Cinema Saturday #56

Hi. How’s it going? What are you doing? Sad? Want good movie? Different: happy, sad, alive, killer? As always, not bad advise, it is necessary to have a good weekend. What kind of movies? So, take your pick: Russell Crowe, bill Murray, Rutger Hauer, drugs and a bit of necromancy.

1. Blind fury (Blind Fury), 1989

Typical Comedy of category «B» straight from the 80s! There is a grain of madness, a Hollywood phrase, a sea of blood, the signature catchphrases of the main character and quite philosophical motives – in General, a complete kinofans that makes us nice to be touched, looking at how blind but dangerous Rutger Hauer befriends the son of his friend.

The coolest thing about this picture is not hairy Terry Quinn (aka John Locke from «lost»), not the plot, based on the Japanese series «the Story of Zatoichi», namely Hauer, who played with his usual coldness the Dutch who became blind, but not desperate Vietnam veteran. Something to fall into despair, even if in a blind as you are willing to cut a small Horde of bad guys!?

Still, this film has something special that makes you revisit time and time again and it always seems to get involved the blind samurai.

2. Awakening the forest (Wake Wood), 2009

«Awakening the forest» is not a film about the morning of your ex-girlfriends (ahahaha, jokes for 300!!! Sorry.) «Awakening the forest» is suitable ethno-Thriller in the spirit of «pet Cemetery» only with a larger share of the melodramatic and children instead of animals. Very organic concise picture in which, as it seems, nothing is superfluous. And of course, luxurious, magical nature of Ireland adds to the charm in the story of the resurrection kinder.

By the way, the main villains are not evil kids, and… And you’ll have to see.

3. St. Vincent (St Vincent), 2014

A film that stays in your heart between the ventricle and atrium, at least because of the elegant acting of Murray and a good script.

Nice parable about the friendship of twelve-year-old boy and slightly crazy war veteran, loves most in life blackjack and hookers. This film can not fail to interest! But don’t think Murray is bad, his character, however, so touching, that involuntarily you catch yourself thinking: «I want to be in old age the same».

All the actors, even the smallest, without exception, showed the creators of Russian serials how to play. As a result of what we have? Have a good relationship drama with elements of Comedy for the evening. No, very funny drama perfect for watching arm in arm with his girlfriend, and even grandmother.

4. Three days to escape (The Next Three Days), 2010

Russell Crowe is very good actor, but glasses «drops» (or maybe it’s «aviators») sitting on it’s not as cool as Stallone in «Cobra». In the end, throughout the movie Crowe in the image of the novice of max Payne pulls his beautiful wife from the clutches of an unfair American justice. Does it clumsily, because holding that gun for the first time and even human flesh not eaten, but thanks to the stupid actions of American cops he has a chance to succeed.

The picture came out with a bunch of mistakes, but they are no less interesting for that. Fit good action, good actors, great music, detailed script and a strong story about what prepared people for the sake of their loved ones.

The perfect movie for those who don’t want to get bored on a Saturday night and is not afraid to worry about the main characters.

5. Drugstore cowboy (Drugstore Cowboy), 1989

The main character Bob is a terrible drug addict with a cheerful philosophy of life, which he is ready to share with everyone. Even Bob will tell you how hard it is to be the leader of a gang, which are at risk robbers of pharmacies and that «most people don’t know what to feel in the next minute, and only the addict knows this.»

The story of the group through drugs run from the reality, was at the time, defining for a generation X and a sign that American independent cinema, as Iggy Pop is still alive. 1971-th year, «» flower Children wilted in pots, the counterculture died, and only these four wandering from one drug store to another, happily playing hide and seek with the police.

Hypnotic dive to the bottom of the name of film directed by Gus van Sant. Succinct, highly artistic descriptions of weightless trip and beautiful scenery (which the artist education van Seth stuck everywhere) stupefy is not worse than the drugs themselves, and the philosophy of the main character can completely change your Outlook.

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