Cinema Saturday #63

Today you will be mad and, as we have got, the contrast selection. We threw in the mouth of today’s release of all possible genres for moviegoers different corruption and different States. One picture will demand from you concentration and thoughtfulness, and the other completely opposite States of mind and soul. So let your aristocratic cocktail of beer and vodka and enjoy yourself this weekend.

1. The Sacrament (The Sacrament), 2013

manygoodtips.com_25.03.2016_As6S6ulBGnrpZLet’s start with the tragic, almost documentary, filmed «trembling camera». As we tired of this goddamn «innovation» survey. But this film is a completely different thing. There is no ghosts, no poltergeists, no monsters from the other world. The only people, ordinary people that do evil steeper Satan and his minions. Ty West, the film’s Director, famous for his ability to squeeze out of the small budget, all that can be squeezed out. He doesn’t need a hundred million dollars to make good or at least decent movie. As for the «mystery», the story is quite real and happened in a wonderful community called «the Peoples Temple». It was headed by Jim Jones, who fear not the us government. So he gathered hundreds of people and gave them new life in a heavenly place called Jonestown. He wanted to create his own society based on equality, fraternity, team spirit and Christian values. But the trouble is, the state, this idea is not really like, and the fanatics it does not favor. In fact, the film is striking in its believability. After viewing we encourage you to watch the pictures from the archive, which sounds an awful lot like the final scene, which was filmed tai West.

But do not rush to draw conclusions from this story. All of this, the interpretation of the Director and work with real facts for a very long time to think. Maybe Jim Jones is not the most important motherfucker on the area, if you delve into the depths of understanding of the situation.

2. Lighting the Star (Set Fire to the Stars), 2014

Poradi.s.ua_25.03.2016_Vouz1vPH8aMSpDirector Andy Goddard is familiar to us primarily for the TV series. He has participated in the work on Downton Abbey,» «Doctor Who,» «Murphy’s Law». However, the business of feature films in his portfolio wasn’t until recently. And so the light appears «Lighting Stars». The movie is ambiguous, the author, even chamber. The main role was played by Elijah wood and Celine Jones. Feel that the money they are for shooting not paid, and all work was conducted for fun. I think that if Directors and actors were sent to hell marketing research, producers of bags and other «stakeholders», most of the movies looked that way.

A heartwarming story, in all senses. We are talking about a mad English poet Dylan Thomas (Selene Jones) and his young American tour Manager John Brinnin (Elijah wood). The latter does not understand how epic he was involved, thinking that the rumors about the scandalous poet – just a rumor. While browsing once you understand that everything is based on real events – too fast and really. John reminds us of a young guy who is trying to live right and to achieve something. A poet – just a dolt, who spit on society and standards of decency. Thomas recognizes only freedom and nothing but her. John has to constantly babysit big bloated guy who constantly sticks it in «polite society». However, towards the end of the film we understand the true motives of these two worlds. Good movie, but not for viewing in the company.

3. Loved (The Loved Ones), 2009

manygoodtips.com_25.03.2016_m9g92U0WfSM0eStarring your ex, ahaha! A flat joke, but nothing he’ll understand. But seriously, this is a movie you need, like a balm for the soul, after all those comedies about school and youth horror films that contain a ton of disgusting genre clichés. Today we are easy going and reckless, because talking to you directly: «Favorite» is the best representative of a niche.

How can you combine terrible cruelty and humor, which makes over the cruelty of that laugh hysterically (at least mentally, but aloud obscenely)? We don’t know, ask the Australians, because they removed it’s crazy. The main character (Robin Maclive) for the first time showed itself on the big screen in this film. And her image will be remembered by you for a long time, maybe even in a dream will see, who knows.

The authors took typical images of youth films: loser fat school handsome, dark Potocka, little girl. The viewer begins to think, what will happen with everyone, but then abruptly breaks off. Because hell is not just another film about a loser who got lucky with the most popular guy in school. This is a story that can come up with is that Richard laymon. A lot of blood, broken bones, sick imagination and no fear while watching. This is a movie that you can and should look for a company that is not squeamish. Rest assured, you will get such pleasure that you will want to review this disgustingly wonderful movie three more times. And Yes, there is great music.

4. The house Bunny (The House Bunny), 2008

manygoodtips.com_25.03.2016_ZCvswTCmCdLseThe previous film with an impressionable girl not much to look at, so we offer you a light Comedy where played themselves big hef and his girls. Easy and relaxed, the exact opposite of the mood «Favorite». However, this is not just Comedy with the dominance of the girls ‘ humor. Is in the plot a few trump cards that allow you to enjoy viewing. The first advantage is, of course, a large number of beautiful girls. Thanks to the founder of Playboy for it, because many ladies just there. The second advantage, in our opinion, is the main character. God knows, but this is the first stupid lady from the movie, which we liked. She falls into a women’s fraternity (Sorority) «strong and independent women, which is suffering defeat after defeat and soon all will lose their home. The local girls don’t want to watch yourself, be smart, and guys don’t admit to themselves. But now they face a choice: either they start to like boys with a lame line, or swept into the street, but with heads held high. And so it comes to Shelly (kicked out of the Playboy mansion), which decides to help botanicum, and myself, as it turns out, too.

One to watch will be strange, but with my girlfriend at the time. No violence, promise!

5. Chocolate (Chocolat), 2000

manygoodtips.com_25.03.2016_gK5BBQS33cmIjFriend wants romance and kindness, and you don’t mind? Then turn on «Chocolate» is perhaps the most warm and kind film this side of the milky way.

Despite the ease of the plot, the film is not deprived of important meanings. After viewing and calmer you feel, and thoughts laid out on the shelves. None of the chaos that drives us to our time, because some things are eternal, even if full of people who say the opposite. In the story, we observe a pleasant looking young woman named Vien. She opens a chocolate shop, which solves the problems of many citizens – they know the pleasure. But there it was. Embittered society in the face of the Church decides to cover the bench, but the film is still about the goodness, because don’t count on a dramatic final. Just look and rest.

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