Cinema Saturday #70

Went 70-week, and, just think, 350 films! So we have another jubilee and we celebrate good movies. Today we brought you a movie with an unusual story, unusual endings, so I could think, and found, of course, a movie for the company, where it was to laugh. We are not spared and romantic movie, have a friend film look nice and good. In General, without further ADO, enjoy cinemahome.

1. Hail Caesar! (Hail, Caesar!), 2016

manygoodtips.com_13.05.2016_bBRoxLxiXL8EgNew Coen brothers movie, which was successfully merged into the network. So finding him is not difficult. The cast is phenomenal: there’s George Clooney, Ralph Fiennes and Scarlett Johansson, Tilda Swinton and Channing Tatum, Jonah hill, and a bunch of other celebrities. And they all play people who work in Hollywood. But not in modern Hollywood, and in the old, still good Hollywood, where they filmed classics, Western movies where the special effects were cardboard, and cutting the frames you can correct any bad episode. Everything seems to be clear and understandable, but the main thing – Comedy. Moreover, the Cohen’s disgusting banal humor, give them crazy where you have to think out or at least have a good taste.

Suddenly the Communists, Russian songs sound, sound philosophical reasoning, which ridiculed the actions of the protagonist – the technical Director of one company. Generally, it is satire in its purest form, a lost art. Not impossible, but extremely funny, especially now, when people forget about the simple truths that are presented in the final scene of the film. This is a bold challenge to and mockery of the modern movie industry, where any of the prestigious film will be the «political Manifesto». Looks like it’s time again to make good movies. And the Coen brothers know this.

2. Lobster (The Lobster), 2015 the film Giorgos Lanthimos that nothing really took off to the Lobster, like all people that work in the «copyright» movie. We do not like excessive pretentiousness in the movies when they do «not for everyone», but with this sample intellectual movie, it’s different. At least because scenario there are steep, really steep, with a maximum of Colin Farrell, and this name says it all.

Will appeal to fans of dystopia who are astonishingly inhuman cynicism to the individual. Imagine a world where loneliness is criminal. They will arrest you if they find out that you do not have girls. Fun? And then send in a gloomy hotel where the girl will find. Lost for 45 days? Animal! Turn you in and send you into the woods! How in this world will develop love story? This question puts the yorgos of lanthimos. Unusual, exciting and, of course, controversial movie.

3. Sleeplessness (Insomnia), 2002

manygoodtips.com_13.05.2016_9DjY0Y8yY3EpLWe love quality detectives, and «Insomnia», of course, is a good representative of the genre. Filmed by Englishman Christopher Nolan, who always produces masterpieces with a huge office («interstellar» «Inception»). And speaking of directing, it’s all this gloomy detective with her. Decorated with a picture of al Pacino and Robin Williams, the latter shows a hell of a lot unexpected quarter.

We like Alaska, the small towns which keep terrible secrets, and rude to the police, which angels can not be called. It’s all there in «Insomnia». The detectives arrive in town to investigate the murder of one short-sighted girl. At some point, will Dormer, is responsible for the investigation, unravel the tangle of crime, find the guilty. But as it turned out, it’s all about the sins of the Dormer that gives the killer a chance. Very exciting, disclosed the nature of the crime and the investigation are shown not clumsy (there’s no car chases and gunfire), and with knowledge of the matter. Christopher Nolan did a good job on the film, I put my heart and soul. Good movie, seriously.

4. Stay alive (Stay Alive), 2006

manygoodtips.com_13.05.2016_xmSgwfk4bxK6TIs collection can do without a horror movie? The compilation will cost, but the editors – no. So catch a good movie that has no relation to the eponymous series.

«Stay alive» is a youth movie and a fun, noisy companies, where the cheese melts on the pizza and bubbling soda. Director specializiruetsya exclusively on horror, trying to implement some new solutions in a rather old genre. And let the film is not very budget, but he removed honestly, soundly. History shows us the accurate gamers, who are ready to spend hours playing with a fairly well-worn plot about the «Bloody Countess» (Bathory, is that you?!). Well, as usual in horror films, teenagers suddenly begin to die in surprising ways, and the game just will not get rid of: we have to continue to stay alive.

5. Lefty (Southpaw), 2015

manygoodtips.com_13.05.2016_1AVOmFaxZU5rINew movies about boxers always annoying, because stuffed with tons of stinky cliches. But once in a thousand years, comes the film, like «Levsha» with Jake Gyllenhaal, which returns the reputation of a victim of the genre. This movie is so cool, that look, not looking up, even with a full bladder.

We are shown the life of Billy hope. He’s got a good life: a hot wife, a huge income, title and even the daughter is. This is the starting position of our hero, but then everything collapses, as is common in drama films. He loses everything he had. Becomes the loser, which, according to the canons of modern life needs to go in the scrap. But he does not. Hope Billy decides to regain all that she had (of what possible return), and watching this is a pleasure.

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