you the predictable final, no platitudes, despite the traditional story, which is inherent in retrofit detectives. Highly recommended this movie, you won’t regret.

4. The last American virgin (The last American virgin), 1982

manygoodtips.com_24.06.2016_wqGnVqcQhY1WHHow did the film series «American pie»? We tell you the truth. In a number impeccably vulgar and cheap Comedy, which was directed by Boaz Davidson at the turn of 70-80-ies. These comedies are really low, but hell, if you have not watched them, you never had puberty, you’ve never hung out on the seas with your friends and you have never sat in the head only one thought, which sounds like «I need to get some sex.»

«Last American virgin» — a movie about three teenagers who are trying to find yourself a girl, fall in love, have sex or try to engage them, into awkward and absurd situation. It would seem that there is no deep meaning in this picture and she got a very large number of haters at the time, but the film is worth it, trust us. We don’t want to be led by the nose. The movie is definitely not for aesthetes, there is no high eroticism, only lust. However, I sincerely believe that this «good bad movie» should be revised by you, because it is buried a flock of memories of adolescence, that wonder how the Director was able to cling to the essence. To delve into the meanings do not. «Last American virgin» — first of all a youth Comedy, which was filmed a few decades ago, breathing a bit sad nostalgia because those days do not return, we became too serious.

5. Hostel (Hostel), 2005

manygoodtips.com_24.06.2016_vYEJEsngQrZfSWe will dilute our mental movies fat helping of violence. And not simple, but from Eli Roth, the original Director and good friend Quentin Tarantino.

Hostel — the movie is brutal and cruel in the full sense of the word. Some American guys go to a sex tour, which is, of course, in Eastern Europe. Where it is still held as not of the Slavs? Goes with them frostbitten Icelandic, which has prompted the company to reach Bratislava in there because the hot girls friend. They make their way to the hotel which is teeming with such gorgeous girls, that’s amazing. But something in this hotel not. In this place are terrible things happening that pay very large sums of money. Eli Roth is not afraid to do all graphic and hardcore.

Some interesting facts:

1) on the set of used 150 gallons of blood;

2) painting based on familiarity Eli Roth with the specific Thai site where some money could be torture, mock and ultimately kill people (do not exclude that it is just an advertising stuffing);

3) one of the actors, Rick Hoffman, who received a concussion while filming scenes where his character had to decide how to kill the victim.

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