Cinema Saturday #48

Well, buddy, that was another funny week of our young lives. Know that many believe of the week for this category. Well, we have prepared for you another batch of «delicious» movies with yourself alone or with friends, girlfriends. Many ask, does not the output column in Saturday our connection with jidomasonskii lobby? We will reply: «לא עניינך!»

This time under the strict Moloch «» critics hit films, about which, in General, to write and do not need. Their stupid need to watch. Everyone!

1. True love (True Romance), 1993

A story about a guy whose soul is still living Elvis, who is looking for the right one to listen to the old albums with Def Leppard. The first act is lovely and romantic, the second is crazy, criminal and shit-kicking.

You know what the surprising? Without this film would not be the great and powerful «reservoir dogs». Script author is a famous American guy who did the plagiarism and borrowing great art, Quentin Tarantino sold the script to scrape together the money to Finance a legendary story about the robbery.

Originally the script «True love» was part of a huge script. Another part of this script was later used for «natural Born killers» a former Vietnam veteran Oliver stone. Good application, doesn’t it? In fact, it was just a great conversational Thriller in the style of Tarantino. Director Tony Scott felt so young screenwriter who gave a purely conversational masterpiece in which romance, drama and very black humor will be mixed and whipped in a perfectly chic cocktail in the best traditions of films of that time.

«True romance» (correctly translated) can immerse in the distant and unforgettable atmosphere of the 90s. by the Way, in the era of pirated VHS cassettes were distributed under a completely idiotic and inappropriate name of «passion».

2. Dead Man (Dead Man), 1995

Someone will say – Bayan, and say that the films of Jarmusch can’t be Bayan, only classic. Unless, of course, we are not talking about the notorious «Coffee and cigarettes», quote, as a rule, do not understand the film smokers or those who just watched it for the sake of Iggy Pop. In any case, the creation of Jarmusch is not for everyone, they need to think a lot. This film is one of them.

The picture is imbued with the aesthetics of the good old English poet and mystic William Blake (by the way, the hero johnny Depp was named after him) with a mixture of brand jarmuschewski of the absurd. Still, Depp loves to play in a similar (take the same Burton, Kusturica), for which he honor and praise.

Not a movie, but a solid allegory, aphorism by aphorism. Road movie on horseback through the scorched steppe in somber black and white tones, surrounded by Indians. All dead initially, and all are going to die for the gorgeous, male weary Blues by Neil young.

If at first sleepy, have some coffee, and try in every way to brush off the drowsiness. The most persistent will be rewarded with a great story. The most delicious, as they say in the end. Classic, friends. Who first you don’t like to watch repeatedly. Definitely.

3. Buffalo 66 (Buffalo ’66), 1997

– By the way, what’s your name?

– Leila

No, Leila is not suitable. Leave Wendy with Balsam, okay? You Wendy With Balsam. Your task – to put me in a favorable light. Okay?Shaped madman Vincent Gallo, the man some people love, others hate, «cruel scum of all cinema» for some and «misunderstood Creator» for others, back in 1997 made the film all his life. And, most likely, it will not remove. He’s an incredibly weird guy, and the movies had the same strange. But this causes a wrenching rush of warmth and emotion. Especially looking at touching, thick-ridiculous and bizarre Christina Ricci, which throughout this sad story exposes the poor of Gallo in a favorable color.

«Gallo, Gallo – Gallo solid! Apart from him, nothing, what?» – you ask? As I do not speak about him if he is not only actor but also Director, writer and even the operator of the film. He is 8 years wrote him a script to have stunned us this touching and sad story with such a touch of lunacy that Elena Malysheva never dreamed of. Because the story is autobiographical, even the music in the film – favorite prog-rock hits beloved Director KIng Krimson. Except that Gallo (ugh, him again!) not in prison, although the prison was the numerous prohibitions which poured on him from all sides my whole life. After watching this touching story and I want to learn the whole not very big and not very joyous career of Vincent. By the way, the main idea of the film – you can change everything, the main thing – to say goodbye to the past and not to pretend that permeates the career of the artist.

4. Raising Arizona (Raising Arizona), 1987

Touching Vaughn movies, add Comedy purely for the sake of «neighing» suitable for display in any round (though much laugh you won’t).

Then, in the 87th, the Coen brothers surprised the public by removing, after the Thriller «blood Simple» is so bizarre Comedy. It is now in their black cynical humor are all used, and in those early years, he surprised many. And nothing «komadine» they are in my life are not removed, than the story of the thief-the recidivist who decided to kidnap a child to raise in his childless family. Adds piquancy to the fact that his wife is a COP, whom he had met during the numerous detentions. And this insanity does not stop, but rather grows stronger from frame to frame.

Not to say that the film is a masterpiece, but this is the first big role is Nicolas cage, who plays near perfectly, but very sensual thug rednecks. While fans can be at ease, because never in the film cage is not stared and didn’t make signature screams.

5. It Is (It Follows), 2014

Well, how can we ignore the fans to tickle nerves a great Thriller? Of course, I can’t. So catch fit original horror film, with undeservedly low rating from critics. Must see, at least, because of the godlike camera work Mike Gilakis. Sometimes the movie I want to pause and just enjoy the scenic shots – they are so beautiful.

In General, the film turned out to be extremely beautiful, fresh (which is rare for the genre) and interesting. The creators literally offer you to look at the horror from a different angle. The film, in principle, not so terrible. It’s not «Insidious» and «Paranormal activity», but if you imagine the crap that’s going on with the characters in the film, suddenly start to happen to you — it is creepy.

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