Cinema Saturday #75

75 – advanced age, which is our topic has survived in good condition: no senility, not wasted the relevance, adequacy and common sense. For TV shows, and comics these figures – a serious test. Even the producers and writers of «Santa Barbara» thinking in the 77th series of further existence. We only think about one thing: what movies do you recommend.

1. People under the stairs (The People Under the Stairs), 1991

manygoodtips.com_17.06.2016_DRnKVQCIJkTkLRemember the STS of the early 2000s, when he was more or less adequate, and free from domination «Ural dumplings» and brilliant puns like «Back to the bakery», «Stay funny»? So, in the good season under the legendary category «Cinema at 21:00» the channel has made gorgeous films of varying quality. Don’t know what was going on in the minds of the producers, but for some reason they loved to show this absurdity with a touch of fear. A masterpiece, a classic of the horror genre since the second world of the salons. Even before the film was chosen by the regulars of stores.

The plot is simple: an interesting black boy (and what else can a guy get into someone else’s house?) climbed full of notorious and terrible rumors home to gain a random treasure. But instead he has to save a life, because it literally all the cracks begin to constrict the dead. Plus home owners a little crazy. And in this simple entourage unfolding scary, funny and creepy-funny adventures of a Negro and all evil.

The film’s Director Wes Craven had directed such films as «the hills Have eyes, Nightmare on elm street,» «Scream» and so on. A true master of his craft. But even among the masters there are failures. In fact, despite the fact that the film is full of terrible, sometimes scary moments, but in the end and did see a social protest, sometimes hit on shameless haha. However, this humor saves the film begins to seem boring. But something tells us that the Director never planned to make the movie funny, it just happened, and «Comedy» in the list of genres entered without his knowledge.

2. Looper (Looper), 2012

manygoodtips.com_17.06.2016_1XbXoyukv9ZFzNot everyone likes this movie, so to speak, for an Amateur. To decide whether it was so to make up Joseph Gordon Levitt to make his fine Jewish face like a powerful face of Bruce Willis – see this movie. We could see Willis in the image of the old guy: wrinkled, with gray hairs on the edges of baldness.

In the film we are talking about a not-too-distant future, where they can travel in time. The Corporation is removes unwanted people, sending them into the past. The task of the host is to kill the victim, thus erasing the accident of history. And, of course, both star the actor involved in this Magureanu confusion.

This film contains a kind of scenario «ball», which unfolds as you progress through the various obstacles the main character. Thanks to this film, it was noticed that the Director was set the task to find a balance between clever, original concept and riotous pleasures of big-budget movies, and he did it with grace, with which most modern genre filmmakers could only envy. And in this great merit of the actors that played on their usual level.

However, after watching have a feeling that a brilliant the potential of film was not realized until the end. However, opinion is subjective, a Horde of fans of the film for this, maybe to break a nose.

3. Of mice and men (Of Mice and Men), 1992

manygoodtips.com_17.06.2016_GvSeXGN5ARqQ5Adaptation of the novel by John Steinbeck about two friends, who in the years of the great depression, wandering around America in search of work. Intelligent tough guy George and feeble-minded big man, lenny, who is perfectly played by John Malkovich. Good luck to them rarely smiled, but George couldn’t leave lenny, who probably would have instantly got into some trouble.

Despite the seemingly izezzhennoy topic (to recall the same ray Babbitt from «Rain Man»), the film is very surprising and amazing. There are no naturalnogo Hollywood gloss and a hope for a happy ending. Closer to the final you understand what needs to happen something really bad, deep down, until the last hoping that will do without the drama. And in spite of thrilling mood and swollen from the snot nose, perhaps is the best ending in cinema history.

Very cruel picture, which ruthlessly plays on the feelings of the viewer. The film, after which start thinking on the themes of friendship, responsibility and to wipe a few tears, turning away to the wall.

4. Dignidad Colony (Colonia), 2015

manygoodtips.com_17.06.2016_zwRVqmxVXFFapAmmachi Watson in the title role is a joy for the soul. Even if she plays in the film, shot by the Germans. I must say that in Germany a good movie with rare exception, actually, as in our country. There are films gorgeous, and some are terrible. This is not a masterpiece, something in between, but closer to a good movie.

We are talking about a military coup in prosperous Chile in 1973. After the Second world war Latin America has had a lot of ex-fascists. One of them created a colony Dignidad that Chilean police uses as a prison and torture for those who the policy of the state not like. And here Hermione goes there to rescue her beloved.

In short, you are invited to a very atmospheric film, with all the nuances of political repressions and great acting job. Better Emma looked only Mikael Nyquist, who played the main antagonist. Actually, thanks to the writers and Directors, it seems that in the Chilean political drama blame only him, what was fundamentally wrong, but it is with the duties handled.

5. Dad (Starbuck), 2011

manygoodtips.com_17.06.2016_BUA2zxG7QBvDmVery nice picture of the idiot and slacker David Wozniak, a chronic loser who lived to 40 years and was never able to realize themselves in any case. The only thing that happened with Dave is to work on Pope and spawn 533 children. And not in the amorous adventure, he just handed over your biomaterial in a sperm Bank. The children grew up and wanted to find his father.

The Americans remade this Comedy, shoved Vince Vaughn the main character. Turned out to be much worse than the original. Americans, not without preslavtsi and unnecessary frills, Canadians (the film, incidentally, canadian) had a good festival movie. And everything seems to be banal: the conversion from a blockhead in a responsible guy, the acquisition of the character of instincts, which he still didn’t know all that we have seen in plenty of other family comedies. But this was a very sincere and sometimes very funny. Even such cynical brutes, as the authors are unable to tear myself away from watching.

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