Cinema Saturday #7

Dude, because today is the last day of winter! And even if the window is still blizzards sweep, is to believe that tomorrow we will start something new and Grand. The whole edition also looking forward to the arrival of spring, but not forgot another selection of good films for this weekend. So, as they say, Angie!

1. Big nothing Big Nothing (2006)

Poradi.s.ua_27.02.2015_F7wtFdPmm1Se6Start movie night with a good black Comedy. The slogan of the movie Jean-Baptiste Andrea: «a Couple of corpses is only the beginning!» It is no coincidence, because the element of Thriller and tralovogo crime is still present. Generally, among the paintings in which everything goes «off script», it is a gem. I’m sure the Duo of Simon Pegg and David Schwimmer complements the charming Alice Eve. The result is high-quality British Comedy, unexpected, unpredictable and extremely funny gags.

– You killed me!

– This is your true first for the evening.

2. Birds of America / Birds of America (2008) in order to cheer yourself up, be inspired or get that extra motivation, you just have to watch a sad movie. «Birds of America» is very suitable for this. This is a story about the «little» man who wishes happiness to your loved ones and yourself. But sometimes it happens that all the troubles piled in a single moment, the life experiences of strength, and it is not clear when will the unsweetened verification. By the way, the drama of a character played by the brilliant Matthew Perry (we have today the parade of actors from «Friends»!).

– Are you happy?

– Yes, because I have a washing machine!

3. Exam / Exam (2009)

manygoodtips.com_27.02.2015_4uLMElur3PdRTWe all went to school/uni, and for each, the word «exam» is associated at least with the stress. And to say that throughout the film, this feeling haunts, at least the situation is tense. Perhaps you noticed that in recent years have become popular different quests in reality: you, for example, shut in a room, and for hours you must find the exit using the maximum of their logical possibilities. The idea of the film resonates with this, only rate is too high: obtaining a good position in a big company. In General, fans of psychological thrillers confusing very recommend.

Unbearable pain can get at the truth. Or threats.

4. Children of men / Children of Men (2006)

manygoodtips.com_27.02.2015_6tPLrGCrMJPj3Fiction with a serious hint of philosophy performed by Alfonso Cuaron – the story of our near future. In the play directed in 2027 anarchy, misery, and mankind is on the verge of extinction. Driving forces become aggression and violence, but of compassion and mutual help remember units. But there is little hope in the face of the initiative group, headed by chance is Theo Faron (Clive Owen). Some scenes of the movie really make enthusiastically to scream: «Your mother!» – and it pleases.

When some of our politicians anything to get in trouble, a bomb explodes.

5. Gran Torino / Gran Torino (2008)

manygoodtips.com_27.02.2015_irg7nWLVbJ0rsFinally, a touch of rudeness from Clint Eastwood. A film in which the Director is the lead actor, is literally riddled with wisdom. Every word of the forge (the Eastwood character) is verified and has a specific meaning. At some point, you as the viewer will feel a real kinship with Tao, who hears all things reputable neighbor. It’s better to learn from such great movie-heroes than roaming the hallways.

In the great wisdom is much grief.

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