Film Saturdays #62

Whoa, whoa, cinematic, look a good movie! Picked up, as a mother, as a prosthesis for his grandmother. Our job is to pick up the film, and yours is to watch. You can of course ignore this build, but bear in mind, we interpreted it as a slap in the gums. We worked so hard to please you. Besides, if you disrespect us, you disrespect God, because the Bible said «And on the sixth day God created the heading «cinema Saturdays», because I’m sick of 5 days to work.»

1. I’d like to be here (Wish I Was Here), 2014

manygoodtips.com_18.03.2016_I0nDGnZzp5ltVWhile everyone missed the «Clinic», JD got on the Internet a lot of money and started to pretend that he’s a serious Director. Zach Braff just realized that the Internet you can still roll out his old glory. Anything is better than being in Russia.

Otherwise, this film can be called «I’d Like it to be a new season of Clinics,» so a large number of actors from your favorite TV series may enter into confusion. However, this does not mean that «I Want to be here» (or «Sorry, I’m not here») is disgusting. On the contrary, it’s beautiful, of course, there is a sense of unoriginality, like a darned old contraceptive and produce for new, but with this arises a pleasant nostalgia for the days when Braff called «my girl». The story, though naive, but very clean and pleasant. This is not a Comedy, where not a word of GEG. Here is something to mourn, there is something to laugh and, of course, to think.

The story of 35-year-old guy who is looking for himself, similar to many of us, isn’t it? Well, to all fans of Eugene Badcomedian that every effort was made to release this movie in our country and took part in voice acting, you must see this movie if they haven’t reviewed it yet. And before J. D. awkward: the guy raising money on kickstarter, made a movie, and you don’t watch it.

2. The Voices (The Voices), 2014

manygoodtips.com_18.03.2016_ruwNOZpSK4smt«Ahh, it’s Deadpool, my ass!!!» – tell the audience of primary school age, before going to see this film. When I came across this film, I thought that I will be a fun and easy treshachok about communication with animals. Something’s mentally ill, like «Wilfred». In fact, the film was difficult. No, stupid humor and unbridled joy were present in large volume, was, as is usual in comedies with Reynolds, a lot of stupidity, but otherwise, you’re waiting an hour and a half the emotional experiences of schizophrenic, which the cat tries to convince to do unacceptable things, and the dog, on the contrary, convinces us that he is a good man. But the film is much deeper than it appears, voice is a means of protection covers the life of cruelty. First, you sincerely empathize with the hero Reynolds, and then begin to sincerely hate everything that is happening on the screen and everyone involved in that crazy play, including Director with the dog.

After this film, oddly enough, you begin to understand some of the killers. Bravo movie, Bravo to the Director, Bravo brilliantly played Reynolds. This is one of the most bizarre, black, dirty, and however brilliant films. And whoever thinks it is stupid and pointless, just do not understand.

3. Magic in the moonlight (Magic in the Moonlight), 2014

manygoodtips.com_18.03.2016_zc4fQSzC9RX4vA sufficient review for this film would be a listing of the cast and Director. The film was made by the great woody Allen, and starring the lovely Emma stone and Colin Firth irresistible. But besides this, the film is full of tasty aspects, starting with the enchanting colors and ending with music that will take your feet to dance.

About the acting, script and directing have said. About the magical and delicate Emmie too. The main thing in this film – the relationship between the two charlatans, budrawich people’s brains. Allen, ate the dog on the films about strange love strange people, added a pinch of skepticism and branded gave a very enjoyable film.

The film is perfect for watching with girlfriend or alone. If the soul is somehow joyless, «magic in the moonlight» will create magic with you and lift your spirits.

4. Rain man (Rain Man), 1988

manygoodtips.com_18.03.2016_F3OdoxZmWQvQtThe film, which has become a classic. A classic, as is well known, must see. If you’ve seen it, immediately watch this touching and non-trivial story about the real lives of the feeble-minded, without Perestanovki Hollywood endings.

The great Dustin Hoffman at first refused the role, calling it the worst in his career, however, the role of a brilliant autistic was so convincing that the Academy could not give him a second career «Oscar.» Everything from the language to the silly bobble head, done so convincingly that you begin to suspect the Hoffman’s in deviations.

The second character is equally brilliant Tom cruise, for which the 80s began a fruitful field of brilliant films. The best movies cruise has stayed there in the times of glam-rock and second-rate fighters. His character is a true child of the well-fed and wealthy American ‘ 90s, self-centered asshole, no authority, just a mess on cars and money. And then two completely different characters begin to converge, however this convergence does not look boring and replayed, in the end no one turns into a cute dork, and the movie ends as it should happen in such situations, not only on film and in real life.

This story is touching, but not letting the deceptive fog, she just tells the truth about how hard it is to live with such charming people.» Even the most touching moments of the truth of life overcomes the law of the genre. Great film, even if you don’t think so.

5. Death proof (Death Proof), 2007

manygoodtips.com_18.03.2016_EzzEVvurmYyhDTruly a Tarantino film, a logical continuation of centralize American Maestro laid down in «pulp fiction» and «reservoir dogs». Here he and the Director and screenwriter, and cinematographer, and as the bartender Warren swept, and what does it mean? So be witty dialogue, a bit of the atmosphere of the 70s, female feet closeup and a large number of quotations and allusions to other films. A wonderful mix of the 70s and the present day creates a unique, Tarantino atmosphere in which stood left not at Affairs in connection with the introduction of computer editing, stuntman, and a few interesting girls.

Witty, cruel, fascinating. In the «Protection from death» (so it will be correct to translate the name) is good, especially the cast are perfect to their characters. Starring – best of Kurt – Kurt Russell, and this is not a fucking dog. But still the film has received well-deserved popularity, and, moreover, was defeated by criticism to the state of one of the worst films of the Maestro. But don’t listen to these losers, a film based on the kashrut, check it yourself.

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