Cinema Saturday #60

Soon the 8th of March, women’s day, and things so feminine, kolgotochki-floral and kind-of bitchy. Even our Saturday column was leaked veil of feminine charm, and we, anyway, decided to collect the great movies where women is given a significant role. But not just so, and in order to better understand them. What do you think, even the ladies of the subjects is covered with a layer of masculinity and the fraternal aid.

1. 7 days and nights with Marilyn (My Week with Marilyn), 2011 Monroe went down in history as a sex symbol and Etalon of female beauty and grace. Nobody wanted to see it as a talent that everyone saw only incredible sexy in every look, gesture, gait. Legend of the British cinema Laurence Olivier thought about the same, and aging the Director knew that such an incredibly popular thing, like Monroe, will doom his movie on box office success.

In fact, the film tells about the events of the 1957-th year, when Monroe’s arm with her husband Arthur Miller, who was already a major American writer, came to Olivier to star in a light Comedy «the Prince and the showgirl». But, like any woman, she plunges into a maelstrom of love with boring man, tired of the simple-minded fool, and an assistant. These 7 days of love described in the film. And it’s not the Director’s imagination, and adaptation of the memoirs of the assistant named Colin Clark.

How could you not react to Marilyn, the film is interesting and enjoyable to watch. It will not change your attitude to the actress, but will give you 99 minutes of a touching story about the relationship of a boy and a superstar. The guy, by the way, dynamite the very Emma Watson, which seems crazy. Here, in General, assembled a terrific ensemble cast. What this landmark block, like Judi Dench! Hector from «Troy» plays perfectly Mr Olivier. Probably, thanks to the excellent acting to break away from watching the film is simply unrealistic. His ease and innocence he reminds me of a large «Roman holiday», although «Holidays» in love Golubka like a cancer to the Paradise. And surprisingly, in the end, even begin to sympathize with the characters, forgetting about the broken heart Hermione.

2. Frida (Frida), 2002

manygoodtips.com_3.03.2016_T4IkjsxvnsqmpDespite the visible presence of the ornament of hairs on the upper lip and around the nipples, so familiar to the southern peoples, Frida Kahlo had a impressive feminine wiles. The film is not about magic, but about life of the famous artist, revolutionaries, feminists and most famous women in the history of Argentina. The picture became a monument of cinema, so to watch her strictly, how could you not treat this as bright as an exploding volcano, and a controversial lady.

Salma Hayek after this film I love as an actress and reward all the «Oscars» have. They say that the niece of the artist was so impressed that he gave Salme necklace ladies Kahlo. They say the role is asking the famous show-woman and part-time singer Madonna, but she refused. Thank God, the creators wanted to make a good picture, not a cheap parody of art. It turned out gorgeous, very sensual, heartfelt movie, and most importantly, insanely beautiful. If you want to know how masculine monopoly Helen Keller could inexplicably bring to mind the great artist (it’s much better than Frida) Diego Rivera and a professional revolutionary Leon Trotsky, see this movie.

3. Million dollar baby (Million Dollar Baby), 2004

manygoodtips.com_3.03.2016_BW3B73fFJhe66Directed By Clint Eastwood. Composer – Clint Eastwood. Starring – Clint Eastwood. Another couple of great actors, a touching script and the finished masterpiece on as many as 4 Oscars, including «Best film» and «Best actress». Hilary swank plays the appearance and character and does it so convincingly that you begin to treat it with sympathy. Actually, this picture leaves no doubt and the directing talent of Eastwood, which is much wider than his acting talent. The movie is so elegant dialogues that the Academy couldn’t ignore Morgan Freeman with his wise, like a fairy owl, speeches.

The film is not about Boxing, although the battles are staged gorgeous, and the people who run away from the past, very touching. And from that dramatic final, after which even the most persistent want to «go smoke». Well, not so had to end the film.

4. There’s something about Mary (there’s Something About Mary), 1998

manygoodtips.com_3.03.2016_cuUMrJb883zhXThe film, which Ben Stiller cock jammed zipper of my pants. Hilarious Comedy in which a crowd of hopeless lovers of losers fighting for love is still young and like a football player Dmitry Bulykin Cameron Diaz.

The plot is trite, especially when you consider that these pictures were taken a little more 4769732, but this will be remembered and will go down in history. There is nothing extraordinary, the story is banal, the film is easy and does not makes us think about lofty matters, not annoying hackneyed Encyclical, existential anxieties and cherkesovskiy issues. The humor is simple, but not annoying, so what’s the deal? Probably, in the cast. Cameron Diaz as a great actress, and roles in the comedies – the kind of thing where the viewer remembers her beautiful face to memory. Well, Stiller – Stiller has. And yet there is great attention paid to detail why this is not a serious film pleases even after almost 20 years.

5. Revolutionary road (Revolutionary Road), 2008 were two loneliness. Since then, as the lion gentleman gave way to Kate at the door, nobody could see them again together. But the actors have matured, improved angelic Winslet, DiCaprio became more experienced and seasoned, which means it’s time to move to the suburbs of new York, to get a boring job, having a baby and not show tassels-pisyulki candy carrot period, and that vain-household period when everything becomes Mature, and all the romance swallowed the hopeless routine problems and family quarrels. It only remains clouded by time, the dream and a complete lack of understanding of what to do to achieve it. The film is pretty good and the wise, proves once again that Oscar-winner Leo plays well in scenes where you want to scream.

By Hollywood gloss lies a simple story about people. Need heroes change? Need, not only in Paris, but here, you just have to stop being offended by life and take things into their own hands. A cautionary tale, look at her and think that a year is not considered family life a mistake.

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