Film Saturday #45

The real author needs to do 3 things: write an article to provoke srach in the comments, to answer questions about problems with the girls and write a «Movie Saturday» where all 5 movies cause wild desire instantly to view, and all 5 movies equally favorite. This is the case. If in the future the films will be included in the school curriculum, these 5 are required to be. They have great music and unexpected roles of famous actors.

1. The light around (Everything Is Illuminated), 2005

It seemed that if the film is Eugene Hutz, the leader of an international Gypsy-punk circus with special Balkan approach, Gogol Bordello, it must be, if not funny, very reckless. It is, first, the film is very funny and ironic. But the closer to the end, the less humor and more bitterness, and at the end we see a real drama that needs to once again remind us of the importance of human memory. Memory to things, to events first and foremost to people. If at the beginning of the viewer’s attention is gripped by the contrast between the funny and most likely Ukrainian Gopnik (and events taking place in Ukraine) performed by Evgeny Gudz and an autistic nerd in the performance of Elijah wood, then the viewer’s attention is captive in the tragedy of kinotita, Boris Leskin, well played grim grandfather. To say that the actors played perfectly, not to say anything.

And looking at postoraysya soul emerald fields of Western Ukraine, painfully familiar post-Soviet provincial life, with its textured characters, and chilling the hair on the ass of the Director «Easter eggs» popping up throughout the series, like Jack in the box, you begin to think not about the past but how to do better now. This film makes it much better than any books.

2. Pelican (Nicostratos le pélican), 2011

We often suggest you a simple good movies with simple and fabulous morals. We do not vparivayut you a children’s cartoon, we offer a very touching story, where the eyes of a friend, served in the army and is engaged in MMA, become wet sluchivshegosya screen goodness and delight. However, it is not necessary to cry. But must watch! Because we absolutely do not have enough simple and light stories with a good ending. When I watched this masterpiece in the cinema, I remember going to a fashion blockbuster. But before the session was far away, and it was decided to go on a «Pelican». Now, delight of watching lasts for more than 4 years.

The story of a boy left without a mother and found a friend in a funny Pelican, which has no understanding with his father, a fisherman, is not new, but very touching. Moreover, the film is based on the background of bluish-red beauty of the Greek Islands. But the main highlight of the film is not even that, and the fact that the role of a father starred by Emir Kusturica. Notice that was not taken off it, and just starred.

In the film, it says, oddly enough, nikostratos the Pelican, but the film is not about the bird and ornithology. It’s about understanding that the Greek economy rests on any attractions, even on birds. For God’s sake, do not use the film for snotty bike, just look at him, with a girl, with each other. Check out the acting talent of Kusturica. Promise you won’t be disappointed.

3. Eastern promises (Eastern Promises), 2007

«Eastern promises» – it’s not some «50 shades of grey»! David Cronenberg – it’s not Uwe Boll and not George Krizovnicka! It’s a classic, it is necessary to know! The film, in which Aragorn (in the world Viggo Mortensen) with unusually short hair, stuffed thieves stars worth a look, though, because the film is about the Russian thieves in the law that was on the other side of the ocean. In order to better prepare for his role, Mortensen alone traveled to Russia, he visited Moscow, St.-Petersburg, and also in small towns in the Urals. Read books about thieves and about prison tattoos, and it’s not «Lord of the rings». In addition, Viggo watched domestic film «nicknamed «the Beast» and, probably, therefore has played above any praises that were sought to be similar to our Dmitry Pevtsov («lawyer» from «Gangster Petersburg», don’t you remember?).

The film is excellent, some intimate and exciting, even found the time «cranberry» (where the same without her in the American film about the Russian) are not very annoying. In any case, Russian is shown not only by the thieves and by the KGB, as it was moved from «red heat», but also ordinary people. And postmodern receptions of antiquity Cronenberg only added to the atmospherics. So to focus on the details, so love naturalism can only he and Paul Verhoeven. This is particularly evident in the scene where Aragorn, shaking his naked strocom, fighting with the Chechens in the bath.

4. Something (The Thing) 1982

Yeah, you watched this movie. And we saw, in 2000, at 21:00 at STS. And take another look. Because «Something» is a real Etalon, the film, which carpenter and Kurt Russell will find eternal Paradise in heaven. Explorers led by childhood idol, the heroic epic BorsodChem Russell, burn the alien creature with Napalm, forever sit in the minds. Especially the moment when brave explorers of snows cut fingers to test blood for contamination. As it was «delicious» and terribly shot, still can not forget. As I remember, so I run to the kitchen for a knife. So remove the horror, as it did in the 70s and 80s, it was not able, for that I want to kiss the Director’s hand. And don’t be afraid of special effects and puppet creatures, even in 2015 the film’s turning gray hands. Although it skips ironic humor. But otherwise, it’s the American movie of the 80s.

5. Keeping mum (Keeping Mum) 2005

We already wrote About Vigo Mortensen, which it is impossible to imagine without the sword, Kusturica, suddenly appeared on the other side of the camera, but that’s not all. Your attention is invited to the film where Rowan Atkinson does not pretend to be a crazy fool and nothing to do with Mr Bean has no. He even plays the priest, whose daughter fucked almost the whole school, and the wife is looking at Patrick Swayze. When life comes Professor McGonagall (of course, the great English actress Maggie Smith, who played in all parts of the «Harry Potter»), begins to happen something incredible. And all 99 minutes in front of you – the typical starchy, too English the tragicomedy of the provisions, liberally seasoned with intelligent black humour. Which English Comedy without the black tint? Maybe someone is not funny, assholes and farting here, and the British are too subtle humor to be funny (Gopnik from my neighborhood «Monty Python» I don’t understand), but less interesting picture from this becomes.

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