Cinema Saturday #68

Easter, may day, the barbecue! These are the events of the external world, and we have to be extremely epic selection of movies, and all different from each other. If something does not like, then it’s you.

1. Death Academy (Napola – Elite für den Führer), 2004

manygoodtips.com_29.04.2016_EauWjdBR0lI89Great military-historical film about the atmosphere that reigns in closed specialized institutions of the Third Reich – the institution that prepares the future society of greater Germany. Yes, we were not in these institutions and the accuracy of the claim can not. However, the Director made all of us to believe in the authenticity of what is happening.

In this place occurs the delicate friendship between two different boys: a talented boxer who comes to school at the will of the father the worker, because another chance out might not be thin and fragile young man, to disgust sensitive that he entered the Academy solely for the privilege.

Someone saw against boys homosexual subtext, that could be, but wasn’t made public because homosexuals were treated with deadly disgust. However, most likely, it’s a simple human desire of two people trapped in the iron of the machine and how this machine destroys destiny.

The film serves as the best prevention of Nazism: no propaganda here, there is no trace. Just Germans still feel a sense of shame for the page of history, wanted once again to show that the social-democratic machine broke people, not allowing to receive new Goethe, Hegel, Nietzsche, Kant and Wagner. This is an attempt once again to remind you that the bloody regimes, ordinary people often have no choice and no strength to fight.

2. 30 days of night (30 Days of Night), 2007

manygoodtips.com_29.04.2016_jFz4DfUobaC2EOn the agenda misbehavior Alaskan vampires in the long polar night. Bad bloodsuckers that are tedious and larger taiga mosquitoes, trying to regain his former glory and strike fear in the free from hemophilia comrades. To combat sucking bastards stood stubborn Sheriff of the Northern town performed by Josh Harnett and a girl who got stuck in the polar govenah.

Despite the banality of the plot, the film is well designed, pleasing to the eye especially everything that relates to the atmosphere of the snow hatsapetovki. And the script did not disappoint. You know that the end will come the vampires, but on the eve of the «Walpurgis night» series of petty crimes with the subsequent damage to city property looks very interesting. Well, and the culmination of the dark, bloody and mystical, like the channel «TV-3».

3. It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad world (it’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, 1963

manygoodtips.com_29.04.2016_27Ap5gX3OWLKEFilm least of greatness and genius. At the time, Eldar Ryazanov on this film took a unique and very original remake – «Unbelievable adventures of Italians in Russia». If all remakes were so good… he has another remake called «rat race». Nice Comedy, very funny, but if you compare it with the original, you will notice that instead of see fart jokes the film is 63-year bursting with wit. It is long, but not tiring, it’s fun, because it is absolutely true. Look at what people unfamiliar ready for free gold and realize that we are indeed living in some very crazy world.

Among other things, this critique of human greed and topical issues beautifully shot. In the frame going on the absurd, past the characters with those names (sample police Coolpepper, which literally translates as «Cool pepper»), and you don’t notice that the film was made 53 years ago. Because the humor in the picture of the century.

Speaking of humor. Mikhail Nikolayevich Zadornov at the time, published a book called «the mad, mad, mad world.» Like not prikopat: one word «mad» and nothing less «this» and «this» and still one subsidiary of the Hollywood company from Texas latched on to the name. Even brought in a U.S. court. What is said to Misha, guess himself.

4. Brazil (Brazil), 1985

manygoodtips.com_29.04.2016_XL1sGWazvhFqsThe guy who drew pictures and animations to the coveted «Monty Python», to the mid-80s pulls in the most unlikely and original Directors. Then that became a classic freaky parish in the shell «Fear and hatred in Las Vegas» and touring Cumulus clouds of unreality in «the Imaginarium of doctor Parnassus», and that the picture which has surprised and touched and forced to talk about himself many.

