Cinema Saturday #71

71 is a positive integer located between numbers 70 and 72. 20-th Prime number. The sum of the primes less than 71 divided by 71. Code of the Tula region and the maximum number of days that you will live if you eat noodles for Breakfast, lunch and dinner. In our case, 71 is a release of your beloved category, in which we present selected, cleaned from the chaff movie. At this time, the selection is very serious, treat her with respect.

1. Leaving Las Vegas (Leaving Las Vegas), 1995

manygoodtips.com_20.05.2016_hB5W5fT48IYdQTo pour a ton of negativity on the old cage only for the slag films in which he starred for the last time, the sacred cause for each. But after this film, in which Nick, by the way, received the «Oscar», all of his past accomplishments and guilt together are forgotten. With this film he was able to even George Vine to convince his impeccable acting skills. It accurately embodies the image of consciously becomes an inveterate drunkard and a fallen drunk, not without doping, of course: before the shooting, and during them, to better get into character, and he drank like a horse, but the fact remains – for the agony and torture he has earned high fees and all kinds of awards.

One of the features of this film is its eventfulness. The fact that the events in it, in General, no. The main character goes to Vegas to revel in death. In the literal sense: he is drinking to kill himself. There he hires a prostitute who falls in love with a man who has set himself a cross. Between them begin a strange relationship that starts with two conditions: he should not criticize her classes, and she should not ask him to quit drinking. Hell, all relationships will begin with this phrase! Nothing good came of this, alas, does not work.

It’s a real film about love, completely devoid of molasses and oil. Two marginal personality, doomed themselves to such a life, as it turned out, know how to love. But for them love is not rescue, not a necessity, just a normal and quite natural phenomenon. How nice to watch a film that is not snot smeared on your face!

«Leaving Las Vegas» not everyone will like, it’s a long story. But if you taste it brilliant grain, my soul is calm, then you, dear reader, is everything all right with the head.

Separately about the music, which this film exists on the rights of the protagonist. And if the acting falls short the declared level, in the gap shuts up the brilliant musical selection.

PS the Scene where Ben goes to the supermarket with a trolley of bottles and whistling a song, was chosen by the magazine «Empire» eighth greatest drunk scene in movie history.

2. The conformist (Il conformista), a 1970

manygoodtips.com_20.05.2016_KYGHreIUbRzsyI can’t masterpieces at this level. If you, my inquisitive movie buff, know who Bertolucci is and why cinemaphile at the mere mention of his name enthusiastically begin to twitch, it will save from further rassusolivanie his regalia and achievements.

I say at once: «the Conformist» is a film that made Bernard a favorite of the entire intellectual elite. The theme touched the slippery – fascism in Italy in the second quarter of the twentieth century, and Bertolucci tried to explore fascism from a psychological point of view, simultaneously making it their own unique touches. It’s not all about eroticism and the grotesque «Salo, or the 120 days of Sodom», this thing is interesting, but too peculiar.

And here is a normal story about a man who serves his country, a patriot in office and, to the best student who had the chance to be useful to his country. Most often because blind patriotism prevents to look at things properly, power is concentrated in the hands of people who by human the case heard by the masses and not very good. So here, poor Marcello executes the orders of people higher, not paying attention to their vices, and to justify the crimes that he himself creates. In steering the state must stand strong man, a strong man may be able to commit a crime, and sometimes the only way to protect society – at the cost of the units.

A beautiful film about the nature of violence, which has flourished thanks to the great game of the great Jean-Louis Trintignant. By the way, he’s French, not Armenian, as some people think, and a wonderful actor, among other things.

3. Lost highway (Lost Highway), 1996

manygoodtips.com_20.05.2016_FqWnSb5NnWmPvIf «Mulholland drive» seem chaotic, incoherent film, then for God’s sake, don’t waste your time and do not accumulate for critical bile.

When you view this film you will at least question the muzzle is approximately the middle. But that’s the beauty of the movie is to be confusing and unclear. All in the best traditions of Lynch.

So no need to search for meaning in a two-hour phantasmagoria. Lynch, a big fan of dreaming repertoire, and no less a lover of all meditations, is simply transferred to the screen everything that was nameresolve. By the way, one of the things that inspired the Director, was the famous trial of O. J. Simpson, suspected of murdering his wife. And what to expect from this set? However, the dialogues taken from the depths of consciousness, do not seem ridiculous, on the contrary, all very carefully.

The film is saturated with mirages and dreams are jerky and incomplete, and yet it has a plot and a logical end. And if you don’t mind some American uncle took you into my prisoner, shoved in your mouth with a gold spoon exquisite delicacy, and led him into a strange, foggy place where the hair on your fifth point will turn gray and crumble like a November maple.

Here he is, David Lynch, love and hate, and the main feature of his best films – anyone who will see them, can not remain indifferent. This, incidentally, is one of the best.

4. Killer haircut (The Legend of Barney Thomson), 2015

manygoodtips.com_20.05.2016_pJ4g6hqaBhtbWFrom the movie it smells like guy Ritchie and the Coen brothers, but he is not devoid of individuality. The story of Barney Thomson, Barber frostbitten loser from Glasgow, whose life is on the rut, came out extremely black and strange. The main role is played by a visibly aged and squandered the popularity of Robert Carlyle, which hipsters love ever since «Trainspotting».

This is Barney accidentally stabbed with scissors to your boss, and more film like flypaper, with the bodies of the unfortunate insect, filled with absurdity and madness. Good old British humour, cynicism, killing, police and the mafia. Judging by the description, do film the Cohens or Richie, but that’s quite a distinctive work. Not a masterpiece, but deserves its view in the evening over a glass of beer.

5. Outside/herself (Self/less), 2015

Poradi.yak.ua_20.05.2016_HyP7TIu1qFuvpAbout movie Dedpula! Although individual deserves applause Gandhi of all time – sir Ben Kingsley, who appeared in the film for a few seconds.

All the characters are extremely good. Brilliantly played a typical dumb… not even tuporylyy lady, the annoying one in their appearance. And Reynolds, I must say, played no less than perfect. He had a difficult task to convincingly portray the transformation of the old thinking and old habits of the body. I look at swinging beauty, and see before you a dense man. So, coped with the role of Ryan.

I must say that a couple of times in the film was unexpected twists. Is like a film and goes, you know what will happen, and then BAM – you: no Shocker. It is also played in plus to the film.

By the way, despite the fact that the film is Deadpool, the usual for films with Reynolds humor in the film somehow did not notice. After the film, questions may arise, but it is better to put them somewhere far away, there is nothing on your mind.

The film certainly deserves a viewing. The relationships between people: it shows what you’re ready to go for myself and for the people I love.

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