Cinema Saturday #51

So you in 2016! What have you already done or you haven’t even left yet? And we have all the old movies we recommend, overseas, wonderful, amazing and original. Always nice to realize that there is something unchanging in this ever-boiling and boiling the world. Something that will be with you always. The second day of the new year, and life is beginning to improve. I hope that you all will be cool, but check out the epic set of films, which sheds light on the whole range of human feelings: joy, laughter, sadness, fear, and so on. So probably what will hook your eyes. Besides, bad movies we recommend! This you had to make sure a long time ago.

1. True crime (True Crime), 1999

Love Clint Eastwood? We also, and this «Christmas story» very similar to those paintings, which starred our harsh and dangerous friend in the Golden 70’s and 80 steel. If you do not remember, almost every character Eastwood portrayed a brutal man, capable of anything. The characters Eastwood had no diplomatic skills, they prefer to shoot the criminal, and then have to talk about that. And it attracted crowds of fans.

True crime film of a different kind. The identity of the protagonist is not as straightforward and clumsy. Anyway, by nature he’s an asshole, but assholes are some rules of life that they prefer not to disturb. Again a story about justice and injustice, about the godless prison system of the United States and the chances that a rare thing. The film creates a sense of hope for humanity, because any drunken womanizer, which is not still more valuable than a successful gentleman that does not care at all.

In General, looking at the aging star who is the face of the conservative hand of Hollywood cinema.

2. Visit (The Visit), 2015

Sometimes I think: how did get the mockumentary horror genre. And then there are films such as «Visit», and you understand that it is not in the genres of business, and talented Directors that they juggle. If the rebels our reputation is Clint Eastwood, then in mysticism, of course, by M. night Shyamalan. He is able to do terrible things without breaking the suspense. And the «Visit» turned out just awesome work. Perhaps the best part of horror over the last year.

About the story spread will not, because every detail of the script, Shyamalan so much. But the horror starts as it should begin: the old house, with old forgotten ancestors, where short-sighted mother brings their children. Well, except maybe it will end with something good? However, do not rush to label peculiar to the movies with homes Ghost. M. night Shyamalan knows how to surprise and mock the plot moves as anyone else. And towards the end you see this.

3. Life (Life), 1999

This spiritual Comedy, with the peace of children, familiar to us from childhood. Martin Lawrence and Eddie Murphy always knew how to amuse the audience without resorting to toilet humor. And in 1999 they had another peak of popularity, they are loved by all. So now they are acting in questionable movies, but not 17 years ago.

About toilet humor. We are not against vulgarity in film, sometimes you want to watch Comedy that was not just funny, but good. It’s the holidays, not the gray days that are pleasantly immersed in a swamp of nihilism. However, «Life», despite its lightness, is not a Comedy in the full sense of the word. There is a tragedy, and social references, and the action takes place somewhere during the notorious prohibition. And then the real friendship between men was a necessity, as in any difficult time. And in this picture we see are not just funny adventure in places not so remote, and the history of reciprocity, a certain brotherhood. See, as any dude the movie will be good.

4. Rain (Hard Rain), 1997

manygoodtips.com_2.01.2016_ZfIDIKaHszzYANot to say that Director Mikael Solomon is in the top 10 best of kinodela, according to He and a hundred unlikely to enter. But to create the atmosphere he always was. Take, for example, «the Fate of Salem». Remember this series? There is no less elegant work. Like everyone who are crazy from the endless heavy rains in frames. And Morgan Freeman! Without him this film would have been quite different. Freeman always explain everything, earning himself another freckle and the location of the higher forces. Another advantage of this Thriller is Christopher young – the same guy that wrote the music for the cult film «Hellraiser» and «Urban Legends».

Watch for many reasons: deciliters of water spilling toward the viewer; Morgan, I’ll explain everything, Freeman; action that doesn’t kill the story; and, of course, suitable music. The film is not a masterpiece, but it has its own character and cope with the destruction of free time at 100.

5. The cold of the night (Cold Comes the Night), 2013

A lot of crime does not happen. At least here. And «Cold night» – the representative of chic interspecific crime film, not a modern, beautiful, with a gripping storyline. Of course, it requires a certain approach and mood. Grab a beer, chips or perhaps a pizza. And relax, so. Otherwise, we are not responsible for the consequences.

He shot a young Director who was called Chun. And here we see the imposition of traditions of Asian cinema, because, despite the fact that Jung grew up in the States, he clearly wanted to do something in the spirit of mindless fun and violence, which is so full of cinema in the East. But it turned out restrained and acceptable to Europeans. «Cold nights» is quite a unique film to watch at least once. Not a masterpiece, but young Directors rarely shoot masterpieces. However, Bryan Cranston (breaking bad) doing his business as he can professionally.

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