Cinema Saturday #47

Recently, the TV often shock us, spoils our mood, bitch. But there is always a tested and quality medication from this horror – our weekly «Movie on Saturday». If you’ve been in a foul mood, or you just want to relax while watching a gorgeous film, welcome! Pleasing you in past times, we will please this. In addition, the company films were getting interesting.

1. Devil (Devil), 2010

We love these horror scenarios which are written by all the canons of the genre. The author asks the question: «what if (crazy)?» – and he responds to it. It always makes M. night Shyamalan, who directed «Signs», «Sixth sense», «Mysterious forest». His plots are always original, his work cannot be confused with anything else.

«Devil» is, in essence, is also his brainchild, despite the fact that in the column «Director» means another name. Mystic of Indian origin have locked their characters in an Elevator that suddenly stopped. But the breakdown of the lift, it turned out – the problem is not just domestic high-rise buildings. We see the normal reaction of a group of people: panic, calm, waiting for the Elevator maintenance. But everything is not so smooth, because among them there is one who can hardly be called a man. The film, despite the fact that filmed in a confined and boring space that looks dynamic and elegant. In such films as again and it turns out the real talent of this or that actor, you cannot hide behind the entourage, there is only the game and nothing but her. Ominously recommended!

2. Hooligans (Hooligans), 2004

A cult film, did not hesitate to tell you this. And, most importantly, not so much a myth as it seems. Detail the life of ordinary British guys who cheer for your team and find comfort and the meaning of life in a mass slaughter. However, if you believe the words of my friend who had spent some time in Britain, this culture disappeared. Place the «bullies» took the flabby men with their wives and children. As we do, in fact.

The film tells the story of the intellectual, which is wrongly expelled from Harvard, one of the most prestigious universities in the world. He travels to London to sort out his life and to ponder his future. Anyone would’ve done. From this moment begins the most interesting. Frankly, I don’t like football, and watched the movie just because I like the game Elijah wood. Now the «bullies» revised three times, and I do not exclude that one day I will see this violent and fanatical the Saga of the «football firms» again. Cool, really cool!

3. Where the Buffalo roam (Where the Buffalo Roam), 1980

Oh, it was a real discovery! If you’re a fan of «Fear and loathing in Las Vegas» or talent is forever fighting with the «swine» hunter S. Thompson, this movie is for you. He filmed in 1980, starring bill Murray. The actor was able to convey the sheet of the original story gonzo journalist. The film is, of course, about the Hunter and his adventures, which occurred in the presidential election of 1972. It was a crazy time for the United States, it was the most productive time for the famous writer, and this, unfortunately, was an era of frustration for many open-minded people of America. Another confirmation of the fact that politics is the refuge of mentally ill people, the worst people of mankind, as believed XART.

Worth a look because this biopic is glued together from stories that, in varying degrees, based on real events. Of course it’s all true, but such was life in the 70s.

4. Incredible fear of everything (A Fantastic Fear of Everything), 2011

A video for the company of companions or friends of tea, but one to look great. And who in their right mind can refuse another film with Simon Pegg, the hero of «Zombie by the name of Shaun» and «fuzz»?! And British humor is always a step above us, there is something unhealthy and attractive. Kidding stiff British quite differently, not so straightforward, what to say about our modern comedies.

«An incredible fear of all» – the nightmare of any sociophobe. If you consider yourself as, then you must see this movie will get a lot of guaranteed fun. The plot is absurd (in this case advantage): a certain author of children’s books decided to take a more serious and bloody theme, where he’s got naughty nerves. This story granted the first minute, and then comes the real fun, the horror, the frenzy.

5. The dark valley (Das finstere Tal), 2014

Who likes westerns? We love westerns! Even if they removed Austria or Germany. However, at the time of the GDR it was a supplier of excellent films in this genre, filming them in Italy (Gojko Mitic, Hello!).

But the «Dark valley» bit of another story. This film is not about Indians and cowboys, this is a film about the harsh Alps, cold, slightly lifeless landscapes and a lone rider who becomes a stranger to the inhabitants of a small town. And starring you waiting for Sam Riley, you know on the game in the movie «Control» (Ian Curtis, Joy Division, remember?). The town is quite difficult, it has its dark secrets, but the rider not for view dropped in the middle of nowhere. The film is atmospheric, intriguing and convinced that remembered.

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