Cinema Saturday #67

New week – new films. Was wondering what would you recommend. Thought and thought and decided that this collection will do the penultimate Saturday of April.

We suddenly remembered that the end of lent, a time restriction in the gloom, the vulgarity, the time to be humble like a monk. We became a little embarrassed that we missed this, definitely a Big event and decided that a compilation should make you think about eternal truths and to be as serious. Therefore, we included in the compilation «Big Stan».

1. The Crew (Flight), 2012 in Russia all the noise around the release of the new «Crew», which, according to the producers, despite the duplicate similarity is no remake of the film Mitta, we remember the drama with the old Washington. The story of the pilot of the hero is gradually sinking into a anti-hero. Denzel Washington, who, though lost the laurels of a typical black actor who plays here brilliantly. The captain of the crew, who in combination is also black (don’t take offense at racism) drunk, just great and real horror. This alcoholism and tying it into a lot of trouble. This confrontation between addiction and professionalism, truth and lie, is the Golden canvas, on which to build a film. The character of Washington is to blame for the death of people, but he saved others. On the street he is considered a hero, but he realizes that to blame. Repentance is so broken lives? Here you offers to think Director Zemeckis.

2. Operation Walküre (Valkyrie), 2008

manygoodtips.com_22.04.2016_83nzo4n7SdZvPWhen you look at the picture, all the while trying to put yourself in the place of Colonel Stauffenberg. Trying to understand, but could you stand could you stand to face his worst enemy and not break?

Critics have blamed Tom cruise, who for the sake of this role, learned all the little habits of the Colonel, even the diplomat kept two fingers. All of these nuances very precisely conveyed the mood and character of this desperate and your a crazy person.

Spectacular scenes shot by the operator, truly capture. Interesting dialogues of the characters are kept in suspense until the very end. Is to draw a conclusion that turned out great historical Thriller. When you listen to his arguments about the dangers of Nazism for humanity (veiled in generalizations, but understandable to those who hate it so), that when the war was not yet over, but the people who obey the order «pull the trigger» and killed innocent people began to understand what sin, what evil they do, they become the plague of the 20th century, you realize that evil is born in the mind of man, but man creates evil in my head.

The film definitely need to look sober, otherwise perceptions can be distorted beyond recognition.

3. Sometimes they come back (Sometimes They Come Back), 1991

Poradi.s.ua_22.04.2016_Xeu2SSYtVpva3It is unclear whether the Directors, ekraniziruya Stephen king, try very hard to make a quality movie not to incur the wrath of «King of horror», the novels of king are so good, take them off himself Zhora Krizovnicka, the worse they become. God knows, but in front of you another great movie by the master of chilling tales.

The main character killed his older brother. Along with him were killed and his killer. It would seem that everything is over and all the worst is over, but the past can not let go of Jim, and he returns to his hometown, becoming a teacher there. But after that the ghosts do not let the main character. Or maybe it’s just memories in his head? In any case, the protagonist has to deal with it and stop being a pariah in the eyes of the public.

It seems to be a typical kingovskoy story, but still good. Even despite the fact that the highlights are tied to psychology, the Director managed to make a spectacular picture that is sometimes shocking to the core. And of course, individual compliments to the performers of the main roles, especially Tim Matheson.

4. Kafka (Kafka), 1991

manygoodtips.com_22.04.2016_SYPUQHTkCiQNmAbout the main muskrat Prague filmed not so much movies as I would like. Of these, perhaps the most prominent is this. Not so much a biography of the famous Czech writer, but rather an attempt to show with its tragic history, how little man can do against the system. The filmmakers did not focus on the life of Kafka, and decided to dream up and perform that inspired twilight genius to create a «Castle», «Process» and «Transformation». It is around these key works of Czech genius (for carping: Czech genius of Jewish origin who wrote in German) about the little man and the big evil society, the plot revolves. And decorated with his signature surreal stebeleski inserts that remind us of two things: it’s still fantasy, Kafka was on his head «magic». It is a terrible tale, in which a separate part is even more interesting film overall.

And of course, this film would not have been so bright and beautiful, if Jeremy irons was moonlighting. But Jeremy irons can’t moonlight, it is one of the most brilliant actors of our time who has a sense of taste. And Kafka is exactly what you’d expect to see in this picture.

5. Big Stan (Big Stan), 2007

manygoodtips.com_22.04.2016_rqcObhmQ4pZ8lTo view «the Wall» once again not a sin. It is the quintessence of idiotic moronity, common sense, sent to sleep near the bucket and lowered by lawlessness. Someone will say that these comedies are decent people not looking? Go to hell, hypocrite.

In fact, a typical Comedy with Rob Schneider, and apparently, nothing he couldn’t do it. «Male escort» makes so laugh as this masterpiece. Even the escalation of insanity and cynicism is brought to the absolute.

David Carradine, who after some time became a victim of the unequal struggle with a noose on the neck member and, in fact, playing the old kung fu master, who seemed to have been spit out on earth ass of Satan. All of his habits, like the entire movie brought to grotesque, but even in this form, the bill is incredibly cool.

This is a nice picture of the struggle between good and evil capabilities of the human body and salsa. There’s a lot of homosexual jokes, but… And all laugh at them. Here and look and laugh. In the end, after the scary movie and sit in jail. Prison, it’s not hell to sit not ashamed.

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