Film Saturday #65

Come join us, sit down, make yourself a refreshing beverage, relax, finally! The working week is behind you, and you can relax. And the rest easier and more enjoyable in the company with and, of course, movies that we all suggest. Our tradition is simple: we recommend only good movie that was processed with our heart and spirit, which we liked. Today, the roundabout did so: and the seafarers, and ghosts, and bespredelschik that are washed in Mexico.

1. Ahead (The Hard Way), 1991

manygoodtips.com_8.04.2016_OEbNvc1aYsvydLet’s start with the movie that you can watch in any circumstances and still have fun. The intertwining of art of the Comedy and fun of jihadist violence, which is famous 80s 90s. Filmed a guy who is responsible for «Short circuit» and «Saturday night Fever». If you do not understand, then we about the John Badame. Now he’s hit series, movies do not wilt, but well, that left us «Ahead.»

– Nick, but they will take you instead of Mel Gibson.

– Gibson? Are you serious? Unless this film has toilet humor or jokes about your ass?This is a story about a rich actor Nick Lang and harsh detective John moss. First you need to get used to the role, and the second just to do their job. A COP has to babysit Nick and that he was not pleased. But even more, he was not pleased serial killer who appeared in the city and which must end. Without further ADO – good movie, with a healthy sense of humor.

2. Contact (Contact), 1997 foster, Matthew McConaughey Robert Zemeckis – what do you want to start to download this movie? Remember! You need Carl Sagan, which is one of the biggest popularizers of science and space in the twentieth century. The script of the film «Contact» written on motives of the book of this outstanding scientist. Than a nice this film? First, he is kind, as the beaver, and tells the story of such transcendent things that help us a broader view of not only the world, but to the entire Universe. Secondly, it’s not just «fantasies». «Contact» is probably one of those movies that are famous for their well-established theme in the best traditions of classic science fiction.

The film is about science, about space, about unknown and unknown, that person will sooner or later have to face. How to establish contact, how to communicate with another life form, and that this will make people? Just look, you will not regret.

3. Master and commander: the far side of the Earth (Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World), 2003

manygoodtips.com_8.04.2016_qjsy5htRzJ7ToThe film, which could be called a classic, and a classic unnoticed. The fact is that «Master and commander» came out the same year with «Pirates of the Caribbean». Naturally, he was deprived of the audience’s attention, because Russell Crowe is not johnny Depp, and certainly not keira Knightley. But the epicness of this film does not hold. Gorgeous scenes of sea battles, a great story that owes its literary source, because the film is shot on a series of novels by Patrick O Brian. So the plot is really worthwhile, with a hint of mainstream, but with features that are unique to the qualitative scenarios.

Of course, the movie will be nice for those of us who love the sea, sailing ships and the Napoleonic wars. At the time, was a very special atmosphere and Maritime nation ruled the world. But anyway the film is about the personal history of captain Jack Aubrey, who appears to us in the form of a brave adventurer.

4. Thelma and Louise (Thelma & Louise), 1991

manygoodtips.com_8.04.2016_34Q3MRdjM0GphI love the movie «natural Born killers»? For me, the movie is great and find something similar in the atmosphere is not easy. It is a criminal subject, which is impregnated with the asphalt highways of the United States. The story of the people who left their familiar way of life and moved to the «dark» side. Similar movies bribe that they are not about millionaires, heroes, great artists, they are about us, ordinary, which was boring.

George Clooney five times auditioned for the role of JD, but the role he never got.And «Thelma and Louise», a film which pretends to be a cult, just about it. Thelma and Louise fell into the clutches of unscrupulous men who just forgot about them: one is always touring around different eateries, the other just staring at the TV. This kind of life any Madam not satisfied, but because they send everything to hell and knocked from his native city. Where? And where eyes are looking. However, you can’t just be free from the curse of routine, and very soon, the crimes are not forced to wait.

5. The forest of ghosts (The Forest), 2016 new product, which critics have already go their godless roller. But there’s nothing you can do about it, horror movies are not respected in «high society». But, without a doubt, subjective opinion, «the Forest of ghosts» is beautiful from the point of view of the debut and just good from the point of view of the genre.

No, he’s not offering you anything new. Just another attempt to play on the Japanese tradition is terrible, but it turned out well. Certainly no worse than the American adaptation of «the Call», albeit with the dialogue overdone. The film is based on the urban legend that, in fact, not such a legend. We are talking about the forest of suicides, where really come to be hung. If you’re in Japan, you will find the forest at the North-Western foot of mount Fuji. This forest has entered into modern folklore, has acquired a bad reputation. But before he was known as a refuge of demons and evil spirits. And the film is all about. About one such story, very personal.

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