Cinema Saturday #49

Forty-nine weeks, eleven long months or 493920 minutes. 245 this is you, we are confident that watched with us. How much water has flowed under the bridge…But not the time to summarize the year is not over yet. Today we continue our epic the next portion is great, hilarious, brutal and good movies. All the best traditions and tastes. Enjoy, dude! This Saturday is not the last.

1. Ecstasy (Go), 1999

Let’s start with the easy and, of course, a cult film about young narcopolicemen the world. In it we see representatives of the club and party culture, which in Russia has already managed to disappear. In their place came other – darker and more ruthless. But now we’re talking about the late 90s, because all along, but the brain needs to seek the answer to just one question: how to break away at Christmas?

In General, Ecstasy was burning with ferocity, drive and something abnormal. The Director made, in fact, three stories, each of which have an impact on each other. Watching the movie reminds driving on the highway to hell drunk: the bright colors, the wrong lane and sharp turns that throw the car into the open field, and overhead, of course, the eternal stars, watching the human madness. And there is some nostalgic tone in this story, especially for those who have never experienced similar feelings – a sense of freedom and full of fervor. And yet this movie, you can watch alone, with friends and with my girlfriend. And in each case you will hook something. Roughly speaking, if watching with friends, is unlikely to start remembering your twenty, and if one is to remember the violent youth, of course, have.

2. Don’t be afraid of the dark (don’t Be Afraid of the Dark), 2010

Guillermo del Toro is the guy who can upgrade a standard horror story in such a way that it will seem one of a kind. Well, there’s this Director-script writer your style. So he takes up seemingly the most trivial subjects. It’s like a chef who of Burger can make the object. And although the Director’s chair was entrusted to newcomer Troy Nicks, you can’t blame the film’s lack of «Geldermalsen».

Million dollar mystery: where is the film? Of course, in the old mansion of the XIX century, where the floor creaks, and wander through the corridors of vague shadows. However, guy Pearce would never have starred in a third-rate horror, so trust us, this film has a lot of good, frightening, gives the old days, in the good «Gothic». However, you can not call this movie is so scary, but rather stylish and atmospheric, which does not interfere with the viewing. We separately mention the music of Marco Beltrami («Train to Yuma», «the hurt locker») has always done good things.

3. Abode of the damned (Stonehearst Asylum), 2014

You Know Edgar Allan PoE? Shit he didn’t write, it’s true. «The abode of the damned» is based loosely on his story «the System of Dr. Smola and Professor Perros». Brad Anderson, known for work in the TV series «the Killing» and the movie «the Machinist», threw wood on the fire of a real and genuine madness that gripped the whole psychiatric hospital that is located on the edge of the world.

We see a young doctor, a graduate of Oxford, went to train in the clinic. His academic education, he is interested in the treatment of patients, but the doctor has very different views about medicine. He, so to speak, the «reformers» in this area. However, what is surprising in this and then… then the fun will begin. We will not reveal the plot, though, who read, he will understand, but the film is in many ways similar to the «Island damned» Martin Scorsese.

4. Due West (Slow West), 2015

Westerns much worn out and tired of what our audience that the American. Forgot about them, but not for long, because a new wave of these films is pleased with their originality, the filmmakers got rid of many clichés, and those that are pleasant to the audience, kept. It turns out that a good marathon without Western movie marathon in a landfill. So, our friend, and we made this movie to you to the audience for mercy.

«Due West» is the story of a struggle. Say more: the fight is not between characters or characters and between love and death, the foundations of human life. Slow West (original title) do not Shine speed. Here you will see an abundance of action, skirmishes and shoot-outs. But there are great conversations and elegant picture, which reveals all the beauty of mother nature. Everything else, if you’re a fan of the acting of Michael Fassbender, the film will not be disappointed, the dude is clearly not a Tinker, worked perfectly.

5. Crazy heart (Crazy Heart), 2009

And why this picture was not yet in our category? Surprised, because there’s old Jeff bridges (the Apostle dudes), and the story itself is full of this, not ostentatious masculinity. In addition, this role bridges said the chief in his career, because it is largely his personal story, and Oscar is always happy. Suggest everyone to watch.

In General, we see an aging country singer, a performer of soulful and lively songs, which failed to catch the real fame, but which, in principle, respected in the music world. It stands for despicable pubs, thumps, and trying to somehow exist. We see a man, a real man, not a Superman who is willing to save all, all spread out and all be correct. The main character drinks a lot, looks like a ruin, he took the path of self-destruction, which suits him. However, for this guy, all is not lost. The film about that great people, or at least talented people always need someone who believes in them. Here are serious business.

By the way, «Crazy heart» is based on the novel by Thomas Cobb’s 1987. And if the movie touched deeply, and then with the book everything should be fine. We’ll know when we read.

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