Cinema Saturday #46

It covered the Holy Russia snow,

circle treason and bloodshed.

But we, frankly, tired of it,

we better write about the movie again.

After all, there is just about everything about it:

about lies, betrayal, murder and love.

There were, of course, without laughing.

What kind of life – is and movie.

1. The tailor of Panama (The Tailor of Panama), 2001

Pierce Brosnan as the next British spy. Only now he’s not ambitious shoot to kill James bond, a hapless MI6 agent, who is close to serious cases are not allowed. Although corporate bond grimaces, smiles, and methods of seduction left, another thing is that they do not work. So he tries to regain the favor by seeking to ferret out important secrets by blackmailing high-class tailor, sewing the President himself.

The film brilliantly pokes fun at all spy-political picture. We must pay tribute to the irony Brosnan, starring in the film between the two parts of James bond. Played, as always, well, better just Geoffrey rush in the role of the unfortunate tailor. The film is riddled with irony, witty dialogue and a great game. However, Latin American Latin American passion is not enough, and the detective is fairly predictable. However, if you want to spend the evening watching ironic, easy and, most importantly, interesting detectives, and not see fart Thriller, it is, as they say, hit the top ten.

2. Midnight Express (Midnight Express) 1978

We are certainly not the instigators, but the wave of hatred for Turkey, this film comes out brilliantly. As they say, better to die than to be in a Turkish prison. The film is about a guy who decided to get hold of hashish, but no luck – fell into the hands of the harsh law of atatürk. And here begins full of regret and sympathy for the main character of the narrative about the brutal life in an Asian prison (though he is guilty).

Violence, sodomy, all kinds of sodomy, travocort, harassment, bullying and total hatred for all Turkish people. However, they never love if the film was shot, the Greeks, the Serbs or the Armenians, he would probably have ended with a nuclear strike on Ankara and the return of ancestral lands.

But the film is not about the difference of an advanced Western unhappy and mean-spirited, hard Turkish culture (although it says every frame), and how broken people in inhuman conditions. This parable is about violence and power, the helplessness of man before the suppression system. The entourage chosen only because the film is based on real events. Such a character as Billy Hayes, really suffered in the Istanbul prison. Sam Hayes said a lot of things in the movie are shown with exaggeration, but without them the film would have looked dimmer. Everything from script to acting to the highest level, even the personal drama of the secondary characters better written than the Constitution. And if in the course of the movie, you involuntarily shudder at the things happening on the screen and begin to empathize with the characters, the sea of applause to Director Alan Parker.

And don’t look in the train frame. «Midnight Express» – slang name of the prison.

3. Waltz with Bashir (Vals Im Bashir), 2008

Another film in our collection to another uncomfortable topic of the conflict of two different worlds. However, we are dealing here with an animation that emphasizes the atmosphere of the picture is better than beauty of New Zealand in «the Lord of the rings.»

The film is also based on real events, and these events were the First Lebanon War between Israel and Lebanon. Filmed Jew Ari Folmana. After this, many will not want to watch this masterpiece, lamenting the fact that «we know these Jews, again expose themselves as innocent sheep, and other bloodthirsty creatures». However, Folman managed to create a film that talks about the senselessness of war. And let the events narrated by the mouth of the one hand, the film is not one-sided. Everyone is guilty, and the victims all exhibited. And let this war means nothing to us or for Americans or for the Austrians – no one, except the warring parties, but the cat in the shower after watching even scratching the indigenous Tunguska. And this is the triumph of the genius of Folmana. The man manages to first compare the actions of the gunner with some alien art, and in the next frame we see a deeply unhappy man, whose soul is killed by this war.

The film is strictly obligatory for all the fans of military films, documentaries, good animations and strips of a political nature lovers and johnny Rotten. It sounds like his song «This is not a love song».

4. PI (Pi), 1997

Yes, today was an extremely serious selection. But sometimes it is useful to spend the weekend watching this movie. The more Darren Aronofsky knows how to shoot a heavy psychological movie that makes to think about many things.

In fact, it is a grim black-and-white film about a mathematician who solves the universal digital code, which is able to bring rustling on the stock exchange. And the closer the solution, the greater the madness. Graceful art movie, about the choice between order and chaos, Holiness and diabolism, wisdom and ignorance. About how a brilliant mind can lead to complete madness, especially when you can not cope with a mighty force, about which so dreamed.

Very stylish, though slow film. Not everyone will understand, not many will manage, but even they will be delighted how for a minimum of means it is possible to remove a masterpiece.

5. The prick of an umbrella (Le coup du parapluie), 1980

Those who do not want to look ironic «Tailor» heavy «PI», «Express» and «Waltz» we recommend the classic, slightly forgotten Comedy hailing from France. And with Pierre Richard – the reference to the French comedian 70-80. the French have always been famous for its comedies that were often re-shot in Hollywood, but this one deserves some applause.

Disaster, absolutely crazy «black» Comedy, where «black» does not prevent the tape to be funny, as is often the case. Nowhere attempts to slip into the extreme, it is ridiculous to madness, dynamic, intriguing, present – Director of the recent «bond» and «Mission impossible» should learn from gérard Oury. The film looks at one go, and you don’t want to end.

Richard is, as always, negativity transparent character, but to make it one and a half hours from film to film did not cause irritation, is a great art as recognizable from the first notes of the music of Vladimir Cosmas, which only finally cemented the status of masterpiece.

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