Film Saturday #44

There is nothing better for a gloomy evening than to arrange another Saturday race on cool movies. Bad, as you know, we do not advise, and advise is only good. And so do forty fourth time. Today tried to gather the Assembly for every taste and for every mood. There’s a notable treecat from Kevin Smith, and kindness on the military theme with Robin Williams.

1. Good morning, Vietnam (Good Morning, Vietnam), 1987

Vietnam is a sore subject for many Americans, and some of them are still alive, and painful memories. Any war has little to do with the expression «cool time». We all remember the American Napalm, which threw the forest, we all remember what he did, in his turn, the Vietnamese. But this film is not about commanders, it’s about ordinary American soldiers, who by the will of his government got on base in Saigon.

The main character, Adrian., Kronauer, comes as a disc jockey on the local military radio station. After all, it is necessary to maintain the morale of soldiers. The Adrian. – the person cheerful and difficult to get along with the orders in the army. Besides, he constantly annoys the user that selects fashionable and cool music, real rock-n-roll, instead of what is «accepted» to put to Patriotic Americans, that is, instead of pretentious shit. In total, we observed human misunderstanding of the war. A true tragicomedy, kind, and, if I may say so, very proper for our time. The story, incidentally, based on real events. One of the best films about Vietnam.

2. The Blind Side (The Blind Side), 2009

There is a brutal slugger, Michael RIAs, who now plays for the Carolina Panthers (national football League USA). Before that played for the Baltimore Raven. In General, a real ruthless professional player of American football, which, moreover, has a degree in criminology. How, you ask, refers to the film? The most direct way, because the film is just about him and that sometimes you need to be kinder to people.

«The blind side» is a film about the formation of this guy. In it we see Michael Oera very young. It seems to us the illiterate black kid from the suburbs who has no money, no housing, no future, but there’s genuine good nature and a terrible force. Whether he will cope with the problems or he will help the people who no one in our time is not waiting for help?

In General, movies, helpful to all and especially the omnipresent cynics of our town.

3. The Libertine (The Libertine), 2004

Anyone can drink. Only a few can match my determination.This was the poet, his name was John Wilmot, 2nd Earl of Rochester. One of our favorite poets, by the way. This guy raised a lot of problems of English society from the restoration period, being a man who valued only the absolute freedom and systematic immorality. Libertin, one word. And it is very controversial and disliked the Royal court.

«The libertine» – the film biography. Drama, Comedy in a sense. If you want to watch, looked like the favorite of women and the most reckless party animal of the XVII century, then be sure to take into service this movie. There is much to learn, there are a lot of forgotten ideas. Plus a great cast: johnny Depp, John Malkovich, Samantha Morton. And also put play on a Dildo, seriously!

4. Tusk (Tusk), 2014

The brainchild of Kevin Smith, which caused a mixed reaction from the audience, critics and distributors. This is a good movie, by the way, should have been reflected in Russian cinemas, but before the release on the big screens it was replaced by some Patriotic nonsense. Then we were very unhappy with (the Kevin Smith Movie, after all!), but then I realized that watching it better at home.

It is difficult to name the genre of this kintz. On a site write that it is a horror. Agree that some elements of the horror movie «Tusk» is. But we think it’s still kind of avant-garde, absurd Comedy with a great philosophical intent. So usually talking about those films that are difficult to estimate on the dummy where looking for «deep meaning». But «Tusk» has no deeper meaning, there is simply a good implication and is clearly a sick sense of humor.

So for whom is this movie? For «saw the shit» by fans, for fans of thrash, for people who are looking for something unique, but without a touch of sadness, as is customary in the author’s movies and for those who appreciate the acting of Michael parks. Overall, if you collect a healthy company, inflated beer and fried chicken on the grill, then the film will seem funny as hell, and if you see one, it’s probably hellishly sad.

5. Apt pupil (Apt Pupil), 1997

Watched this movie a long time ago, but the impression remains to this day. Even the little things remembered. For example, the old man in the movie was constantly drinking the same whiskey Old Crow, if I’m not mistaken. And indeed the movie is very symbolic. For example, actor brad Renfro, who played a major role, apparently, notably, were on drugs during filming, as shortly before the premiere he was arrested by the police. And in 2008 he died of an overdose, for 25 years the guy was.

This is due to the film? Parallel conduct can be, but they are far-fetched. The plot tells us about a sinister old and capable student who scored on his studies and decided to delve into historical research of the period of the Third Reich. As these three components (the Third Reich, a sinister old man and a boy) are linked, guess himself. The movie is a suspense, which tells us about the nature of evil and how people can easily change their identity.

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