Film Saturdays #42

Today you will find a great selection of movies for a movie marathon, because that night, as you can guess, is the best in order to on the couch with a friend and see kosher horror movies. Lightning never strikes in one place, and our topic never says one genre. So the movies are different, but we hope you will be satisfied with every. Order a pizza and play!

1. Attached to the house (Housebound), 2014

We must begin cheerful and fun. So, as it can do only new Zealanders with their specific humor.

«Housebound» is a creation of 2014 from unknown Director Gerard Johnstone. The film’s budget is small, and the actors, some very unknown. For many of them this is the first serious work, it’s therefore surprising how gorgeous a film. New Zealand in General is able to surprise. If you don’t believe me, then look «black sheep» in 2006.

Well, «Linked» will show you a cool, intentionally cliched story about a haunted house. You are waiting for the sinister family mansion, a crazy old lady with a crazy name Miriam and the main character is a little criminal history. The company has gathered what you need. A variety of genres under the old sauce new Zealand’s pure black humor. There is something to laugh, there is something to be scared. The film can be called a great response for «horridulum» on a very vital question for them: how to shoot a story on the classic theme and not make it so? Start with this pattern, it will surprise you.

2. Secret window (Secret Window), 2004

I know I can do it, said Todd Schutter and took the cob out of the bowl, over which steam was rising. I’m sure over time it will completely disappear, and her death will be a mystery even to me.To continue the evening can be a great psychological Thriller, which we revised to the holes. No, there are no deep thoughts, no «thin» fabrics. It’s just that the film is good. According to the canons of the genre, unhurried pace and, of course, absorbing the mind in riddles. John Torturo and johnny Depp adorn in frames, each fits perfectly into the role that each character sympathetic, each has a unique character.

«Secret Window» is a screen adaptation of the Stephen king story. And it is immediately noticed. It is seen that there is a literary master and he wrote the script. The story is quite trivial, and the place where it occurs, evoke a kind of Association. Solid house in the woods, corn on the cob, home-like atmosphere of his bachelor life. Excited, by the way, family, and relationship problems with a friend. Mort Rainey, the protagonist of the film, made an interesting conclusion around this issue. By the way, the music in «the Open window» is unmatched.

3. Trick or treat (Trick r Treat), 2007

Much more action and atmosphere of the holiday is waiting for you in the film, Michael Dougherty’s «trick or treat».

The picture is a 4 simple stories that are original and psychedelic way merge into one. Present Halloween madness, where for 82 minutes, you’ll see the adventures of many other people decided to celebrate the eve of all saints Day. But the characters break the tradition of the holiday, and no one knows what will follow.

If you want to watch concentrated all kinds of evil spirits to the movie, then this movie is for you. Vampires, maniacs, werewolves, and other sinister forces threaten to get out. The film has no main characters, no structured plot. «Trick or treat» is simply designed to watched it in a big and noisy campaign.

4. Funny games (Funny Games), 2007

Look how your mom defends you. Your dad could have her to learn from.Why do we sympathize with the killers? Probably because the screens they look much nicer than in real life. So with this film. «Funny games» is really funny, especially for lovers of the contemplation of violence. Nothing to be ashamed of, man. Such is the nature of fear that we sometimes want to watch for such. Although I must warn you, if you’re not familiar with «dungeons» cinema, then it is likely the film will leave you shaken.

On the other hand, it has an unhealthy share of humor and also a good and thoughtful subtext. Why are we always looking for the cause of evil? Why evil cannot exist on its own? Now just imagine the people who kill just to kill. No unhappy childhood, no complications in life and even the psyche is all right. It is not necessary to explain evil, is much more useful to be ready for it.

Great movie. The collection took place alongside the «Maniac» in 2012. But «gentle guys» better not to look.

5. Halloween (Halloween), 1978

And finally, a classic of cinema.

The party is nearing an end, and you have the meantime there is the opportunity to see a masterpiece from the Maestro of the movies John B. carpenter was not shot bad movies, he made bad films art.

Halloween 1978 is a brutal and bloody story about Michael Myers. As a child, he killed a man in this very day. Then he came back, but now his ambitions have grown exponentially. Their dark deeds, as the name implies, it does only during this holiday. He loves the smell of burning pumpkin pies and festive costumes, who can blame him? Familiarity with the first part of this series of movies always gives mysticism. John carpenter was only 32, he had no money, the music he wrote with his friends, and the result you can see on the screens. We like a guy named Rob Zombie, but his «Halloween» does not reach the level of the original.

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