Cinema Saturday #6

Today’s selection can be described as films «for life». Each in its own way teaches you, it would seem, truths and what we often mentioned in our articles.

Appreciate life, be yourself, believe in yourself, don’t despair… all will be well!

1. Oh, where are you, brother? (O Brother, Where Art Thou?), 2000 weekend you have to start with something good, (especially because they will have as many as 3), and even if you’re familiar with all the masterpieces of the genius of the Coen brothers, to watch movies never hurt. If you haven’t seen this film, you immediately cancel all plans and sit on your comfortable sofa. You don’t even have popcorn and other vkusnaja: you’ll be too absorbed in watching this wonderful Comedy.

Very briefly about the plot: America, 1937, con man (George Clooney) escapes from prison in the company of two idiots (John Turturro and Tim Blake Nelson), however, the hero has a great mind and other advantages. On the way to freedom, they fall into different alterations, and meet amazing and sometimes not the nicest people. And not to spoil on this stop.

In addition to interesting multi-layered plot and great acting (in the author’s opinion, this is the best role Clooney), your attention gets hold music. The film’s soundtrack was released on CD in December 2000 and was a huge success. He was honored with two awards of the Association of country music (best album and best single), and five Grammy awards, including «Best album of the year».

2. Carnage (Carnage), 2011 ironic Comedy with dramatic shades of Roman Polanski on how a peaceful dialogue can turn into real war. Word for word – and so well-mannered and respectable people suddenly reveal his true I, which may surprise and even scare themselves.

The action of the story happens within the four walls: spouses Cowan (Christoph waltz and Kate Winslet) come to the family of Longstreet (C. Reilly and jodie foster) to find out who is right and who is wrong in the fight that occurred between their sons.

This tragicomedy keeps in suspense from beginning to end. A perfect interactive movie with amazing acting, intelligent, but not boring.

3. Scent of a woman (Scent of a Woman), 1992

manygoodtips.com_18.02.2015_nTuHhMbpDmBiuDespite the name, the film is not about the fairer sex, although you can learn a lot from the main character in how to impress the women, because many women saw it as the «perfect man»: strong, kind, charming, intelligent, gallant, etc, etc.

So, a retired Colonel Frank Slade (awesome al Pacino) for thanksgiving decides to go to new York and have some fun, but there is one problem – he’s blind. Caring relatives hire a student Charlie (Chris o’donnell), that he accompanied the Colonel. This is a joint trip cynical, grumpy and craves adventure of Colonel and a young man who is trying to appease the old rebel (not always possible), eventually changed the lives of both characters.

Superb acting, interesting philosophical dialogues and beautiful music will leave after viewing a pleasant aftertaste, despite the drama of the story.

4. Hesher (Hesher), 2010 you learn from the life of this experienced man like Colonel Frank of the above-mentioned film is clear, but what can we learn from always dirty, unkempt, drunk, stoned nihilists? Some varmint teaches you life is something new.

The plot tells about a boy named T. J. (Devin Cast), who recently lost her mother and whose father is in a depression from grief. It is not strange, but bully Hesher (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) helps the boy to return family life back on track, and You Jay, in turn, changes the life of one of the heroines (Natalie Portman).

5. Three idiots (3 Idiots), 2009

three idiotsThis amazing film – the jewel of Indian cinema. Forget everything you knew about Indian cinema! Here you will not see banal and predictable story, unrealistic fights and the constant song and dance, however, a couple of the songs will still be, but even they, in this case, to the point and very complementary to the film.

This story is about life itself: about friendship and love, about hopes and disappointments, about the hardships of ordinary people, about the fate of the evil and of what faces each of us.

Two friends (Sharman Joshi, Madhavan) go in search of his former classmate – and open-minded irrepressible Rancho (Aamir Khan) who broke into their life and changed it. But now what became of him, where has he gone and who was he?

If you still don’t trust us and think that an Indian film can’t be good, maybe iMDB rating of 8.5 for you is forced to change his mind?

This film is a must see – don’t argue!

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