Cinema Saturday #57

Cool week, so much trash-news and scientific discoveries! Your brain time to rest and relax. And how it can be done, if not with great movies? So let’s on the couch, invite your friends and turn on the box. Can before that to cook something, why not? We, as you understand, the next five films that will touch all corners of your soul and make you spiritually richer. We like to get pleasure from watching the products of world cinema, like to share the recommendations with you, and because you see this topic 57 times.

1. Einstein and Eddington (Einstein and Eddington), 2008

Like a bolt from the sky, like a hand to a drowning man and the weary sailor, the world came the news that Einstein fucking again was right. This time in terms of the existence of gravitational waves. What this discovery useful for mankind? We will talk about this soon. But old albert Einstein should be respected at least by watching the film with his participation».

But the picture, in addition to this scientific atmosphere, and really good. Einstein was already famous, but he was not yet a rock star of science. His ideas were not confirmed, which was very annoying a fellow astronomer named Arthur Eddington. In General, Arthur decided to do all the dirty work for Einstein to prove the theory of the latter. This, in turn, changed our understanding of the Universe. If you love scientific topic as well as we do, then you will like it.

2. Once (Once), 2007

This movie is like a documentary: is so alive and believable it looks. Here is a guy who plays on the street and earns money. He’s got great songs, a normal voice, but nobody knows about it, because he was just a street musician. And what songs need to play a street musician, to be always in the money? Any, of course, but not your own. He sings only when the sun had long since sat down, and the streets became empty. And there’s a girl, she’s a little weird. Maybe she’s got something in life happened? A burden on the shoulders, perhaps. She sells flowers on the street. She has a Slavic appearance and a great love for music.

The Foundation of the story I hope, is well understood. On just starts of their General history, history that is sometimes enough to believe in person to see it happen. To watch this movie with a girl, never mind some residue of sadness at the end. Such good and believable stories now rarely find. In addition, «One day» – ton of good music. Clarification: the live soft music.

3. On the edge (On the Edge), 2001

Was 2001, then Cillian Murphy only came to the brink that divided the substance «and who is this guy» substance «jeez, it’s Killian!». There was no «Sharp peaks» nor the role of «Scarecrow». But the paintings in which he played was awesome.

Dr. Figger wasn’t like a doctor, and all suicides in his group, now including me, agreed not to kill yourself or not to be hung before the first of January. You can imagine the corpse that weighs on the overhead wires and thinks, «If the doctor finds out I’m finished.»

– Jonathan –»On the edge» – the movie that should show every teenager and every adult. First – in order to not do stupid things for trifles, and the second is to appreciate life with all its horrors. Here you have all fucking shitty, so shitty that it’s easier to drown than to continue to Drudge? If that’s you, then watch the movie. Because the hero Killian Murphy men such as he. He is charismatic, but impulsive guy. It is extremely not lucky in life, while others cope with their circumstances worse. But it doesn’t matter, everyone has their own threshold of no return. But this dude is clearly not lucky, even suicide. Miraculously he survives, but he, understandably, not happy. The guy was placed in a psychiatric hospital where he is surrounded by the same destructive personality as he is. However, each has its own story, each has its own chances of survival.

You can write and more about this picture, but do not want to spoil your viewing spoilers. Just to say that such films can change your life. A loud statement? Well, okay.

4. Dagon (Dagon), 2001

A very long time (5-6 years) I thought HP Lovecraft the greatest writer. Hell fans of him in General. Of course, kievmash is also affected. We watched some low budget nonsense, where were the ghostly hints of «Ancient». Basically it was horrible trash that I and a close friend to advise you hesitate. But one winter evening, my choice fell on «Dagon», and this film you will advise.

What is his greatness? In the first place in canonicity. The plot is built so that it seems the writer was the old Lovecraft. The whole atmosphere is transferred perfectly. You can feel salty taste in mouth and strange sounds behind the door, which can issue only «ungodly, blasphemous creation with fish faces». Dark cults, harsh landscapes – and all this is filmed on a fairly small money. Surprised that with this budget to make a quality horror? If the Director was a few million more, it would be a masterpiece of cinema. Although not in-the-money cinematic happiness.

5. Evan Almighty (Evan Almighty), 2007

If you think that God should only be Morgan Freeman, the film is definitely for you.

But seriously, it’s just a fun and very instructive story. You can call it an adaptation of stories from the Bible about Noah’s Ark. However, without bloodshed and mass deaths. We see the ordinary laborer with a class of so-called office plankton. He wants to get on with my life and receives a tempting offer. But then realizes that the proposal is of God, and it can be waived. «Build an ark, bitch,» says God. «The flood is coming!» You can watch with anyone, and need to rest from the serious themes in the film, and it’s all about death and all sorts of horrors.

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