1985 – the best time for deep philosophical parables about what the future may await humanity if it today, now, will not in itself eradicate the cruelty, greed and lust for power. Tired of all the brutal characters, tearful melodramas, and films about the future, shot in the genre of fiction Thriller. It was necessary to bring to the already interesting story of something that would shake the society. And the guy from Monty Python, drew a hundred-ton weight that falls from the sky, and bare feet of the Lord God, gave the picture so much of surrealism, as if to quote grandpa Boris, will suffer. In fact, this Surah there is no sense to retell the plot, look at the genius of Terry Gilliam, a great game De Niro, drawn to the ugly and frightening world of a possible future, listen to the original music, and you’ll understand why this brilliant film is not cited and not mentioned as «1984» Orwell.

By the way, there’s no word on Brazil. Just the movie sounds the song of the same name. In America 60-ies of the song, the image of Rio de Janeiro – all this was associated with romantic notions of that time, with the dream of a Paradise lost. Gilliam wanted to show that a person who lives in an authoritarian, ruthless country hears this song and wants to escape from this world, in their flourishing Brazil. The Director even approached the Brazilian Ambassador in England and asked: «why are you called the country in honor of my movie?»

5. Jesus Christ Superstar (Jesus Christ Superstar), 1973

manygoodtips.com_29.04.2016_M1JyIhUlRUf30Yes, tomorrow is Easter, and we therefore recommend this movie, otherwise. Not because that musical is the most brilliant creation of the genre, which can be compared only to that of the original, the first part of the «Notre Dame Cathedral». Not because written before the songs are so elegant that it seemed it was written by the inspiration of God himself, to piss off their presumptuous servants hiding crimes behind a veil of dedicated service to God. No wonder the outstanding Broadway musical decided to film, thank God, keeping all the Broadway actors performed. Murray head who played Judas was replaced, for the sake of political correctness, a black actor, but the voice did not change, because the crime.

We see not quite the story that is mentioned in the Will, and something different from the musical. The idea is to create a deliberately artificial setting where the main characters are actors who come on the bus in the desert with all these fake spears, machine guns, tanks instead of the phalanges, robes together with pants hippie, make a strong impression. The Director does not focus on the biblical story, and underlines the fact that trying to bring the authors of the musical – these two wise men, who know a little bit more than all of us: Jesus was an ordinary man. But otherwise the film does not deviate from the biblical story, except the scene where Judas is suddenly resurrected, and Christ teaches us to live.The main role is played by Ted Neely, with whom the Son of God has shared his power, otherwise, to explain how at the age of 72 years, he manages to play notes that were taken at 30, impossible. His tin throat established itself in the musical, where he played the same role. But whereas many have had the opportunity to enjoy is that his musical genius, thanks to the film they were able to assess acting talent. Those who wanted to see the film lead singer of Deep Purple Ian Gillan, I’m sorry, he gave Jesus his voice only in the album version. How symbolic drunk and marihuanich sing the Savior’s voice. But how he does it – goosebumps.

Still, the main strength of the film is its songs. Lyrics Tim rice and music by Lloyd Webber. Thanks to them, pink shirts, singing Judas with Jesus and the deliberate shabbiness of the scenery fade into the background. Although really causes the movie ceased to be after the release of «the passion of the Christ». Judas, who in fact is the main character of the entire musical, and is considered the most sensible among all the apostles, constantly criticizing Jesus for out-of-control events. The most sensible and adequate ally not like that in the beginning of his career Jesus considered himself just a man and not pretending to be God, and then ceased to resist the opinion of the crowd.»And all the good you’ve done

Will soon be swept away.

You’ve begun to matter more

Than the things you say»

(And the good that you do

Will soon be destroyed.

Did you mean more

Than what you say.)

And he can’t understand what prophetic gift, Jesus invited him, Judas, cursed for the role at all times. «Why have you chosen me for his bloody crimes?» says Judas in plain text. It is not cowardice, it’s common sense: «If you want to save your people, then quickly close his race» («Heaven on their minds»).

Yes, and Jesus rebukes the Father for the bloody outcome of its activities. About it in completely demolishing the Aria in the garden of Gethsemane.

«Why should I die?

Have I become more visible

Than previously?

Will my words and actions

Now something mean?»

We see ordinary people, from which the whole is composed by Webber and rice’s story seems logical and great.

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