Cinema Saturday #59

Many movies do not happen! Especially in the days of weekend idleness, when I want to send all the problems away and just get lost in the conflicts of the movie, order a pizza and to bury your gaze in the screen. And our selection is easiest to make, because it is good in all senses: the five perfect movies to any taste and nothing more. Enjoy, friend!

1. Eclipse (Regression), 2015

manygoodtips.com_26.02.2016_HC1LJl8juhtOoDirector Alejandro Amenbar – this is not stump the mountain, and the person who removed the «Agora», «the Sea inside» and «Others». Good track record, which ended at the «Eclipse» cutie Emma Watson and a man named Ethan hawke. And let the last film of Amenbar subjected to violence by the critics, we liked it.

So cool in the movie? Like starts like a regular mystery, where not really smart detective investigating and stumbles along the way to all sorts of difficulty. At the right hand of detective – psychologist who specializiruetsya on regressive hypnosis. And extracted all the forgotten details. Strange memories come up when with suspects, victims and witnesses conducted a session «psychotherapy». It is becoming more difficult, and the usual mockery of the father transforms itself into an intricate theory of massive and terrible conspiracy. And on television panic: the police, the FBI, a large proportion of the people are convinced that in this world slipped something dark and evil. Intrigued? Now imagine that the actual events described in the film, not far from the truth. By far to look for our people particularly useful.

2. My own private Idaho (My Own Private Idaho), 1991

manygoodtips.com_26.02.2016_uL9eVFda3lnnGThere was a guy in Hollywood, and his name was river Phoenix (brother of Joaquin). He died in 93-m to year from a drug overdose in a club called the Viper Room. He was then 23 years old. You know why we feel sorry for this guy? Explain. River played in one of the coolest drama films of the last century! «My own private Idaho» is a film not only about two prostitutes who resort to madness in order to avoid conflict with the ancestors, society and decency. This movie is all about the many pain points of the modern man, who is cornered, not allowed to reveal all. Both characters are opposed to the whole system, and to escape from it, they have to go down to the bottom.

The picture mercilessly deep, it has a lot of philosophy and shit. However, the Director did not hide behind obscure symbols and explains everything in simple examples. And it turned out all very clearly and honestly. No ambiguity that we always like in a good cinema. Even now want to revise the «Idaho». But be warned: the film is not particularly suitable for people who are guided by stereotypes.

3. Lone hero (Last Man Standing), 1996

manygoodtips.com_26.02.2016_UbaXnipCdBDrNWhat we expect from Bruce Willis, but the massacre and shooting? Right, more violence! It is not always necessary verified the story, to enjoy a good picture. Take the movie «lone Hero». Pure Western that suffered for several decades – in the era of «dry law».

In a small Texas town near the Mexican border, comes a faceless mercenary. He is the archetype of the «tough American guy» who does the work, not the mouth and can always discharge the gun, never made a mistake. Of course, in town everything is calm and terrorize the two gangs. One of the groups belongs to Irish, the other Italian. You know, in this scenario conflict is inevitable. How to survive alone, if you do not go to this or that criminal bunch? Look and see how solved this dilemma old Willis. Although, I think you can guess what happened.

4. The girl of my nightmares (The Heartbreak Kid), 2007

manygoodtips.com_26.02.2016_jjmy4WnX04PcjWhat good all of these romantic comedies, so that you always know in the main character himself. Maybe not completely but at least partially. If not, then the Comedy goes past unnoticed. This is the essence of the genre. And when we watched this movie, it was good: came in mood and content. So in Hollywood such actors, which speak for themselves. Like Ben Stiller. If you include a movie with him, it is first and foremost a film with Ben Stiller and only then comes the «main title».

The plot tells the story of one unfortunate. He got into a very unpleasant thing, when he married a beautiful woman, a gorgeous woman and all the ideal. Quick solutions are never the best, know that in advance. And in front of the hero Stiller were on our honeymoon, which has completely changed his view of his beloved. And let it not scare you a little bit of vulgar humor – here it is appropriate. And the brothers Farrell has always understood how to combine stuff and romance. In the end, our verdict after viewing: just the perfect movie to share with a friend.

5. Oblivion (Oblivion), 2013

manygoodtips.com_26.02.2016_D6n0SMJJzoPFWThe film is not named after games, don’t worry. To the universe «scrolls,» the sweaty little hands of filmmakers have not reached yet. «Oblivion» with Tom cruise – very enjoyable science fiction that fits the spirit of «old school». You are no monsters and ghouls, no «them» and the slippery beasts that want to devour humanity, are simply the future, like a blank sheet. Desolate man the planet where the station’s maintenance drones working techniques. In General, the fate of the film could change. It could become exciting and dynamic spectacle where we could see the air of the city, multiple shootings, a Horde of rebels. But, fortunately, this did not happen and we got a movie that leaves behind a feeling of fear and delight.

Even the music is gorgeous, it was mentioned separately. Watch, enjoy the sights, beauty of scenery and fragments of humanity.

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