Cinema Saturday #61

A new batch of movies from – what could be better this weekend? Relax, take a rest from all this spring bustle, forget about work and endless responsibilities. Choose finally a film from our list and enter the world of battle of wills, or the terrible events of black humor. Today, the collection is extremely varied for versatile you. You can choose this plate and can see a light, noncommittal film. In any case, it will be interesting.

1. Killer vacation (Tucker and Dale or Evil), 2010

manygoodtips.com_11.03.2016_vFTZiImzdmzyWWe all know Hollywood clichés that relate to horror films. And if you’re a fan of the genre, they’re or annoying, or forced to accept. But, we are pleased that periodically appear on the screens of the movies that just undermine the most absurd and the most famous stereotypes. Director Eli Craig, who made films in General is almost there, it went this way.

It all starts as usual: College students go to hang out on the full. Each student is a walking stereotype: always sexy girls, necessarily brutal guys are all cute and «normal». But local residents – not only that «the village», and «persistent village.» Scary rednecks-racists who hate the city. And then it started: a sea of blood, severed limbs and completely idiotic deaths. No, nothing in this film you will not see, because every death is wrapped up in such a comical situation, but to laugh, do nothing more. Definitely recommend for viewing in the company under the pizza and beer!

2. Sadist (Bully), 2001

manygoodtips.com_11.03.2016_Krzrde3s2tzStIf you want to look really «heavy» movie, we found you a «Sadist». He filmed on the true story of cult film Director Larry Clark, who specializiruetsya on grim-grim Chernukha («Kids», «Ken Park»), which looks stylish and in the spirit of the time. We see the story of two friends, a very strange relationship. No, they are not guilty of homosexuality, the film is not about that. Just one of them – a real sadistic, but clever scum (Bobby) and the other spineless girl (Marty). Of course, the first in every way mocks the second.

A film about teenagers, maybe even of our generation. Many of the episodes familiar in our youth, and now, I think, in Russia the situation in a similar way. Everyone says that guys never grow up and filmmaker Larry Clark is convinced in the opposite: growing up too soon. The result – drugs, violence, teenage sex. The Director makes a movie with a moral-a rough arrangement. Not at all. «Sadist» is a healthy example of a good local movie that will be interesting and the teenagers, well, we, of course.

By the way, the film is not only that is based on real events, and the main actor far removed from the atmosphere «Sadist» – died of a drug overdose. However, brad Renfro was awesome.

3. Key from all doors (The Skeleton Key) 2005

manygoodtips.com_11.03.2016_vgtnJiEitO5MkSometimes you just want to watch kosher mysticism, in the «best traditions» and that there was nothing superfluous. Such films are suitable for night viewing, when the rage of wind, thunder, and the sky cut sparkling lightning, or, at least, when it’s raining. A good mystery must have a great atmosphere, well written story that the viewer believe in what is happening on the screen. And so it is difficult to find currently, this very good mystique, because now we are far from superstition, ghosts and witchcraft. And we are all editors happy when we find something worthwhile, like «skeleton Key,» directed by Iain Softley.

A viewer sent in the dense Louisiana, underdeveloped state by our standards, and becomes a witness of mysterious history, which is, of course, in a big dark mansion. This mansion, as usual, more than a hundred years, and he keeps a terrible, «ungodly» secrets. The main character – an ordinary girl who gets a job as a nurse to the old invalid. Give her the key, and not easy, and all doors in the house. What’s next – we can only guess.

4. Finder of water (The Water Diviner), 2014 movie did Russell Crowe is in the title role, of course. And the plot produces a mixed impression, but definitely worth a look. Why do we believe? First, «the water Seeker» is a damn epic film that absorbs and historical drama, and romantic story, and a very sincere story about real fatherhood. If Crowe has decided to shoot the film, which is set up through all the problems that exist in this godforsaken world.

It is strange that this story managed to fit in two hours. The main character is an Australian man of the old school, which is important for the family, work, home. There is now little. On the world stage, meanwhile, opens up the First world war. Australia, if you didn’t know, is also involved in it. Sons sent to the front and returned. Family broken, destroyed, but old crow, but rather his character, who does not want to accept his fate. He goes to Turkey to find his sons. On the way there are many trials, well, without the romantic line was not.

The only thing that did not like our experienced spectator’s eyes, is the fact that the Greeks are portrayed by the mad savages, when they show the scene of their liberation struggle. But the Turks – all of these patriots that were not in the wrong place at the wrong time, watching the fall of his Empire. However, it shows a beautiful scene of the tragic eras – one dance of the dervishes in a ruined temple worth.

5. Invasion (The Invasion), 2007

manygoodtips.com_11.03.2016_iop3BHU9sslqaAnd finally, I will tell you about the kosher film about aliens. Now this topic, because the new season of «the x-files» was a kick in the balls, not the return of the legend. Oh, Mulder, what have you done to yourself? But we will not complain, and will offer you the «Invasion». Chic fiction, which is incomparable Nicole Kidman and the most controversial bond – Daniel Craig.

The film itself is an adaptation of the novel by Jack Finney «the body Snatchers». The viewer is transported to a provincial town where going on some incomprehensible horror. And in this fear to blame the aliens, of course.

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